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IWODONGA POLICE CO URT. TIIvURDAY, 10th SEPTEMBER. (Before Mr W. H. Foster, P.M.) INSULTINO BEIIAVIOR. John Bowman was charged by Constable Mahoney with insulting behavior at Wo- donga on Sunday, 25th August. The defendant denied the charge. Evidence was given by the prosecuting constable to the effect that on the evening in question the defeundant created a dis turbance near the railway crossing. Wit- ness advised himt to go home, but defen- dant became very excited, and rushed towards a railway official in an excited style, addressing him with an insulting remark at the same time. In answer to defendant, witness stated that defendant had informed him that his walking stick had been stolen from him and his hat knocked off by some larrikims. Robert Peoples and Joseph Schwind, who were standing near the railway cross- ing at the time of the occurrence, gave corroborative evidenre. Jane Bowman was called for the defence, but, as the charge was of a criminal character, she was not allowed to give evidence.   The defendant made a statement to the effect that hi had been irritated by a number of larrikins, who had knocked off his hat. His Worship said he had failed to see one extenuating circumstance in the whole case. Fined 40s, in default one week's imprisonmoent. The fine was paid. I .,i DEBT. S. Pyke v J. Murray, £4 5s, goods. Thie sumt of £1 had been paid since service of summots. Order for balance, with is cests. James Clelaud v James O'Neill, £4 12s 11d, goods.' No appearance of defendant. Order for amount, with 5s costs. Sante v R. Bownds, £4 2a, goods. The defendant had beooe paid sitlce the sum mons had been issued, but prior to its being served. The receipt, however, bore no date. Case dlistissed, without costs. Samte v J. Puddephatt, £G6 6sld, goods. Tie sum of £1 had been paid since service of sumlnloils. The defendant argued that lie had Ieen ovorcharged to the extent of £17s by an error on the part of the plaintiff. At the suggestion of the Bench, the partics retired for a few minutes, to enlable therm to arrive at an amicable settlemoent. On their return into court, it was announced that an under standing had been effected. By consent a verdict was then entered for £3 16as d, with 8s costs. Sameo v Hienderson, £9 O1s 11d, goods. No appearance of defendant. The suni of £2 had boon paid after service of sum ilons. Verdict of £7 10s lld, with 5s costs. Sane v Geo. Pearce, £3 Gs lid, goods. No appearance of defendant. Order for amlount, with is costs. Ryan aind Taylor v W. C. Ross, £3 18s. MIr Edmondson for plaintiffs. No ap pearance of defendant. Order for amount, with £1 3s Gd costs. .1. P. Lenehetn v J. Thompson, £1, work and labor. No appearanics of de fendant. Verdict for amount, with i5 costs. Geo. Lcighton'v .l. O'Keefo, £110s lld, goods. Order for iamunt, with 5s costs. Peter 1I'Lean v Iuhgh Thompson. Extended for a fortnight.

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