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English Racing. I


Of 500 sors, euuli, h, tc, wich IOÜJ added, lar three year old». Colts Sst. 101b , lillies Sst. Sib.; winners extra, The second received 200 sovs,, and the third ,100 sovs. nut nf the stakes. New course uibout one mile live furlongs). 8d subs. , Mr. li. Savile's b o Kaiser, by Skirmisher-Regina, Oit

1 llb (Maidment).. ... .. ... ... 1

W. B. Crawl urd's oh o Gang Forward, 9jt llb (Chalnoor) ll Lefevre's ch o OombatSstSlb (carried 8st4lb (Fordham) 8 Lord LouMdale's Capuchin, 8<<c 3tb

Mr. P. Gretton's br o Sulieman, 8st 101b

li". Fisher's Marquis Townshend, Sit 31b Lofevre's Miss Buckland, 7st iain

Lord Lonsdale'a ch o The Preacher. 8M; 101b Mr. J. Merry's Highland Laddie, Sit 31b

. Betting.-5 to 4 on Gang Forward, 3 to 1 ngst Kasier, 5 to 1 agst HighlandLiddie, 100 to 8agst Sulieman, and 100to 6 agst


As soon as the flag fell distance took The Preacher to tho front, and followed by Sulieman, Oapuohin, Gang Forward, and Highland Liddie in a cluster, whipped in by Kaiser, made the ruutiiug as herd as ever he could go, and going round the turu into the course at tho Old Milo-Post, he was leading 10 or 15 lengths, which were diminished gradually, and on entering the straight his "pnoneuts were on his heels. When fairly round the turu Gang Forward took the lead, hut was joined in the next few strides ny Kasier, and the race was reduced to a match between the pair. At the centre ot the stand-»ang Forward had the beat of it, bur. swerving right acroHs the course KtiBicr managed to get up again, and won hy a short head. Thus the rubber game leaves them equal. In the Two Thousand, Gang forward just did Kaiser: in the Deriiv they ran a dea t heat and now, tho third time of asking, Kaiser gain» the day. It wus generally reported that Mr, Bavile would have sent his horse to Paris to run for tho Grand Prize on Sunday, as hu was not afraid to try conclusions again at Doncaster, but lie Wept his horse ut home solely because he feared that the French, who ure such a susceptible peoplo, might be hurt if they were again defeated by a Kaiser. All Honour is due then to Mr. Suvile, who doubtless gave up a rich prize rather ttian injure tho feelings of our gallant neigh


.. Nine ran for tho Asout Brakes, and again Mr. Bavlle ond Maidment were viotonom, this time with Uhlan, who cut down his field, and won with ridiculous ease by a dozen lengths at least; Houghton wits second on sufl'.iranoe, us Vunder deckeu could have scoured that unwisheil-for place. We were treated to a view of Prince Charlie, who looks a grander horse than ever, and who left Blenheim and three others as if they were standing stil 1 lu the Queen's Btand Plate. Hannah was made a very great favour te for the Gold Vase, but she could not get out of the way of Thorn, who pulled over the otherB all the way, and when let go won veryoleverly by a neck from the tavoue.ce ; Struan was third, and Cecilia, Hutch Skater, Bugler, and Lilian also ran. Lemnos repeated his Winchester . victory in the Sixteenth Biennial Btnkes, wherein he beat Spectator, Couronne de Fer, and peven more, and Cremornfl walked over tor the Nineteenth Triennial Stakes. Kaiseroommenced th« operations on Wed nesday by beating His Grace, Klug George, and John In a canter in one ot the numerous Biennials ; lu to 1 wa* the price paid, and it was never in doubt; and a rare day for bac kers was inaugurated. Miss Toto won the Fernhill Stakes, Spectator again being unlucky enough to be xecoud Colonel was third, mid four others started. Mario .stuart won the Coronation Stakes in a cantor ; Wild M j rt ly, who WAS second

to her in the Oaks, again obtaining that pluce, the only other runner being Silver liing, who appears tn ti.iv« inst every blt of form. She was nearly top ot the tree last year, and now she appears unable tn neut a donkey.

Next on the cant was the nice ot' the day, and up to time shurpthe fallowing large field weighed out lor


A piece of plato value 300 sova., added to a handicnpiwmp stakes of 10 sovs. each. For all ages. Winners extra. New

mlle. 73 subs.

Mr. &. Clive's b h Winslow, by Lord Clifden-Creslow, 4

yr«, 8st 91b (Fordham) ... .. .. ... 1 M Lefevre's b t Keine,4 yrs, 7at 101b /Newholme) .. 2 Mr. Somerville's g f Oxford Mixture, » yrs, Cst 101b

(Morney) ... ... ... ..3 The following also ran :-Laburnum, Helmet, Soucar, Moorlands, Lilian, Moran, The Druid, Como, Alava, The Pearl, colt by Lord Clifden, Silvester, Chivalrous, Catalpa, Wolfhall, Barinston, Lord Gough, CeriuthuB, Bras de Fer, My Lord, O ar holme, Boatman, and The U hoot an.

Betting.-9 to 2 agst Lord Gough, 7 to 1 agst Helmet, 8 to 1 ugst Soucar, 10 to 1 agst Woolf hull, 16 to 1 each agst Moor lands, Reine, The Pearl, and Oxford Mixture, 90 to leach ugst Winslow, Lilian, and Laburnum, 20 to 1 each ngst Alavu and Barmston, 32 to 1 eaoh ugst Carholme and Boatman, and 40 to 1 each agst Cerlnthus and Bras de Fer

All got off well but the Bhootan who plashed old Hnrry nt the post, and was lett behiud ; they rmi in a line for 200 yds, when the Theobalda colt, Alava, Lord Gough, Moorlands, Heine, and Winslow, with Oxford Mixture in tho centre, carried their colours n ost conspicuously in the van. At the road Oxford Mixture tonk up the running, nnd held thc command for a quarter of a milo, when Iteii.c ran up to her, nnd after racing together for a few strides the French filly drew away and seemed to he going to walk In, when in the twinkle ot an eye, down came Fordham on Winslow, and timing his one final rush to tho very half second, just got up on the pose, and won by a short nectc. The tall was a very long one, the favourite und the ono that was loft being the last two. The value of the stake is reckoned to L1.02U. Sugarcane cantered away from Beaconfield and four more in,the next race, a Triennial Stakes; Gang Forward beat Highland Laddie and Andred for th« Ascot Derby ; and The

Preacher landed the Visitors' Plate.

If it he possible, a greater crowd than ever attended on the Cup day ; the trains from Paddington und Waterloo vim aa fastas they were filled, mid by 12 o'clock, un hour und n hull' before the "first moe, the stands were noditlvely crammed.

Tho number of couohes was nearly treble what had ever been nt tho Royal, or uny other meeting before, and attracted a largo crowd to the entrance gut« to criticise tho couchnian sliip, which was superlatively good in many, hut. 1 regret to pay that several of tho younger waggoners appeared in want of another hand occasionally. However, there- were no accidents tn record, although the gate-posts mid the wheel« of some of the coaches became nearer acquaintances than was requisite, and one young guardsman who triedro bring his team In rather too fast wus pitched off his box, tint waa for tunately not hurt, u d he remounted Iiis perch and dr"ve on again.

Kaclng began with the Bt, .Turnes' Palnco Stakes, which Gang Forward hud no trouble in adding to his other victories. Sugarcane scored win munt or three ut the meeting In a Biennial for two and three years old. Drummond wo-i tho Windsor Handicap after a good ruco with Winslow and Alava, seven othcij running.

KANGAROO HUNTING IN THE NORTH. A pood old friouil, and woll-knowti sporUma" sends us an account of a kanguroo hunt that took placo on Saturday last, near llarrubur ; hu writes thus :- ".Iu«t to let you know that we havo nomo hunting up here, at well us the groat folks of bydney, 1 tuko the oppoitunlty of sending som* particu lars of the sport wo hud, when Mr spencer of Iron dat ka Station got up a party of fourteen h ncnum ; and, In ¿ve hours, with onlyjovnri dogs, wu killed thirty-six kangaroos. Thu hunting ground wns Mr. Adam's form, whom th« gama is very plentiful ; and tho dogs hoing vory rood killora, wo had groat «port. Home of tin dogs scored as many us twolvo kills. Wo had a grand day of It, and got homo all safe-thero being hut a nluglu spill which 1 scored n yaelf, and didn't do much misch!«f. If your rtydntsy nporlsujoii Ilk« to como up lu this din clou, WO can p>omi«o them such a slaughtering of kangaroos iv" tin v hiv* iivldnm »non ; and nomo of your cracn riders will (lui that they inuit ci ry tliolr hoarta lu thu rieht place or they won't h in at tho deaths of many. Let thom bring a good handy hone, and go «tinight, thon its all right. Wu hunt at nln in a fortnight, whoa vour S'.df and any of your fi Punis will he rieht i J.'vu no doubt you will Uko lt better than tilling ibrou, li ii lot of hulf pullod down tunáis, to tluiuntlclngsinell ut a md herring. Af tor ul!, gamo Isa deal better than a drag, and I didn't wonder at tho KnglUh hounds not taking kindly to Inn herring huslncFR nftur being acciutomrd to ibo fox. i will let you know how wu vet on next timo." -Many thanks ; «nd wo hopo our old friend will carry tint his tim at of writing again : anil tim more particular* ho gives us tim bettor. Not only tho dogs in thoso parts mu t bo good but (he horses also, whim ono is.found to carry our friend kangarooing, for ho doesn't ride much under olrjhtuiin

sto. o.

The Maitland Mercury karim that a rowing

match hus been orriiiigud lo bu pulled at un nirly tti.ut over tho Hu,\ mond Terrace LOIII>I>. lui- .UüOu fide, hetueen Martin Jordan td' llayni'uul Teli,.cn, mid .Inhii ). nr/yis fd Nuwnu«l|n, JJurgekH ls to' pull m tl-.' I', si'.io--, ii Milli ,MI ii, ". ¡ ,),,|, mi

will have tlie ll iluteu,