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NOT a day before it was necessary, the New South Wales   Rowing Association has taken the preliminary steps for

upholding the aquatic honour of the colony in the forth- coming Intercolonial Eight-oared Race, which this year is     to be held on the Yarra. It will be of interest to show now the contests now stand by the following table:

Winning Crew.

Won by

Where rowed.

1878 R. Ward, J. Booth, W. C; Bray,|Victoria

J. L. Irvine, W. H. Tuckett,  

J. M. Simson, T. H. Young, G. Fairbairn (stroke)  

1879 W. Cope, C. C. Medcalf, J. | N.S,W.

McKensey, W. Anslow, J. Arthur, T. E. Strange. A. Fin- layson, D. Lord (stroke)

1880 A. R. Stackpoole. A. Nichols, | Victoria J. L. Irvine, J. Booth, W. H.    

Tuckett, R. Booth, E. Brown, G. Upward (stroke)

1881 F. G. Hughes, J. Booth, J. L. | Victoria

Irvine, R. .Booth, W. Hop- kins, W. H. Tuckett, R. Brown, G. Upward (stroke)

1882 N. Johnson, R. Moppett, E. | N.S.W.

P. Simpson, C. A. Bros,, J. A Brodie, C. W. Gaden, R. Bed ford, J. Thompson (stroke)  

1883 | T. D. Brown, W. W. Senior, W. | Victoria

Leverett, J. D. Webster, W.

Douglass, W. P. Burnip, T. Graham, G. E. Upward (stroke).

Melbourne Sydney

Melbourne Sydney

Melbourne Sydney

The contests now stand, Victoria four wins, New South Wales two, and as the preliminary business is already done, it behoves our men to lose no time in preparing themselves for the event, which is to come off on the Yarra River on April 5. A meeting of the comnrittei of the New Pout th Wales Bowing Association was held 'ai the Exchange on Monday, Hr. W. G. Anslow in th« I chair. After some formal tmaîaess had been transacted, I it was agreed to accept the date of April 5 for thc tortheoming Intercolonial Eight-oared Hace, winch this year is to come off on the Tarra. The secretory was directed to write to H.T. Oatley, of the ts.K.O and Kr. Wilkinson, captain of the Merciiitile Club, asUnj -them to act conjointly to select a stroke for the «rev, ant then the three gentlemen to seleet the crow to uphold th< aquatic honours of thia colony. The secretary was ah» re ; qraeeted to write to the committee of the Mercantile Bow lng Club, asking1 them to reconsider their decision o withdrawing from the association. With respect to th« Intercolonial Boee, we learn that the gentlemen named ar« Witting te assist in selecting a crew, provided they aar« allowed to call in a third man to assist, and this is a matte] which should certainly be easily settled, as the gentleman Mr. £. A. Gaden, is ene ia -wa oin. all oquatii tates have the most thorough confidence. Witt respect to the position of stroke, it seems .that tw< or three men have been named, but if Ur. 8. JÎ. Martin li chosen it is eertain that he Win prove Mmtelf a franc représentative sculler. No time is to be lost in choosing oar best man, and by next Saturday a practice crew sh onie he afloat on the Parramatta. The training for the late Anniversary Begat ta" should stand well for our men, one 'the well-known good judgment pf our coach will certainly not be thrown away on a race which before the time cornel on will be mtrch talked of in the colonies. It is to be hoped that all the colonies may see their way clear to be repre


Edward Trickett has retrieved his lost laurels, and ia once more the champion aquatic sculler of Australia. It     will be remembered that at the Anniversary Regatta on Saturday last the champion race for all-comers in out riggers was won by William Beach; but on a protest made   by Edward Trickett against William Beach, for a foul, thc Umpire (Mr. J. Garvan, M.L.A.) decided that the race should be rowed over again at noon last Friday, the course being from red buoy on Fort Macquarie, round Goat Island, round Fort Denison, and baok to a line denoted by a scarlet flag opposite the buoy off Fort Macquarie. Notwith standing the somewhat unusual hour for boat-racing, there was a very large attendance of spectators to witness the race, and the lookers-on from every point of vantage together with those on the various steam launches must have numbered some seven or eight thousand. Fort Macquarie was like a hive of bees at swarming time, fairly alive with people ; and at Dawes', -Milson's, and Kirribilli, people had gathered in great numbers. The Prince of Wales steam   launch, which throusrh the courtesy of her owner. Mr.   Waterhouse, wna muda tho Press boat, left tho Phillip street wharf shortly before noon; and the starter, Mr. P. J. Clark, with Mr. Garvin, M.L.A., as umpire, left the Prince's Stairs in tho Government launch, accompanied by a nnmber of members of Parliament, was soon nt tho starting buoy. Beach was first in the water, pad dling over from the M.R.C. shed, and Trickett shortly afterwards, followed from the S.R.C. shed. Trickett looked the pink of perfection, but Beach was evidently nothing like up to "concert pitch," and rowed pounds over his racing weight. Mr. Clark lost no time in getting the men away on an ebb tide, with the wind light from the south-east, and the water only lumpy from the con stant passage of steamers to and from tho various ferries. Beach had a slight advantage at the start; but Trickett lost no time in getting level with his opponent, and it very soon became manifest how skilful Trickett is on the water which he knows so well. Passing Dawes Point he had fully a two lengths lead and keeping   the southern shore, while Beach maintained his position in mid stream. Just before reaching Goat

Island, Trickett cleverly avoided a foul with a barge, and rowing well within himself at 32, came up to the island and rounded it fully three lengths ahead of Beech, who was taking it steadily, at about the same pace ; rounding Goat Island Trickett increased his speed to 36, and Beach fol lowed at 34, but it became evident that it would be condi tion that would tell, and this Beach did not have. Trickett gradually increased his lead, and nothing daunted by the wash from tho ferry steamers, ploughed bravely on, while Bench uogotiatod thom with some difficulty. Rounding Fort Denison, Bench could not overtake his op ponent by a yard, and coming up to tho R.M.S. Orient, the victory was entirely iu Trickett's hands, and he pulled up to Fort Macquarie several lengths ahead of Beach, and when he stepped from his boat he lookod but little the worse for his pull. The course is 3¾ miles and 120 yards, and the time of the moe ocoupied 2Gmiu 50ÎSC0 ; exceedingly good. Edward Trickett was heartily cheered on reaching the winning buoy.

Tho long talked of sculling race botweon T. Clifford and A. Pcarco Damn off on Saturday afternoon over tho Cham pion ConrBO, Purramattn Itivor, for £100 aside. The umpiro was Mr. W. Smyth, in tho Loverot Bteamor, arid tho Admiral steamer also followed tho raco. The betting waa from 5 to 6 to 4 on Pcarco. Arriving at tho starting point, Clifford looked exceedingly well, and his supportera began to rally, nnd take up what money was offering against him. Pearce looked rather fino and Bcalod a littlo undor 12st, whilo Clifford weighed lüst Bib. Pearco, as ia usual with him, dashed away at tho start, aud passing Uhr* a Point lcd Clifford by a length. Croasing over lo tho Milo Point, Clifford had decreased his opponent's load, and tho milo was timed in 5min 515sec. Pearco continued tho load on to Putney, and passed it in 9min 20sec ; wbDo Clitford,, who had been doing aomo erratic steering, set himself 'down for tho real trial of tho match. Finding Clifford gaining on him fast, Pearco carno right across Clifford's boat, and they fouled, but Clifford got nwivy smartly, and Pearce was treated to some serious oomnionts by tho onlookers, Clifford not being in tho loaBt degree to blame in tho matter. Gladesville being passed in 17min from the start, with Clifford leading, tho raco was virtually over, and he passed One-man Wharf in 19min 38sec, and tho wholo course in 22min ßsec, four lengths ahead of Pcarco. The tide waa at obb, with a light

north-easterly broo/.o.

Tho third-class raco for a prizo of the value of £20 was sailed on Saturday. Entries : Sirocco, Edwd. W. Knox, 10 tons; Sao, F. Milford, M.D., (i tims. Flying start at 2 p.m. from lino between flrtgboafc off Fort Macquarie and beacon on Kirribilli Point, down to and rouud B. Ö.T.8. buoy at Manly, round Shark Island and Fort Denison, thence round lightship and Sow and Pigs, Shark Island, and ha^k to Fore Macquarie. Vico-commodoro Milson of tho Waitangi neted OB commo dore of the match and starter, and got tho yachts away at 19min to 3 o'clock, the Sirocco having tho windward and leading position. The ffao was handicapped, at the start by a Neutral Bay steamer shooting round closo to Kirribilli Point, which caused tho fc'ao to go about and co lose full "min. Kecout events havo shown thnt steamers aro not over considerate with robard to sidling boats, and on Saturday tho steamer lmggfd tho Point instead of keeping off the regulated distança of (wo believe) 200 foot.. Had an accident happened in thia caso tho steamer would clearly havo been blame worthy ; but purely tho harbour regulations ought to bo sufficiently clear not to require an actual casualty to happen before they can be acted upon. Returning to tho raco : Tho Doctor started with mainsail and houatd top mast, whilst hia moro powerful rival had -jib-topsail sot. Owing to tho two facts above noted it waa clear that the nmaller boat waa not in tho

race at all, and tho Sirocco increasod her lead from j

start to finish, tho timea being as indicated below. Tho pa-j seems to " boro," especially when running j before tho wind, a fault tbatmust bo remedied before sho

can be said to he at her best. However, tho Doctor do serves credit for tootling the formidable (Sirocco, and but for his entry tho race woald have fallen through. How ia lt that none of tho other third-claßs boats carno to tho tront P Is it apathy, wont of pluck, or do all want to en sure getting n prise before they start ? Ono thing seems olear, that yachting is not what it was, and racing lias littlo or no interest. On Saturday the Sirocco rounded tho Manly buoy at 3.40, tho £ao 5min later, Fort Denison 4.2Ö and 4.36, and tho race was finished by Siroceo, without being pushed, at 5.31 5Csec and by Sao at 5.4G DOsec. Sao's time for tonnage allowance was 4ruin 46sec, so that Sirocco won easily.

That tho H.S. W. Bowing Association aro anxious to get the Mercantile Bowing Club tb rejoin is not very surprising, and there can bo no reason why '* tho hatchot " should not now and for evor bo buried between tho chiba. " Union ia strength^' is horno out by tho speeoh of his Excellency Lord Augustus Loftus, at tho Anniversary Regatta, and no doubt the M.B.C will bo a toworof strength to tho associa tion. The benefits from 'tho nniorryof all the clubs will cer tainly promote rowing, but the Mercantile men will cer tainly nOt be wise in rejoining unless they havo some hand

ru formulating som« of the many improromonts which ara ^

absolutely necessarr to ensure the future position and sup

cess of the Aseociation.

The defeat of Beach hy Trickett reems to haye caused the friends of the former both surprise and disappointment, and yet ¿tis no difficult matter to account for the very poor performance of Beach, fla was in etriot training until nearly the end of last year, when he rowed grandly in the Hunt Trophy races. After that he allowed nrmsalf to gain flesh rapidly, and it can easily be understood that such rapid putting on of flesh must soften his muscles, and to train suddenly on such soft material aa he would then be made of ts more than any man can do, with any chance of getting fit, unless he undergoes a long and steady prepara* tion ; -this Beach did not do, and therefore would be both weak and weighty. Trickett ia, to our idea, as good a man as he ever was, that is, as fast as ha was ; and sodass a man is fit enough to make the pace a cracker for the first mile and a hau ha" is very hard to beat. He is invariably a winner unless hard pressed for the first half of the course. Most races are decided in a trifle over 1} mile. ¡Should these seniler* meet again the result ia not by any means a foregone conclusion either sids.

A sweepstakes race, for all boats anchored at Doubla Bay and Darling Point was held OBI Saturday afternoon. There were 12 entries, as fellow s-Petrel, half-deck, 27ft Sin. J. Newton, scratch; Bronte, open, 24ft, W. Mjsion. aeratch ;

fula, hal Week. Sift. C. H. Goddard, liminj pithed, half- ?

eek,. 22ft, W. Stafford, liminj Tempest, 2£ffc, open, O. dale, 8mm. j Gurlew, 22ft, open, C. Pickering, Smin ; Hose, 22ft, open, W. Stannard, ¿min ; Wingadee, 20ft, half-desk. P. C. Trebeck, 4mia; Ianthe, Wit, half-deck, 8. N. Newton, thain ; Iris, 18ft, half deck, P. a. Pedler, Bimini Bee, 17ft, Jalf-deok, W. Stannard, 10mm ; Anemone^ 15ft, open, H. Manning, 16min. The coursa waa from the yacht Peri's buoy in Double Bay, round the B.S.Y.a buoy at Manly, and back round the Peri's buoy, round Clark Island, and back te starting point. A flying start was effected at P-1**» with the wind from X.8.B., and very pnify off the head lands. The Ethel took the lead, followed by the Bronte and Petrel. The Eula and Wingadee mads n short board into Boss Bay. and then stood straight for Manly. The Petrel, Bronte, and Ethel all stool into Bose Bay, and were able to carry A free sheet to Manly, the buoy being rounded in the following order : Bronte, Sh Sf min; Ethel, Sh 28m 90s; Wingadee, Sh 27<n 30s. The Petrel, which rounded tittie moro than « length behind the Wingadee, fouled the latter «but soon got elear again. On the run heme the longer boats .had it all their own way. The Ianthe and Iris had a hard fight, they crossed each other's bows several times, and ran nearly level the whole way to Double Bay, the Iris rounding first,

but the Ianthe ont her out and rounded Clark Island first. The flag buoy was rounded as follows :-Bronte, 4h 27m 20s¡ Petrel, 4h 32m 40s ; Ethel, 4h 33m 10s j Tempest, 4h 3<¡m 3<ls; ? Wingadee, 4h 38m 10B ; the others were not timed. The

Bronte takes first prise and.the Ethel second. Another : race is shortly to come off.

Tho North Shore-Bowing Club have just rceeived from Melbourne, per steamer Gabo, a fonr-onr clinker sliding sont outrigger, 41ft long, built by the weil-known builder, H. S. Puller, of Princes Bridge, Melbourne. Mr. David Duncan, captain of the Melbourne Bowing Cinb, was kind enough to supervise the building, and he mentioi e that he hos shown her|to several good judge?, who pronouncejhor to bo a very lino boat. Through an oversight of the Mel bourne Steamship Company the boat was taken on to Newcastle, but was doliverod in duo courso.

At Double Bay on Wednesday night there was a good attendance of boat ownors bold at Mortimer's Hotel, at which Mr. P. K. Pedloy presided. The prizes won at the above race were paid over. It was decided to hold another raco on February 23, and it ia expected to ensure a large

number of entries.

The usual monthly meeting of tho Prince AlFred Yacht Club was bohl at Anrons's Exchange Hotel on Wednosday afternoon last, Commodore Milford in the choir, at which tho business waa chiefly of a formal charaetor. Captain Turnor was elected a member, and two members wore nominated, lt was docidod to increase the prizes of 2nd and 3rd cinss races, to bc hold on thu 23rd February, to ¡015 ; and £10 respectively. Vioe-eommodoTe A. G. Milson to

take charge of raco on 2Urd, and Vico-commodoro Under- ¡ wood on ltíth. J

A pair oared race for £5 a-side came off on Monday after noon in skiffs between Bichard Henderson and Joseph Htniishio and Fraucis Major and John Milligan, the course being from Macbeth's boatshed to Watson's Bay. The raco occupied 45 minutes, and was won by Henderson and Htnnshie by a number of lengchs.

Arrangements for tho Trinco Alfred Yacht Club races have boon made as follows :-February 16 : Yice-Commo dore Underwood's prize of £.10 and trophies to steersman and crow ; 2nd, £10 ; 3rd, £5 added by tho club. No two prizes to go to boats of thi same class. A general handicap for all yachts. Course, a flying start from a lino between starter's boat nnd Kirribilli, down round B.8.Y.S. buoy pt Manly, back round üharlr lulund and Fort DeniBOu, thence round lightship, i* ow and Pigs, and Shark Island, and finish between red buoy and flatboat off Fort Mucquurio.

February 23 ! Second-class prizo, £15 ¡ boats of 10 tons to | 18 tons- Course, flying sturt from a lino bot ween starter's boat and Kirribilli, down round buoy at Manly, back round Shark Island and Fort Donison, down round buoy at Manly, and finish betweon red buoy and ilagboat off Fort Macquarie. February 23 : Third-class prizo, £10 ; boats under Í0 tons. Courso, flying start from line be tween ttarter's boat and Kirribill, down ronnd B S.Y.S. buoy at Manly, back round Shark Island and Fort Denison, thence down round lightship, Sow and Pig«, and Shark Island, and finish between red buoy and starter's boat off Fort Macquarie Entries close tor- IGth. February raco on Wednesday 13th, and for tho iJJrd Fobruary raco on Wed nesday 20th. Steamors will follow both races. Vico-Com niodore Underwood's x>rize ia £10, a diamond ring to steers, mun, and gold rings io rest of tho crew.

On December 17 a sculling match of Borne considerable interest was rowed over tho full Thames Championship courso from Putney to Mortlake. The contestants were Goorgo Perkins, of Kotherhithe, and Charles Brightwcll, of Putney. The stake money afc inane amounted to £100, and a capital raco ensued. The two men engaged were old opponents. In April, 1882, they contested tho same courso, and Perkins, after a. ding-dong race, was defeated by throe ? lengths. Since then Perkins had visited tho Antipodes and rowed against oolonial scullers with but poor succoss. On his return to his native country, however, his friends wore of opinion that he had improved his method of sculling so much, that he was quite equal to cope with his former conqueror. Tho result proved that the anticipations of Perkins's friends were correct. Perkins trained under tho care of Godwin, and his opponent under the supervision of Harry Kelley, the veteran ex-champiou. They appeared in excellent condition when they paddled down to their stake-boats for tho start. Peril inB had for his pilot W. Spencor, whilst H. iCeUey acted in a like capacity for Brightwell. Tho weather was briphfc but cold, and tho tide moderately fast. Tho water during tho earlier portion of tho journey was very rough. _ Perkins had all the. hest of the start, and, rowing in a far prettier and more effective stylo than his adversary, soou lod by half a length. Brightwell, however, was not to bo denied, and qnickly closed up tho gap eoparating liiin from tho leader. At the Crab Tree, in tho rough water, Brightwell was nearly on level terms, and at the bottom end of the Eoapworks Brightwell showed with a Blight lead, anil when they shot Hanimcrsmith-bridge bc was fully half a length in advance As thoy approached tho Dave«, however, Perkins made his oilort, and shortly afterwards took tho lead and drew rapidly away. Perkins eventually eased np at tho Ship, at Mbrtlako, and soorod an euay victory by three longths.

Wo havo advanced a Btnge toward tho selection of our intercolonial representatives (says " Cloanthus " in the AUSTRALASIAN), Messrs Ii. Booth and Upward having called into thoir aid the Borricos of Mr. Duncan, tho captain of the Melbourne Bowing Club. The trio has hada meeting and jotted down a number of names, from whom tho remaining poven will probably bo chosen. Tho names are Messrs. Burnip, Douglas, ifenior, Ankorson, Loverett, Graham, Hughes, Creasy, and Taylor. Other names woro also mentioned, but it is not likely that they will bo called. The nam o of W. H. Tnckott will bo niiased from tho abovo list, and his absence will certainly be a serious loes to tho crew. He liaa, bo-over, dono good scryico in tho causo, having taken part in all tho eight-oar races rowod np to tho present between Kew South Wales and Victorin. I under stand tho ex-champion sculler has determined to give np active rowing altogether; he has now taken to yachting, although ho has long sinco passed that initiatory stage known as " splicing tho maia braco." I understand Mr. Booth will havo some crows ont during tho ensuing week,

and that but littlo time will bo allowed to lapse before the. final selection ÍB mado.

Tho Balmain Bowing Club have assimilated their definí- ' tion of "amateur" with other clubs, and this will put an end to several difficulties which havo arisen lately in con nection with gome regattas in which crews from the dab had boen entered. - .


A meetfncr of rnernbers of the Boyal Sydney Yacht Fquadron waa held st tho office, Exchange, on Thursday afternoon, at which, after some formal business, the prizes won at recent matches were presented. The fourth class raes of the Squadron takes pW-e this afternoon, Commo dore Enos: being the officer for the day.