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GIVE MOTHER' A GIFT THAT WILL AID HER HOBBY. By ,ALICIA HART... Gifts that will allow her to develop great interest in something in which she always has been a little interest ed are what many a woman would like for Christmas.. When Dad first showed an interest in golf, the entire family, you may be sure, rallied around and supplied him with good clubs and gadgets arid otherwise made it possible for him to

learn golf, and enjoy it. 'When he decided he'd like, to do some fishing. n ow-and then, mother saw to it that the budget allowed for rods and reels and various -other bits of equipment. But' has he--or anyone else in tie family-dohe much about mother's 'interest. in- gardening except to re mark now and then what fiice flow ers she manages to get from a few shillings worth of seeds?: Somebody. ought to consider that the woman in the home might enjoy piano lessons as much as the head of

the house, so to speak, "enjoys .fish Ing or bowvling or golft, This would be a fine ihristmas to do something about it. Naturally, I don't think that, mother should b given a hobby at the r1ik of wrecking the budget .-" Butf I dO think it's pretty rneah:of the entire . family never to consider that she might have as much fun with a hobby as dad and the children. do with theirs,