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' English Turf.


THK Stewards CupOiaiidicup.), value 301 sovsby subscription oflOsovs caoh. with ino added, the surplus to the winner in specie ; T. Y. C. (0 fur). 81 subs.

Mr, Richmond's b g Oxonian, bj' Oxford-Araby's Daugh

ter, 4 yrs, 9st (Wyatt). .... ... 1 Lefevre'*) bro Blenheim, by Oxford-Miss Livingstone,

4 yrs,8st5lb(Fordham) ... .. ... 2 Bruton's br c Landmark, by Cathedral-Miss Agnes, a

yrs. 7st 131 b (Jeffrey) ... ... .., ... a 'JD. E. Cuso's b o Anton, 4 yrs, 8st 51b H. li. Hay's ch » Sylla, 5 yrs, 8st 31b

P. Pryor-ibcBotheration, 4 yrs, 8st

E. Bray ley's bl h Cock of the Walk, aged, 7flt 101b Spnncer'soh h Ashfield, 5 yrs, 7st 71b

J. Batos's br g Old Sam, 5 yrs, 7st 01b (car. 7st 71b T. E. Walker s b e Stutesuiuu, 4 yrs, 7st (Jib -J.' Johnston's eh h Fisherman, 4 yrs, 7st 01b Slr J. Hawley's b h Lictor, aged, 7st Sib

Sir. J. Hawley's b o Alava, 3 yrs, 7st filb

Lord Durham's b f Arethusu, 3 yrs, 7st 31b

Lord Ailesbury's b c Sir Robert Walpole, 4 yrs, 7st 31b Mr. F¿ Grafton's li o Priiice, 3 yrs, 7st llb

Chanliu's b f Peavl, 4 yrs, 7st

.' M. Bowson's b o Cheesewring, 4 yrs, Cst 81b Lord River's b c Pitchfork, 4 yrs, «st 81b

Mr. Swindell's bo by Old Culubur-Volunteer's dam, 4 yrs,

- «st 81b

Lord Wilton's b c Napolitain, 3 yrs, 6st 81b .

Mr. John Cock's ch f Conspiracy, 3 yrs, 6st 71b

W. S. Crawford's br c Struan, 3 yrs, est 71b Wickham's ch o Lord Colney, 3 yrs, Cst 7lb

lt: R.-Bignell's br in Allco, 5yrs, «stOH» (car. «st 9lb) W. T. H. Fleet's bl c Titsselson, 3yrs, (Jst 21b W. F. Gretton's bo Zudkiel, 3 yrs, Cst 21b

G. Reynold's br cTho Curate, 3 yrs, Sst 71b.

Betting : 7 to 1 agsc Asuueld, 8 to 1 agst Pearl, 100 io 13 agBt.Blenheim, 10 to 1 cacti agst Anton, Pitchfork, and States man^' 100 to 7 each agst Zudkiel and Fisherman, 100 to il agst Napolitain, 20 Ui 1 each ugst Oxonian, Alava, Lord Col ney, and Alice, 25 tul each ugat Landmark and Arethusa, and33 to 1 each agst Sir Robert Walpole and Struan. There were 'three oi'four false start«, in which Cock of the Walk was principally conspicuous, while the continued fractiousness.ol' of 'Pearl,' Fisherman, Landmark, and Cheesewring tended In a great measure to prevent Mr. M'George despatching the large field. At length the Hag fell to a good sturt, the quickest on their legs being Oxouiuu, Pitchfork, Alice, and Old .Sam, Oxonian on the extreme right, soon ussuming a decided

lead, followed closely. by Pitchfork, Landmark, and Blen ihelm, Alice ly ing .well up in the middle, while Old 8am was as forward as any of the others on the right; Statesman, wno got badly oft', being behind him. Auton, on thu ox treme right, dla not seem utile to go tho pace, und. never took a pro minent position in'the front. When a furlong had been covered, Alice and Old Sam drew awuy from the others, and went on nearly level, with Oxonian, Pitchfork, Landmark, Blenheim, und Lord Col ney comprising the leading lot of the others, of whom Statesman was in hopeless difllcultics. Two distances from home, Old Sam compounded, and Alice, who went well up to tfiat point, also shut up. At the dis tance. Blenheim drew up to the girths of Oxonian, but could only hold his place :for:a few strides, when Oxonian again drew away, and won easily at, the finish by five lengths; about the sum?diBtaucti~separutcd Second and third. Struan and Alice were fourth aud.lifth, .and Pitchfork sixth. In a fluster. then came ..Old Sum, Zudkiel, .Arethusa, and Lord ,Colnéjythó1iist'lQt being Cock bf the .Walk (who broke' dawn 'and was dismounted opposite the post). Cheese wring, and Botheration. ,Time, us ta koa by Benson's chronograph, lmin ,17 sec.

o The Goodwood Stakes (handicap) of 25 sovs each, 15 ft, and C if declared, with 100 added ; winners extra ; second received ,100 soyn; two miles uud a half. Vi subs 30 of whom paid 5

nova each.

? Jlr. W. Henderson's b o Spennithorne, by tho Count-Zoe

. by Fluteutcher, 4 yrs, 1st 7lb (incl. 7lb extra) (W.

Gray) , ? . .. .. .. 1 Lord Durham's bro Richmond, by Bt. Albans-Amanda,

'. o .. 3 yr», ñst 121b (Newhouso) ... ... 2

Falmouth's li li Kingcraft, by King Tom-Woodcraft

t &yrs, 8at 21b (T, Chuloner). .. : .. ... 3 «Mr. T. Smith's b li Puguiilui, aged, 9st 7lb

J. H. Holdsworth's b h Falklund, 5 yr«, 8st 12lb >'. M'Cormaek's b m Finesse, 0 yrs, Sst:

V t. Staple's b o Whuddou. 4 yrs, 7nt51b

'i '. Bruton's ch .o Chorister, 3 yrs, 7st2lb . i..

Lefovro's b c Houghton, 4 yrs, 7st21b (ear. 7st 31b) '-Mr. 0. Trotters.oh oJKelchburne, 3 yrs, 6st:12Ib . ? : . F. Pryor'« br o Cardigan, 4 yrs, 6»t 121b

Xord'Wilton't br c Hi pp los, by Gladiateur-Lady Evelyn

4 yrs, 6st 7lb

.Slr F. .Tolmstone's. b o Babel, 4 yr», fist Sib

^Captain King's br o The Admiral, 3 yrs, tíst

rLord O. I. Ker's b o Jack in the Green, 3 yrs, Sst '-Mr. T. E. Case's b o Survivor, 3 yrs. Sst 7lb.

[Before the race Captain King, the owner of Admiral, asked the stewards to call upon tho owner of Spennithorne to pro-, 'duce satisfactory testimony .that ho was not In default in res -peotof forfeits at the time of entry. The stowards after.liear '.?lng Captain King, were of.opinton that there was no evldence 1 that Speniilthorno's owner was In default.]

1 ' Bo ttl liff: 5 to 3 agst .Spennithorne, 5 to 1 agst Kiugsoraft, ;-fl to l agst Finesse, 10 to I agst Cardigan, lt to 1 ugst Survi

vor, 100 tn 8 each agst Tho Admiral and Falkland; 25 to 1 '-awt Chorister, 33 to 1 euch agst H ippia», Houghton, and 1 Kolohburne, 10 to I each agst Richmond und Babel, 60 to 1 ¿.each agst Paganini mid \Ybaildon? and IOU to L agit Jack in '-the Green. The lot were despatched toa good start at tho -Ér*t attempt. Whuddou in a few strides rushed to the front, followed by Spennithorne, Houghton, Paganini, Hippias, .Jack in t!i a Green, und Finesse, with Chorister and Kelch ' burne next, und Babel, The Admiral,'Richmond, and Cardi gan last. Tho pace was anything but last, and before half a

1 wile liitil neon covered Spennithorne took a length lead of'

<- Whuddou and Houghton, ' thc two drawing clear ot Falkland, "at'they made the fiend,r while tho lust lot »tiil comprised The

''?'Admiral, Richmond, and Cardigan. Going round the clump I ' Whnddon was nguiu «neu In front, him nolng flpenni- 1

thorne.'Ohorlster, and Yalklund, the siicceoditig division aoni-1 .'prising Houghton, Pngauiiil, Juck in the Green, Kingcraft, I

'«nd Finesse. Little ehange tonk place until coming into the I '? «rratght for home, whoa Whaddon gave way, and Juck in the I -¡ np to the leaders and headed Spennithorne fora ! . few strides while Falkland drew into third place.' At this !

point Pngatiittl broke down, and when fairly in tho lino for i. ^ lióme, Jack in the O reen retired, and Spennithorne took lip the,

'^running. As they caine down tho hill Chorister and King-.!'

craft drew Up on ' the iuMdc, and Survivor and Houghton' . showed prominent)}'oir tho right, while Richmond who hud ; never before been able to get on terms with his horse* came '".'wp In the centre nf tho course followed by Finesse. Just out 1 '«Ide the distança the Irish mare brok« down, and Richmond1 ' fora stride or two got bin.bend in front of Spomiitiiorne, but

. 'directly Gray nailed on tho favourite, he oamo »way, and won ' ' easily by three lengths. Chorister and Survivor not boina

'persevered with. Kingcraft was enabled to obtain third place, ? being h«iiten two> lengths from Rtolimoml. Houghton was '." fourth, Chorister fifth., Survivor Rlxth, Kelnhburue seventh, " Finesse eighth, Whaddon »nd The Admiral next, with Rahel

:Jast. .Paganini was dismounted half a mlle from home.

í Timo, ns taken by Benson's chronograph, 5min. öseo. : Nott ,

*»lue of the stakes, £910.

Tho Goodwood Cup, value 300 sovs added to ,1 subscription of20«bvs each, h ft ; second received 100 sovs; weight for ase, &c. : two miles und ti li:tlf. 27 subs,

liaron Rothschild's oh c Favonius, by Parmesan-Zephyr,

4 yrs, 0st3lb (inc. 71b ex.) (.Maidment) ... ... 1 Mr. Cartwright's ch c Albert Victor, 4 yrs. Sst 101b (T.

French) .... .2 M. I.efevro's b f Verdure. 4 yrs, Sst "lb (T. Jennings) 3 M. Lefcvro's b h Harford, 5 yrs, Öst (Fordl um) ... 1 Johiistoue's br o Both well, 4 yrs. Sst 101b (J. Osborno) 5 Betting; 7 to 4 agst Albert Victor, J to 1 ugst Favonius, 100 t >30 agst Burford, und IO to 1 ugst Bothwell. When the Hag loll Verdure raced tn the front, «nd soon was a dozen lengths o'ear of lier field, of whom Barford and Bothwell, nearly level, were about t hree lenglis iii advance of Albert Victor and Favonius. The pace w»s a cracker, ami before half a mile had been covered, Verdure was twenty lengths ahead, while Hurford drew into neconcl piuco, with Bothwell third, the two favourites still bringing up tho rear. Barford drew closer up to Verdure as they meed by the Craven sturting poatanil round the clump, where favonius took a slight lead ol'Albert Victor, who was now last. The pace continued good, ntid on coming round the dump Verdure still heida commanding loud, while the others began to close up with Barford. Three-quarters of n milo from home Bothwell rapidly dropped away, and when fairly in the straight Albert. Viotor and Favonius passed Barford, and began overhauling Verdure. Albert Victor was the first to head the French mare who collapsed outside thc distal ic j, but in a few strides Favonius deprived Mr. Cartwright's colt of the lend, and coming away in grand style, won very easily by ten lengths. Verdure was n third, about two lengths In advuncu of Barford, Bothwell being beaten oil". Timo by Benson's chronograph, 4 min. 55 sec.

Tho Chesterfield Cup (handicap), vuluo-10) sovs by subscrip tion nf 15 sovs each ; thu surplus to the whiner in money ; winners extra: Craven Course (1 mile 2 fur.) til subs.

Lord Wilton's bc Napolitain, by Hospodar-Serenade (bred

in France), 3 yrs. list 101b (Constable) .. ... 1 Mr. G. G. Koswick's b f Lucy Sutton, 3 yrs, 6st 81b (Pep

pier ... ... ... ... ... . 2 Jos. Dawson's che Prince Charlie, 3 yrs. Sst 71b (T.

Fronen ... ... ... ... ... 3 Baron Rothschild's b f Bannah, 4 yrs. Dst 21b

Mr. Richmond's b g Oxonian, (5 yrs, 8st 121b (inc. 71b ex.)

G. G. Keswick s bl o Digby Grand, 4 yrs, 8st Sib E. Brayley's bo Mornington, 4 yrs, 8st 71b E. Brayley's ch Ii Soucar, ñ yrs. Sst 71b

L^rd Berkeley Puget's br Ii Indian Ocean, 5 yrs. Sst 01b Slr G. Chetwynd's ch h Countryman, 5yrs. Sst «lb M. Lofevro's br c Blenheim, 4 yrs, Sst

Mr. Parry's ch h Hector, fi yrs", «nt 101b

Lor1:1 Ailesbury'sb c Sir Robert Walpole, 4 3'rs, 7st Alb Mr. Merry's br cPeto. ;t yrs, 7st 31b

Milford's eh c Isla tn. IS yrs, 7st

F. Swindell's b c by Parmesan, dam by Knight of

Kars-Attack, 4 yrs, Cst 131b

Spencer's ch c Protnmartvr, 3 yrs, Ost 131b Lord Falmouth'» ch f Silvnste'r, 3 yrs, 6st Bib Mr. Chaplin's b c Pitchfork, 4 yrs, Cst 41b

T. II. Fleets bl cT.isscison, 3 yrs, Gat 31b

Betting : 5 to 1 ugst Prince Charlie, 100 to 15 agstLucy Sutton, 7 to lagst. Silvester, 8 to 1 agst Oxonian, 10 to 1 agst Napolitain, 100 to 8 each agst Hannah, Digby Grand, aud Piioblbrk, 100 to 7agst Blenheim, 100 to 6 Pmtomnrtvr, 20 to I each iigst Mornington and Sir Robert Walpole, nial 25 to 1 eich agst Indian Ocean and Countryman. After several broaks-away, caused principally hy the fractiousness of Froto nuirtyr and Tussolson, the lot w'ero despatched, Napolitain making play, followed by Pmtoinartyr, Prince Charlie,

Blenheim, Sir Robert. Walpole, and Oxonian, olear of Country man, and Pitchfork, with Hannah, Mornington and Poto last. Napolitain soon took n clear lead in advance of Proto martyr, Pitchfork, Lucy Sutton, und Prince Charlie to the straight, whero Indian Ocean joined tho last-named. Fairly in the lino for home. Lucy Sutton went to the front, nnd led to the distance, where Napolitain joined issue, and won cleverly, by three-quarters of a length. Prince Charlie was ; beaton only a head from the second, Oxonian, closeup, being

fourth. A long wny oil" followed Silvester, Digby Grand, Prótomnrtyr, and Blenheim, the last of all being Hector and Peto, Time by Benson's chronograph, 2 min. 55 sec.