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Turf Talk.

THU nrrival of thc Melbourne* cracks, by The Macedon, on Sunda}', hus been the great event of thc week ; and for innre reasons than one-for while every horse owner besides, had rcason to fear the dangerous nags from St. Alban's, there was a half suspicion that tho quarantine regulations against the font and mouth disease might be put in force against this valuable importation of horses. Fortunatelv, however, it did

not so happen ; and tho horses were lauded in splendid order, after a canital passage. These consisted of two lots-that nf Mr. James Wilson, of St. Allan's, inrluding King ot the Ring, Argus Scandal, Relphegnr, Sunshine, and her sister Dagmar: and ibo Caulfield siring nf Mr. V. Dowling, which I number Lady Clifden, llórenles, and Hine Peter; sn, if the Macedon didn't bring us, this time, e:irlu dangerous animals, there aro none snob in tin; country. H|,nrling men who live far away in the provinces may assure themselves of

tho fact, that they never assisted at two better meetings than those will be of the Hawkesbury and Randwick ; and as this is shadowed forth much earlier than usual on tho present occasion, an opportunity is afforded of making urr.iugenie.its to visit tho races, and we ought to havo Sydney fuller of stran gers than has over before been our luck at Randwick. Thc Hawkesbury mooting aouios at a most convenient timo for horse-owners ns well as visitors ; and it cannot be denied taut tho look of the races on paper, now that the entries have all closed and the weights ure out, is enough to put anyone in good humour at tho prospect of sport. This state of things is largely brought about by thc arrival of the Melbourne nags ; and their immediate removal from Sydnoy to tho neighbour hood of the Hawkesbury course, where quarters had been secured for them, for there is nothing moro certain than that the coining contest for the Hawkesbury Derby is looked forward to with immense anxiety by the partisans of all and each of tho crack two-year olda ol'last («easnn. Some aro for King of tho Ring and Argim

Scandal ; other» behove in Hercules und Blue Peter ; a third party nra sweet on thc greys, and say that Lecturer or Silver Fox must win ; then thero aro they, whoso weakness ls for Mr. Rouse's wirey-logged daughter of Tarragon and Atalanta ; others going m heavy for Matriarch ; mid the list of well tried ones is Quishcd off wit h Couunodoro, brother to Jav'lin, whoso weekly appairauco lu thc price list shows that his friends have not deserted him in the double event wagering nt long prices. The worthy, and it is to bo hoped not gouty Commodore, wi¡1 bo ready at Randwick, so say Iiis . friends, to polish off the winner of tho Hawkesbury Blue Riband, for which prize Jav'lin's brother does not put in an appearance. The chances are, wo have never soen suoh races as those Derbys will produce.

Tho weights for the Hawkesbury handicaps have not caused any great amount of grumbling, compared with what other like effusions from other soiuxes have brought forth ; and Mr. West is to ho congratulated on having mado a good hit, in rather troublous times, when satisfaction is rarely acknow ledged, and wholesome growling is quito tho rulo. Of course there will bo faults found with these weights, as havo been with all others everywhere siuco over handicaps wore estab lished ; but with this last instalment, tho publio appear better satisfied than wo have noticed to bo the case for some timo past, on similar occasions. Meantime a few nags have been scratched ; stich as Sir William, Bridesmaid, King ol the Ring, and Argus Scandal ; not ono of whom has retired by reason of the weights; so Unit in all likelihood tbcro will not be a very groat nnmber of refusals altogether. The fewer thc bettor. * Having no coinuiiuiicatioii from tho Secretary, wc lack thc latest scratchings. It is not our fault.

From country quarters it is very satisfactory to hear good reports, and so (Ur wo arc not aware of any nags going amiss, which is a state of things much to be desired hy owners, trainers, bookmakers, and all people who mix themselves u| in any way with racing. As ii rule, the training grounds an said to bo in good order ; and since our lust there lins been II drop of rain, which d.d a power of good, and has proved i regular boon to trainers.

Our advertising columns show very many meetings foi horso owners to take stock of, and so wu recommend a carola perusal of what is there to be found. Besides tho great event! of tile A. J. O. and tho Hawkesbury Race Club, we have par tlcularsof thc principal prizes to be run for at Wagga Wagga Tain worth, and Ballarat; Muidon Plates at Dubbo, Mudgee Burrangong,and Bathurst; besides a Produce Stakes to bi runat Queensland in 1S7Ü, to which tho Q. T. C. add 100 sows All these Maiden Plates, and no doubt others which wit shortly be advertised, should bc entered lor before tin Hawkesbury nico, ¡ag, at which not a few colts aro sure to lose their qualification; and we will repeat whal we have often prominently put forth before, viz., that thero ii more good money to be made out of ono fair nag, by travelllnf_ for a regular provincial Maiden Plato coinptugn, with othui pickings, than out ol'three (though they maybe much bettei class; with which a mau attempts to Hy ut thu highest game Considering that tau ruoiug season lias not yet commenced, we think the show of good things put forth already is highly


Wo told last week of the Marquis Company, and the greai strides it was making ; und now wu have to say by way of i reminder, that the altair is filling up fast ; and that should thi whole of the shares not ba taken up by the 1st of August, tin subscribed money will bu returned in lull.

Yattendon is announced to serve twenty mares this season at tiiteen guineas each, at Fernhill, near Penrith ; mid us be hu u line list of young horses (all winners) tohis credit already lie ought to liave a chanco given him of largely incrcasiiq their number by having moro good mares put to him Jar'lin, Reprieve, Hercules, Commodore, Patriarch, Vixen Bridesmaid, and Silver Fox, tell a very wholesome tale, no to speak of Dagworth, A 1, Yatterhia, and others ; and tin mighty Yattendon ought, to make a great season.

Tan-agon has not of late been as fortunato with his youn¡ stock, us ho used to bc ; but it's just on tho cards for him ti nut two big races to hi» credit thia coining spring, and if Ii does, tho old horse will bo as greata subject of com pl i mentar; converse, on account of bis progeny, as hu was on his owi account seven years ago, utter settling tho pretensions o Volunteer for the Champion race. He's got two or thrc good strings to his racing bow tills time.

So far us we have the ages and description of the horses, w have given to-day the weights for tho Hawkesbury races, bot weight for ugo and handicaps, and have allixcd the pcualt.ii on thc nags iii thu Maiden Plate. It is matter of regret tin Argus Scandal should bo out of this latter oveut; but bavin won tho All-aged Stakes at Melbourne, before he was entere for tho Hawkesbury Maldon I'late, ho was actually disqual lied for entering. Owners of young horses, when nomluutiu for Maiden Plates, shoulil-reineiuber that such races us Al aged Stakes, Maiden Plates, and races for two and thn year olds, do not come under tho category ( Two-year-old stakes, but although won at two yeal old, they disqualify thc winner for entry as a maidei D'or this same reason the Emery colt must also bo ont of tl Hawkesbury Maiden Plate, if ho won a race other than th Two ycur-old stakes nt Newcastle Christmas Races ; as tl Maiden Plate of tho Hawkesbury was not advertised till tl 27th of January ; and Nydia 'carries a penalty of 61b ii winning thu two and three years old race at Mudgee.

Our readers will observo that the committee of the A. J.( huvu advertised for a starter to wield tho Hag at the ne\ Raudwiok meeting ; and fro ir» this wo imagino that M: Henfrey has resigned his position. The duties of starter ai onerous in tile extreme ; and whoever tho official may be, li requires well backing up by tho stewards, otherwise his sm cess is very problematical. We recommend our readers t look over the advertisement, and see for themselves what iv quires to be don'e, and when tho applications aro to roach tl

sec retary.

Mr. Wilson's colts all went together on the course on Mn day morning; they were very fresh after their trip, an pleased tho people well. Next went Sunshine and her sistei Dagmar, the two-year-old appearing very quiet, ovidontl utter careful handling by Wilson, who is, as our readers mn bo aware, celobrated justly for his bringing out of two-yea olds. Sunshine, although pcacooky, scorns to have quicli down considerably ; and wc believe that thu trainer of the celebrities must havo serious thoughts of bringing once mo tho Nightlights out prominently to the foro. The sportli public have had plentiful opportunity of seeing those cruel since their urrival ; Mr. Wilson having been very kind

stripping them for all visitors to look at, and tho inspcctii hus glvoii every ono something good to talk about.

We have to announce the arrival of Mr. Joseph Thompso who has been busy so far in laying about tho Metro and Cup, bis Leviathan Book, ut 5000 to J.r>

5000 to 5, according to tho goods. Tho first, wager we notici when the Leviathan appeared on the Randwick course, w KKK) to 70 in ono pop about Towthpickcr for tho Mctrop., fi lowed by 1000 lo 50 Vixen; IOOO to -10 Clansman, beskl sundry doubles that were pencilled, and the speculators of o colony showed their gladness to see their old friend by rus mg at mine to make lum write their names. He also book SOO to SO Hamlet, Melbourne Cup; 500 to 2ö the Ace. 1000 30 Tooth picker. Wc may also state that Mr. John Timm psi brother of the Leviathan has opened an ollico next door TattersaU's, where be is willing to lay odds from five sb lings tua thousand pounds on nil events of the day.

Of Victorian nags and their doings we read as follows the Turf Gossip of "Augur" in the Australtmnn:

"Journeying nut Flemington way ono day this week, hud an excellent opportunity of seeing how como of o future cracks wevo going on. lt would be difficult to li three yearlings in one stable to equal tho trio that Mr. 1 Fllgate nus, either for good looks or excellence of breed i ti and utter weeing them put through their facing* three four times, I'm quite satisfied that their mode of propr sion is us near perici-tinn as it is possible tn tie. Dante decidedly I he gentleman ol the !»t, li.i\ ing plenty nf size a qualitv, ar:d gue.- io a determined si vic, \.liieli cannot fail take tile fancy of it li»cr ol thc t!i..ri.iiglil,ivd liver. Wi I three ol'his stable. com;miiii.!i4, he went several uice lit

canters while I was present, taking hold of his bit, and golngi as straight as on arrow, getting his hind legs well nuder hlmy and bounding over tho ground in a manner that reminded me4 a great deul of his celebrated half-sister, Fenelia. Despite the desperate attempts of his pilot to keep him with his companions, every now and then he'd overpower the'boy, and rush to the front, as if ho delighted in showing time others* what he could do with them if ho pleased. Chrysohte's son, Lapidist, is growing into a very powerful colt, but does-not possess the quality of his relative. Ho is still the got-id tempcred youngster that I saw a twelvemonth ago irt thc Maribyrnong paddocks, mid has lost none1 of that beautiful even action which attracted; so much attention when Mr. Potty used to set tho youngsters going. Many a pipe-opener lune I hud to the'fur end of th» field to turn them, ".inst to have another look at the style of that little bay fellow with the whito foot." Somehow orothcr although ndmitting tho probability oftwo or three of his com panions outstripping him over short courses, I always enter tained tho belief that " the Chrysolite cob," as some folks pleased to call him, would turn out tho master of tho lot over ?j. distance of ground . and notwithstanding the present superiority of Dante, I'm quito convinced that tho easy-going colt with tho Stockwell blood will get to tho head of tho Florentino poet whenever they meot in a ding-dong struggle over a Cup course. Old Gaslight has never yet thrown a uad ono, and her strapping daughter. Gasometer, will compavo favourably with anything olio has yet produced, which is saying « great deal. As sho is not engaged in the Maribyrn ong Pluto, Mr. Filgate hasn't her quito so forward us the two colts, but she undergoes tho first lessons in galloping with the others, and with that grund propelling power so peculiar to iler dam's progeny, it innot surprising thut she should mover well. Thc Cup inure, Dolphin, was also cantering, and look ing, as she should do before going into strong work, big and healthy; she 4ms grown into a fair-sized muro, und with her 6st Sib Mr. Fílente, I think, funoies her Cup chance. I wa» plensed to seo Retort doing walking exercise with tho fast Impro.diig Contessu, hut thut she can ever return to her old

form is more than doubtful.

.' South ol thc Yarra, St. Kilda Park ls the principal resort ot thc nags preparing for the ensuing season, and hoping to catch a glimpse of the Cup favourite, Hamlet, I made my way to the other side of the lagoon on Mondnj' morning, but was not treated to a sight of the crack, ns he was not out with Mr. "bowling's string, which consisted of Lady Clifden, Hercules,. Ul no Peter, tho Kingston colt, and thc Peter Wilkins filly Tho Yelverton mare looks nj) the better for the clipping sher has received, and having grown something since she last appeared in public, is now one ofthe best-looking animals in. Mr. Dowling's strong team. Mr. Rowes's two j-oungster» that are engaged in the Maribyrnong Pinto were thc first to go. the filly by Peter Wilkins out- of Adventure going much mora kind than thc strapping fine l'unis colt, who tried all he knew to got rid of his boy. When fairly set going, however, he displayed a good turn of speed but I liked the filly's Btylo of moving much better than thc colt's, and under a light weight this very actlce youngster will provo troublesome. Mr. Dow ling drove up soon afterwards, and ordered Lady Clifden, Hercules, and Bluo Peter to lie stripped fora cauter. All three were exceedingly fresh, and apparently eager for work, but neither of the colls could hold a caudle to the mare; for, though there was no grout puce, it was plainly evident that she could have sailed away as far ns she liked. Blue Peter was pulled up after going once round, and Hercules and Lady Clifden then had another turn, the colt during the latter por tion of the journey not moving with half Mic freedom of tho mare, whose chance for the Metropolitan must bea very rosy ono with only Tst 121b to curry. The youngsters also had a spin, the Kingston colt being quite thc plum of the pair.

*' By tho time tho V.R C. Spring Meeting comes round, Mr Bugot will havo ellectod u wonderful metumorphos'iB in tin* Flemington course, although the new stand will not bo com pleted for another year. The alteration to the turn bj' the river side promises to be a capital joh, and the straight will bo considerably improved by the addition of so much good Foil. Thc greater portion of the eastern willi hus been completed, and a now fence lins been erected in front of the lawn and pro menade; but what will bo received with most welcome from the trainers is the alteration in the tan gallop, Mr. Bagot hav ing had it widened four feet ; and as hu has nd opted the s.unu principle in tho turns IIB ho has followed ont al the top of the course, a greater rate of speed can be attained. That portion of the two-year-old courso situate in tho training ground hus been cleared ofthe Cape weed that infested it, and if thia obnoxious plant, can only bo kept under, tho straight run will surpass anything of the kind ia Australia.

Morrison, I'm glad to say, is vapidly recovering from the accident which befell him some little while ago, and although pulled down by the confinement und want of sleep, his health is us good as could be expected under the circumstances.

" The sub-committee of tho V.R.C, appointed to revise the rules of the club have been busily engaged during the past week, but as the code of rules will not become law until passed by the. members of the club at n meeting to bo held on tho first Monday in August, it lins boen found"necessary to post pone tho publication of the Tmfliegistcr until after that day, in order that thc revised rules maj' be published in this tisehd

little work."

"Playboj'" ofthe Weekly Times writes :

" In thc sporting world, as in every other, there aro dnll Bensons, but few weeks have been so dull ns thc ono that ends to-duj'. In fact sporting mutters «rc at present in a state of coma, and from present appearances ure likely to bo so foi some time longer. Bookmakers ns nsuiil assemble dailj' al tho Lounge, and still make use of the Prince of Wales as their nightly haunt, but- clients rarely hut in an appearance, Tho handicaps for the Metropolitan lind Melbourne Cup huvi been talked to death, nnd were It not for thc reversible billiard table which host Goj'der has imported into the Lounge, thc time would pass butVe.irilj'. Still, with billiards and min ing talk, thc morning sederunt occupies the usual two hours; and perhaps a stray commissioner steps hi and takes thcoddf to a thousand or two for thc stable. Tho latest excitement hus been tho discovery that Cremorne, the winner of thc English Derby, is not in the Doncaster St. Leger, ami ofTev! huvc been made by those members of tho ring who still tuki au interest in home afi'uirs to give any two a fiai n s the field - nnd » very fair offer, too, ns times go Pocket guides to tho Cup and pric°-]ists arc handed nbou freely enough, hut tho business done ns j-ct will hardlj pay for tho printing. Talking of guides to tho Cup, i very useful one has b»on publisod by Mr. Wolier, andullhougl it would have been as well to have given the losing perfora* anna* of the candidates as well us their winning ones, a six pence might bc worse spent thiin in investing in it. Wo ari told that, what with direct calilo communication and n betting room, a new fiporting ern has commenced. If lt has all that can be said of it is that it is un extremely dull ono Some ofthe members of tho ring aro talking of seeking fresl fields and pastures new over tho borrler, and tho oldest book maker in victoria has been severely criticised for a recen literary production. Looking forward till tho 13th of Angus to see what tho day and the hour maj' bring forth is but i dreary anticipation, and a few breakdowns or sensation!! trial gallops would bo a chango for tho better. Visiting tin racecourse will hardly rcpaj'the trouble from a horsey poin of viow, although doubtless a deni might bo' lear» in the art of improvement from a look over tho operation going on under tho supervision of thc V.R.C. secretary Trainers at present do not worry they nags hy asking them ti do too much, and as thc training ground is closed till (iirthc notice, a quiet canter ulong tho muds, or a gentío breather n Essendon is their modest allowance. Manj' good jockeys an« boys huvu joined thc ranks of tho glorious' uiioinploj-cd, mn now is the timo fur those wanting good hinds to secu'ro them In fact, nt the present timo nearly evoryono connected wi tl racing is enjoying otium in hibernia, unless it bc a fow poo scribal like mj'self, whose lot it. is to piok up waifs and stray of sporting news. However, tho recess this year will bei »hort one. Even before the acceptances- for tho Melbourne Cu arc out, our New South Wales cousins will commence th i-.ichig season ut- Hawkesbury, and six weeks hence wc wi Vi b in all the delights of Hundwiok, so quick ly does time fly-.

"The committee of the nowlj'-rorined Tuttersall's met lu) Tuesday, and adopted certain rules for the guiduueo of til club, based on those in foroe nt TattersulPs in England Theso will bc found better than any adopted bj- simila institutions here before, and will no doubt have been approve by tho general meeting ol' members, which was to have boc held on Thursdaj-. Thc committee, which Is exclusive) composed of gentlemen unconnected in any way with th betting ring, have evidently got their heart iii the'work, am have wisely determined to allow of no interference with tho! , legislative functions ; mid lt appears, lifter ult, that in th i

they aro only following the example of their "English protr types. For a long time past the public ttuve been loud i: their complaints that tho ring could clo just as they pleased mid that when thej'dld wrong there was no power to brin, them to book. If after this the samo oomplaint should nrisc tho public will alono lie to himno. The ring have done the! part in establishing a tribunal- which should command th respect nf every one connected with racing and betting, an lt now only remain" for tito public to do theirs hy joining th club, nr. If disinclined to do thut, bj- refusing to accept tb. odds from any but members of Tattersall's."