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English Turf Items.


mo itoyai uuni (jup jjuuniicap, » piece 01 piuie vamo ouu MVS. added to a sweepstakes of 10 sovs ouch ; new milo, fósubs. ", . . , ,, .

Ur. Sable's b o Ripponden, by Skirmisher-Vertumna,

4 yrs 7st21b (H. Covey)... .. ... ... 1 Merry's b o Falkirk, by Stockwell-Sunflower, -1

yrs, 7st, (Constable) ... ... ... ... 2 Colouel Carlton's Hamlet, by lîemus-Gertrude, 3

3 yrs. Cst 91b (C. Hammond)...

H. H. Bay's oil li Normanby, 5 yrs, Sst 21b. Richmond's b g Oxonian, tí yrs, Sst llb.

T. E. Case's b o Anton. 4 yrs, 7st 131o, car. 8st. Gentle's br h Ralph Lambton, 5 yrs, 7st 101b. Eastlakes b f Sister Helen, '1 yrs, 7s* 51b.

J. Jolinstone's oh o Fisherman, 4 yrs, 7st -llb.

A. E. Hope's br o Young Sydmonton, 3 yrs, 7st 21b. Lord Calthorpe'* br h Bonny Swell, 5 yrs, 7st.

Lord AUesbury's b o Sir Robert Walpole -1 yrs, 6st 131b. John Parrey's b o Marshal Bazaine, 3 yrs, öst 12U>. G. G. Keswick'» b e Helmet, 3 yrs, 6st 111b

J. .Tohnstone's b o Lord Hawke, by Lord Clifden, 4 yrs. G. Payne's b f Celibacy, 3 yrs, Cst 21b, car Ost 51b.

Lord Downo's b o Boràeanx, dam Frangipanni, 4 yrs.

6st, car. Bst llb.

Reynold's br o 'Plie Curate, 3 yrs, 5st 121b

Start's ch o Theodoros, 4 yrs, oat 71b, car. 5st 01b.,

Betting: 7 to 2 against Theodorrs, 5 to 1 each against Binny 8well and Anton, 100 to 15 against Fisherman, 100 to 8 against Ripponden, 100 to 7 against Celibacy, 20 to I each against Marshal Bazaine, Bordeaux, and Falkirk, 25 to 1 each against Sir Robert Walpole, Hamlet, and Italph Lambton, 28 to 1 against Sister Helen, and 40 to 1 each against Lord Hawke and Oxonian. The lot wore despatched at the first attempt, Fisherman, on tho left, being quickest on his legs, soon hold ing a two-lengths lead ot Ripponden and Helmet, whilst well np on tho rieht were Anton, Theodoras, and Bonny dwell ; Falkirk, Sir Robert Walpole, Humlet, Celibacy, and Young Sydmonton lying prominently in the centre. The TupgUl colt maintained his lend for nearly a quarter of a mile, when Young Sydmonton headed him, but ho in turu gavo way to Falkirk, whoso immediate attendants comprised Hamlet, ltippondoii, nml Helmet. Tho favourite had previously dis appeared, and about throo furlongs from home Young Syd monton, Celibacy, Bonny Swell, and The Curate were in trouble. Falkirk held his advantage to tho distance, where IJippoii'loii drew up to him, and quickly getting the best of tho race, won easily by a length ; three lengths between second and third. 'Sir 'Robert Walpolo was fourth, Helmet filth, and Fisliermau next ; Oxonian, The Curate, and Lord Hawko heading tho remainder in a cluster ; the lust lour being Ilalph Lambton, Normanby, Anton, and Celibacy. Time, as Ukeii by Benson's chronograph, 1 min. 51 seo. Net value of the stakes, L940.

The Alexandra Plate of 1000 sovs, added to a sweepstakes of « sovs each, 15ft : weight for ago; penalties and allowances ; second received 2Q0 sovs, mid third saved stako ; to start at

subs MUe PoSt' ""a K° onCO 1'0U,1(1 (about 3 mile3) ; 25 Mr, Payne's bril Musket, by Toxophilite, dam, by West

Australian - Brown Bess, 5 yrs, 9st Ulb (T.

Clmlonor) ... ... ... ... ... 1 W. S. Cartwright's olio Albert Victor, by Marsyas

Tho Princess of Wales, 4 yrs, fist (T. French) ... 2 it. L, Andve's oh h Don Carlos, by Monarque-Noelle,

_ Byra, fist «lb (Carroty ... ... ... 3 Mundo s b rn Agility, 5 yrs, Ost 21b (J. Osborne)

Ji, Lelevre's b h Burford. 5 vrs, »st Gib (Fordham) Bi«-aS"î,8bl'h Hobart, ü yrs, Ost 311) (Butler)

ï?n "othschtld'Bch o Favonius,4 yrs, Ost 5lb (Maidment)

íjenry wa, strilok out llt u" on ¡.,lu aftel.1100Il 0f the race. 1 iT,*L 8: 5.t0 1 aßBt Albert Victor, 4 to I ngst Musket, 5 to n«£,.ae , 0,1 Curios ami Favonius, and (5 to 1 ugst Barford. mS «n"ri° PlllJ"' followed by Don Cavíos, tho pair ns they t irn ii e8 mKl being clear of Musket and Agility, who in ÄiLni e rtbout ülvcc lengths ttneart "(? Albert Victor, and Carin« 3 w,'th Buford last. Rounding tho top turn, Don cSL I00'1 "P t0 Hobart, and tho pair made the pace n 28J iro» fie hill, drawing away head nnd head, quite therSLT Rths m front of Musket, while Barford ocrwptod took n5??st l?ositin»- In the Bwinloy Mile Bottom, Hobart Faraniim 11 lc"Sth Jenrt. while Musket, Albert Victor, atid retrmt i?Ra!' t0 close 0,1 D°n Carlos, and Agility beat ii round L.iusUÇt drew;np level with Don Carlos coming f >»!« tue turn into the Btrnight, while fairly in the line foi

home Hobart gave way, and Albert Victor, on the inside, took up the mulling, with ¿Musket mid Don Carlos on Iiis left. A distança und a Half from home Favonios rando his effort, but was in trouble and the other threo closed, Musket getting the best of a line struggle in the last hundred vards, und winning by a length und a half a length divided seoond and third, luivomus, who was fourth, being beaten about three lengths from Don Carlos. Pulling up carno Hobart llfth. Barford sixth, und Agility last, Nett value, £1195.