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Baron Rothschild .. 24,4*0 Mr. Lombard .. 0028J Mr. 0 Johnstone 8732 Mr. S*vlle .. .. 7s!>7 Mr. J. Morry.7533 Lord Anglesey .. (SOO Mr. W. Graham ,. 0746 Mr. Bowes .fi7tl0 Mr George Payne .. 40S0 Mr. W. Trawfurd .. 4855 Mr. T V. Morgan .. 447'i Mr. Gratton .. 43"8 Mr. Forbes Bentley ,. 418:) Loid falmouth .. 4180 Mr Joseph Rawson .. 30S0 Slr J Hawley .. 3810 Sir G Chetwynd .. S574 General Peel.8214 Lord Aylesord .. 28; 0 Mr. G Crook .. 2 2S) Mr T. Stevens .. 240S iv r. Brnton .2141 Mr. J. J okson .. 2315 Mr. F. Pryor .. .. 2&9I Mr. E. lirayluy ... 3071 Mr. Chaplin ... - 1 91 M. Dehunarre .. 1821 Mr. T. E Walker ... 179; Sir B\ Johnstone ... 174 Mr. John Parry ... 173'


Lord Howth.. 1697

Mr Crawl«y 1<;77J Duke of Hamilton .. 3675 Mr. S. Jacob*. WHk Mr. R H Long 1048* Mr. W. fi. Se 'it .. 1040 J'rince Soltykoff 1622

Mr. Wouncoy .. l tai Mr. R. Porter .. 1533 Müjo . Fiid.lin ,. uso

Mr. T. E. Case .. 1475" Mr. 1 Wo lcott .. 34"0

Mr. .1 Nichtingall .. 1397'

J Osborne .. 3S99£ Lord Eglinton .. 18HS Mr. A. Au. ont .. is ot Mr. J. Foy . 329-2 Mr. W Lancelot .. 3255 Lord Zatland .. 1220 Duke of Beaufort .. 1*25 Mr. J. Rosa Bruco .. 1225 Mr. Huff 1170 Mr. James Cassidy .. HUI Mr. A d'i Montgomery 1146 Mr. W Vaughan .. Jl¿0 Lord Wilton. 3085

Mr. W. Nicholls .. 1058$ " Prince Bat t hauy .. 3052

Tho late Mr. J. Scott lttOl

BARON ROTHSCHILD'S TURF WINNINGS -We aro at length onabled to give a pormanent reco<d of the unprec deuted sui cess achieved by Harón Rothschild during the recent season. Ile stands nt the hoad of iho winning-owners of racehorses, having secured £24,04'', or more than rou'ile the amount ascribed to the most successful of hts competí . tors. Hannah, whoso earnings exceed h'lf ihatsum, has won twice as much as Cremorne, who is second in the list of win ning horses ; and King Toni, also tho property of Baron Rothschild, is accord«d first place among theatres of the year, his stock having carried off prizes to the value of £17,071. Larger amoun:s havo beon won by individual owaeri. and their hoi ses, pace Count do Lagrange and Mr. Sutton witli G'adiatenr and Lord Lyon, in 1865 and 1866, but lt has never before fallen to the lot of one man to be first in all three departments. Baron Rothschild owes hts success to Hannah (612.730). favonius (£5990), Corisande (£3410), ann Cliopcto (£1505), the other animals in his establishment who have win ning brackets to their names having c ntiibuied mly insig nificant amounts to th* gennral total Hannah H"d Co>i sande are bv King Tom, Chopette isa daught-r of North Lin coln, and F.tvonius is, like Cremorne, a son of I' The latter siro occupies the samo position iu regard t o King Tom that his two descendants-Cr-inorne and Fifonius hold in relation to Bannah-th . most illustrious of the Ment more stallion's progeny Thus whi'O Parmesan IR c edited with £15,090 as against King Tom s total of £17,071, Cre m rae and Favnnlua have otrned £lü,l 9 betweoo ihem (£6170 and £5900 respectively) MS compared to the £12,730 standing to Hannah's cedit. JJecwtien the names of daron Rothschild and Mr. Savilo, who is third on the listof winning owners, is however interposed that of tho g>ntlemau who races under the pseudonym of 'Mr. Lombatd.' His indla orimlni te purchase of all the higli-c ass animals th*t come into the m-irket have been so far rewarded that he is recorded the winner of 72 races and £10,1 9 : but it ls very question able whether his success is proportionally comparable with that of Baron Rothschild, wno, with a far smaller stud, and by the exercise of pa leece and judgment in brooding, has achieved in one season all that a true lover of racing can de