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The Middle Park Plate, of 500 sovs, added to a sweepstakes . Of 80 soys each, 20f t, for two-year-olds ; colts, Sst 101b; filies

and geldings, 8st 71b. Bretby Stakes Course (6 fur). 172


General Peel's ch o Peter, by Hermit-lady Masham, 9st

(ino. 41b extra) (.0. Wood) ... ... ... 1 Mr. R. Peck's ch c Victor Chief, '.by Albert Victor-Chief-

tain's Daughter, Sst 101b (Constable) ... ... 2 Acton's ch o Gunnersbury, by Hermit-Hippia, 8st

101b (Glover) ... ... ... .3 H. E. Beddlngton's gr c Strathern, by Strathconan

Oharmione, 9st 31b (inc. 71b extra) (F. Jeffery)

B. R. Christopher's b c Discord, by See-Saw-Anthem,

8st 101b (Lynch)

W. B. Crawford's br c Lansdown, by St. Albans

Gentle Mary, 9st (ino.4lb extra) (Cannon)

Lord Falmouth's che Oharibert, by Thormanby-Ger-

trude, 9st 31b (inc. 71b extra) (F. Archer)

Mr. J. W. Gosdon's b c Scapegrace, by V"ild Oats-Pom« . . pano, 9st (ino. 41b extra) (J. o rne)

. Lord Hartington's b c Indigo, by Wemuok-Nyl Gau, 8st

101b (H. Jeffery)

Mr. J. Johnson's b o Roscius, by The Rake-Tragedy, 9st

(ino. 41b extra) (Maidment)

Count F. de Lagrange's ch c Rayon d'Or, by Flageolet

Arauoarla, 9sfc (inc. 4lb extra) (Goater)

Hr.D. Milner's bro Massena, by| Victorious-Cora Pearl,

8st 101b (Snowden)

. Duke of Bt. Albans'ch f High and Mlty, by Parmesan

Noblesse, Sst 71b (T. Ohaloner)

Hon, W. Gerard's choGliazl. bv Oambuscan-Vesta, 8st

. 101b (Watts)

Miss Graham's bc Westbourne, by Oxford or The Duke ' . " Whisper, 8st 101b (Morgan)

' Iiord Hardwlcke's b c Nigel, by Adventurer-Atonement,

.8st 101b (HuxtabTo)

Mr. J. H. Holdsworth's oh c Euperra, by Adventurer

. Lady Morgan, 9st 31b (Ino. 71b extra) Fordham

Major Btapylton's b c Sans Pareil, by Speculum-Princess,

... 8st 101b (F. Webb)

Betting : 4 to 1 against Peter, 5 to 1 against Eayon d'Or, 6 w l against Scapegrace, 9 to 1 against Massena, 100 to 9 \ 2.Ç"1}86 Q-unnersbury, 12 to 1 each against Disoord and ; Uharibert, 100 to 6 against Eosclus, 14 to 1 each against

uuperra and Sans Pareil, 20 to 1 against Victor Chief, and 33 Jp 1 against Indigo. The lot arrived at the post in capital time and, after a couple of attempts, were sent away on ex- cellent terms, Gunnersbury, in the centre, at once showing in front, being followed on the right by Disoord, while lying ' «? *Qe lea<*er on the lower ground was Bayon d'Or ; in

the centre, close up with Gunnersbury, being Bans Pareil, ¿J.nsdown, Massena, Oharlbert, Indigo, and Victor Chief, witn Peter at the girths of Eayon d'Or on the lower ground i m company with Scapegrace, while Euperra was with Eosclus

' SP c8 *nfc In tae trao11 of Discord. Boon after passing the wishes Oharibert, Bans Pareil,: Lansdown. Scapegrace, t- fi^ena, and Indigo, were done with, and half way down the " 0111 Gunnersbury took a lead of Discord, Eayon d'Or coming " D^T» with Peter and Victor Chief. Of these Mr. Christopher's ¿ was thp first to give way, and Victor Chief, shooting out

in the dip, where Bayon d'Or waa beaten, settled Gunners bury in a few strides, and the last named was at once passed by Peter, who gradually overhauling the Bussley colt, got up a few strides from the chair, and won by a neck ; three lengths between second and third. Rayon d'Or was fourth. Massena fifth, Indigo sixth. Discord seventh, Buperra eighth. Strathern ninth, Ghazi tenth, with Nigel, Roscius, and High and Mity whipping in. Time, by Benson's chronograph, lmin 27sec. Value of the stakes, £3790.



Newminster SeoluBion

Touchstone Beeswing Tudnior

Miss Bollon

Camel Banter

Dr. Byntax

mare byArdrossan

Brother to


Maid of




V. Melbourne mare by

Don John

Miss Lydia


Belle Dame Melbourne Clarissa

Gameboy Physalis

Wav'rl'y or Tramp mare by Comus Belshazzar

mare by Comus

Peter was bred at the Glasgow Stud In 1870) at whose annual yearling sale at Doncaster he was bought for 360 guineas by Mr. Lowther, acting on behalf of General Peel. Peter's first appearance on a racecourse was for the Richmond Stakes at Goodwood, in which, carrying 8st 101b, he ran second to Wheel of Fortune (8st 71b), Cadogan, Leap Year, Massena, Leghorn, and seven others being behind the pair. Atethe Newmarket First October Meeting, with 8st 101b, he won the Hopeful Stakes from Marshal Scott (9st 21b) and six others, and (with Dst llb) at the same meeting the Rous Memorial Stakes from Peaoe (8st 7lb), Monsieur Philippe (8st 101b), Ruperra (Ost llb), Marshall Scott (9st llb), and eight others. On Wednesday last won the Middle Park Plate, as stated above. In addition to tho Two Thousand Guineas, Derby, and St. Leger, Peter's 1879 engagements comprise the Sussex Stakes (31b extra) at Goodwood, and the Great Foal Stakes at the Newmarket First October Maetlng.


TR. FIRST. 1SGQ The Bake

1867 Green 81eeve 1868 IPero Gomez 1869 Frivolity

1870 Albert Victor

1871 JPrinee Ohnrlie 1873 Surinam

1873 Newry



^Achievement Rosicrucian

ll Scottish Queen

Sunshine Bteppe

Laburnum Kaiser



Knight of the Gar-


Lady Coventry *§Protender *Kingcraft tï|| Hannah Nuneham Montareis

( Marsworth

?< and

( Couronne de For


Heurtebise Plunger

§||PUgrimage Gunnersbury

I Won the St. Leger. 1874 Plebeian Per Be

1875 I$Petrarch Madeira

1876 $Ohamont Pellegrinö 1877 Beauclerc Emllius

1878 Peter Viotor Chief

* Won the Derby, t Won the Oaks.

$ Won the Two Thousand. || Won the One Thousand^

.?Tho Champion Blakes of 20 sovs each, h ft, with 1000 added ; weight for age ; A.F. (1 mile 2 fur. 73 yards). 233 subs, 26 of whom paid 4 sovs each.

Lord Falmouth's b f Jaunette, by Lord Clifden-Ohevl

saunce, 3 yrs, 8st 31b (F. Archer) ... ... 1 Falmouth's b c Silvio, 4 yrs, 9st 41b (J. Osborne) ... 2 Rosebery's b g Kaleidoscope, 5 yrs, 9st 61b (Con-

stable)... ... ... . ... 3 Oalthorpe's Petrarch, 6 yrs, 9st 61b

Mr. J. H. Holdsworth's Glengarry, 3 yrs. Sst 61b Count F. de Lagrange's Yerneuil, 3 yrs, 9st 41b

Mr. W. S. Mitchell Innes's Glen Arthur, 4 yrs, 9st 4lb.

betting : 6 to 4 on Jannette, 5 to 1 against Verneuil, 8 to 1 against Petrarch, 10 to 1 against Silvio, 12 to 1 against Kaleidoscope, and 14 to 1 against Glen Arthur. Silvio, on the right, out out the work ot a good pace from Glen Arthur who was in the centre of the course, Yerneuil coming in front of Jannette in the truck of, Silvio, behind these being Glengarry, while Petraroh was on the left, ina berth to him- self, with Kaleidoscope whipping in. As they came by the T. Y. C. winning-post Glen Arthur was done with, and Ver- neuil took second place, Jeannette still lying off; but near- ing the Bushes she drew up, and, Yerneuil being beaten, took second place. Petrarch, who up to this point had bcon running well, failed to act coming down th* hill, and was passed by Kaleidoscope. When fairly in the dip Jannette took her place alongside Silvio, and though the colt stuck to her well, she gradually got in front, and won cleverly at tho finish by a neck ; Kaleidoscope, passing Yerneuil on the post, was third, with Petrarch fifth, Glengarry sixth, and Glen Arthur last. Time by Benson's chronograph, 2min. 20seo. Yalue of the stakes, £2504.

The Cambridgeshire Stakes of 25 sovs each, 10ft., with 300 added ; Cambridgeshire course (1 mile 240 yards),

Mr. F. Gretton's b c Isonomy, by Stirling-Isola Bella, 3

yrs, 7st 71b (Morgan) ... ... ... ... 1 Lord Eosebery's br c Touohet, hy Lord Lyon-Lady :

Audley, 4 yrs, 7st 71b (Fordham) ... ... 2 Mr. R. Peok's b f La Merveille, by Blair Athol-Cauldron,

' 3 yrs, Sst 31b (Hopper) ... ... ... 3

Hampton, 6 yrs, 9st 31b ; Placida, 4yrs,8st91b; Thunder stone, 4 yrs, 8st3Ib; Ecossais, aged, 8st3Ib; Midlothian, 4 yrs,88tllbj Lady Golightly, 4yrs,8st; Lord Olive, 3 yrs, 7flt, 131b ; Jester, 5 yrs, 7st 91b ; Faisan, 3 yrs, 7st 71b . Clementine, 3 yrs, 7stGib; Manoeuvre, 4 yrs, 7st51b; Lina' 5 yrs, 7st 51b ; Brie, 3 yrs, 7flt 41b ; Harbinger, 4 yrs, 7st 41b Start, 4 yrs, 7st 31b ; Olooher, 3 yrs, 7st 31b ; Attalus, 3 yrB 7st 31b ; Master Kildare, 3 yrs, 7st 31b; Tallos, 4 yrs, 8st 21b ; Greenbaok, 3 yrs, 7st llb ; Mantille, 3 yrs, 7st llb ; Sidonia 4 yrs, 7st ; Lancaster, 4yrs, 7st ; Sign Manual, 4 yrs, 6st 121b ; Rockhampton, 5 yrs, 6st 121b ; Grey Friar, 4 yrs, 6st 121b« Hermes,3 yrs, 6st 101b; Pero, 3 yrs, GstlOIb; Shillelagh, 4 yrs, 6st 91b ; Thistle, 3 yrs, 6st 91b ; Maobeth, 3 yrs, 6st 51b . Knighthood, 3 yrs, 6at 31b ; Edith Plantagenet, 3 yrs, 6st . Miss Pool, 3 yrs, 5st 131b ; Broad Corrie, 3 yrs, 5stl21b. Won cleverly by two lengths.

On the Thursday the Dewhurst Plate, for two-vear-olds, was won by Lord Falmouth's grand filly, Wheel of "Fortune, who seems to divide the honours of first youngster, for the season with General Peel's Peter. The following baker's dozen ian, and the stake, which is a big one, being worth over ¡C2000, was won comfortably by the flyer, who started

with 2 to 1 on her.

The Dewhurst Plate, of 300 so vs, added to a sweepstakes of 25sovs each, 15ft, for two-year-olds. Colts, 8st 91b ; fillies,

8sfc 61b ; last seven furlongs of B.M.

Lord Falmouth's b f Wheel of Fortune, by Adventurer

Queen Bertha, 8st 13lb (If. Archer) ... ... l Rosebery's bc Flavius, Sst 91b (Constable) ... ... 2 Mr. R. Oristopher's b o Discord, 8st 91b (Fordham) ... 3 Lord Anglesey's b c Gaxtonlan, Sst 21b

Mr. W. J. Waters's b c Despatch, Sst 131b Lord Falmouth's b f Leap Year, 8st 131b

Hartington's b o Indigo, 8st 91b

Count Festetio's bl c, by Adventurer-Alice, 8st 01b Prince Batthyany's oh c Leeville, 8st 91b

Mr. A. Baltaizi's ch e Wartenburg, 8st 91b

Duke of Westminster's br f Adventurer, 8st 61b Mr. W. 8. Crawford's ch f Madrlda, 8st Clb

C. Alexander's b f Peace, 8st 61b.