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News Digest Madame Chiang Kai-shek, wife of the Chinese dictator, has given 25,000 dollars to Wellesley College, U.S.A. Notwithstanding Mr. Curtin's absence in Westralia, General MacArthur seems to have managed "the war without any serious blun ders. The Archbishop of Palermo has notified the Pope that his Sicilian diocese, now in Americo-British hands, is enjoying the "utmost freedom." Vestey's and six other firms con trol 45,800,000 acres of country in the main fertile areas of the Northern Territory. On this huge area is supported about 130 whites. When the Germans ordered all Jews in Paris to wear a black and yellow star on the left breast as a mark of identification, thousands of other Parisians upset the scheme by showing a yellow and black breast-pocket handkerchief. President Roosevelt's declaration that the Filipinos will be Iree to work out their own destiny has prompted Chinese and Americans to ask what England proposes in regard to Burmah, Malaya and India. The Yugoslavs are reported to be facing more Germans than the Anglo.American armies in Italy. Captain Liddell Hart, former "Times " military critic, says that the Italian campaign is valuable as "showing us what to avoid." When the war ends the Govern ment will probably have surplus stocks, valued at about £20,000,000, to dispose of. As far as estab lished business is concerned, it will probably be the greatest "black market" ever seen in Australia. There is still hope for Australia. Sweden is using a meat substitute consisting of dry yeast made from cellulose. It contains more than twice as much albumen as meat, but is not so tasty. It should be tried out on Senator Keane. Vestey Bros. are extending their operations in the Northern Terri tory. They have acquired Helen's Spring, below Newcastle Waters; J. Gibb's property, on the Roper River, and a few other small pro perties. They have also many options on other runs. Organising for the new Labor Party in N.S.W. is proceeding apace. Branches have been estab lished at Newcastle (where speakers charged that Curtin had sold out on Labor), Belmore and Bondi. All branches will support the White Australia policy. The Lang Labor Party, at a conference at -which 25 branches ,were represented, recommended branches to select candidates for -the forthcoming State elections. Maurice Blackburn was praised for his refusal to rejoin the Victorian A,L.P. as long .as it favors con scription-military and industrial. The British Government's alloca tion of grain and other foodstuffs for brewing of beer was condemned by the Free Church Federal Coun cil, both in the interests of winning the war, and also of the starving European peoples. Probably the council was not aware of the Syd ney doctor's disinterested discovery of vitamins in beer. An American correspondent says that Lord Mountbatten's' "name and fame" have given new hope to the Chinese that it will not be long before the Burma-road will be re-opened. As to Mountbatten's name, it does not seem to be rea lised that it is simply Battenberg turned into English. His fame still slumbers in the marble quarries of Carrara. One of the most remarkable pas sages in the Declarations of the United Nations at Moscow is the following: Let those who hitherto have not imbrued their lands with innocent blood beware lest they join the ranks of the guilty, for most assuredly the three Allied Powers will pursue them to the ends of the earth and will deliver them to the accusers in order that justice may be done. Though the Communist Party does not with "dread metaphors which open wounds" seek to em barrass the Government, it' not unnaturally feels that its property, seized by the Menzies administra tion, should be returned, more especially as tlie regulations under which the property, valued at some thousands of pounds, was "souvenired" have been declared invalid by the High Court. Mean while, of course, the undoubted merits of the Curtin Government clamantly demand support.