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The monthly meetinc of the Upper Ulam L.P.A. was held on the 11th in- stant, and one of the main subjects which arose for discussion was the re- gistration of wells and plants. This re- sulted in the following resolution being unanimously carried — "That this As- sociation stand firm in a refusal to register wells, and hereby solicit the

earnest support and cooperation of all other L.P.A.s and any other persons having wells on their properties."   I might state that many fanner;, line io depend cntiri'ir upon their teli? for water, fur drinking and^Iio.l i-tf — uot l»eing able to afford tank^ for that purpo-t — and it certainly i- hard wlieu one has lo j^v a tai on the drop l-* i-.atcr that it 'has taken thooi nMs. probably months, of hard toil, not io mention cash. 10 get.

*i *iiet-tvtiuf.-ri? jie ^'ij.^ ii» mis d^ie sifting -ln»n the~v will (iwd lliat there v.ill be a further 'one fortlicomin^ So it behoves 115 to ues-tir ourselves and let the Government see that they s-e not dealiug vfith monev producing machines, as they seem to t'liiit I lface no doubt that the majority of farmers arc finding ft sufficiently ' difficult to make both ends meet without anv fur ther taxation such as the water tax. It is to be hoped that all who read this, and are in any way affected by this t«, ? wBi give their wholehearted support to this Association through their nii.rn associations. Cpper Ulam, April 12, 1927.