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Toyland is Divided -ver War and i Peace . i PBy 1. MARION, YOUNG. :It seems as if Toyland4 is-divided on the question of "peace: or war?'? For in this year's Christmas,.displays martial. toys compete for , attention 'ith ones. that represent a peaceful way of 'life. .You can make it possible. for" the children in your home to play at farming, homemaking, bridgebuilding,, magazine printing and 'the. like. Or you can provide them with exciting toys with which to stage. battles across the nursery rug, to build forts, battleships and airplanes, anid. to carry on naval manoeuvres as well.

ut ot t .hd black .shapes and fit the.m neatlyt of the dra4ing and. see what happens,

* On the morning of the day of the opening of the village fair a young man applied to the proprietor of a freak show ,for an engagement. "What can you do?"--"?ican eat three dozen hen eggs, two dozen duck eggs; and :one dozen goose eggs at a single sitting.' "Do you know that we give four shows a daya?" enquired the proprietoi. '"'Yes." "And six -on Saturday?" .. "Yes,. But there is one questfoizbIk shoulid' . like to ask beibre taking, on othe.. ob.".?. "What time do lI get off for my r l?"

• --- -- - ..IL1m?m?~immiLm m mu Our interest in national defence is 'interestingly reflected in the toy de Partments by the increased number of tanks' and airplane miniatures. There's a submarine that dives and rises again 4to the surface. There- are air plane carriers with planes that actu ally 'take off. Workable gas airplane engines , are features, and so are realistic models of 'oast defence forts and anti-aircraft guns. The patriotic motif is featured on such traditional favorites' as paper. hats, balls, balloons, drums and box kites, but of more real importance is the fact that many of this year's toys have been 'made in our own factories and homes instead of being imported. The everyday -scene is reproduced for youngsters in play sets of farm. schoolhouses, stores, city streets,, beaches and railway stations with miniature figures to be moved about( to create different effects. .,'There's real news in- the doll de 'partments. 'Teen-age dolls have pompadour hair-do's and fashion-' right costumes for every social occa sion.' Stuffed animals are excellent re plicas of real .ones. The growling bear, really growls like, a bear instead oE... squeaking like a mouse, and. he can stand on all four feet. The hapDpy. 'pip is a' gay little dog- with open laughing mouth and rolling eyes that will fascinate children. A mohair monkey 'has flexible arms and legs :which can be bent in all directions to depict him indulging in all sorts-;of, .'"monkey-shines."