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Dubbo General Entry.


Mr. J. and E. Readford's h g Duchess, 2 yrs

1', flynn's b m Colleen Bawn, 5 yr»

J. Reay's o m Mountain Maid. 3yrs E. Aldridge's b or br f Locket, 3 yrs

M. M'baugbton's b m fell Talc, 3 yrs H. ZOUCII'B b g Liberty, 4 yrs

A. Town's c f Attraction, 2 yrs H. ..ouse's Success



Mr. T. Purvis's b g Stupid, 4 yrs, to be sold for .C 10

T- Ivory's b in Heiress, -1 yrs

D. Mayne's c g|Mask, aged, to bc sold for 30 sov.

TOWN cur.-U mile.

st. lb.

Mr. W. F Brown's b g Cyclops, nged .. ... ... 8 2

G. Matthews' b g index, tí yrs ... .. ..7 2 J. D. Little's b in Myrtle, 4 yrs ... ... 7 2 J. L. Brown's b li Silver Fox, 3 yrs .. ...7 0 T. Ivory's oh Julian Avenal, 4 yrs .. ... (5 7 A. Town's br o Westminster, :i yrs ... ... 15 5

br m I'arudiHO, uged ... ... ... 6 6 R. Rouse's lilk g Italian, tí yrs ... .. ... 6 i J. and E. Readford bg Canobie, aged ... ... 6 i T. Purvis' o a Rob Roy, »ged ... ,.(5 0 T. Ivory's o h Beniiilong, 4 yrs .. ... ... 0 0 A. Town's o m Rosebud, aged, scratched ... 8 12 J. Townsend's l> h Surbiton, aged, scratched ..7 0 J. Townsend's b g Policeman, uped, scratched ... 0 i


Mr. A. Town's bro Westminster,3yrs

J. and E. Readford's b g Birmingham, 6 yrs T. Ivory's » in Heiress, 4 yrs Aldridge's Locket, 3 yrs

J. E. Yoe's Bismark, 4 yrs


Mr. J. Xi. Brown's a c Silver Pox, 3 yrs

J. Rcay's cm Mountain Maid, 3 yrs A. Town's o f Atti action, 2 yrs

bro Westminster, :t yrs

J. and E. Roadfords b m Duchess, 3 yrs R. Rouse's Success


Al Iridgo'sLocket, 3 yrs

M'Laughtun's T. ll Tale, 2 yr»

LADIUS' l'uuai:.

Mr. A. Town's or o Westminster, 3 yr«

J. and E. Headford's bg Birmingham, Q yrs J. D. Little's b m Myrtle, 4 yrs

R. Rouse's Italia

T. Ivory's b ni Hoi ress, 4 yrs J. E. Yoo'sBismurk 4 yrs Reaku's b h Priam, tí yrs


Mr. T. Purvis' b g st upid, 4 yrs.


Mr. G. Mathews" b g Index, tí yrs .. ..8 10

J. D. Little's Myrtle, 4 yrs .. ... 8 10 A. Towns'br m Paradise, aged ... ... ... 8 2

br c Westminster, 3 yrs .. ..7 8 T. Purvis'c g Hob Roy, aged ... . ..7 6 G. Rouse's b f Success, 3yrs ... .. ... 6 12 R.Rouse's b g D nu ,yi yrs .. ... ..6 12 John Townsend's ii g Policeman, aged .. ..6 6


Mr. ZOUOU'H b g Liberty, 4 yrs

A. Town's bro Westminster, 3 yrs J. Townsend's b g Policeman, aged W. Reuko'a bb Priam, (J yrs

Dunno itAci.vct ci.uu HANDICAP.-2 miles.

Mr. W. F. Brown's b g Cyclops, aged ... .,8 0

G. Muthowu'b g Index, ti yrs .. ..7 0 J. Townsend's b li Surbiton, »ged... .. ..7 8 J. D. Little's b in Myrtle, 4 yrs .. ... 7 0 W. L. Brown's b u Silver Fox, 3 yrs .. .. 6 10 T. Ivory's a li Julian Avenal, 4 yrs ... ... Ö 6 A. Town's br m Paradise, agodj .. ,,6 4 J. and E. Readford's Canobie uged ... ..63 R. Hotiso's blk g Italian, ti years .. ... 6 2 T. Ivory's ch Bonniloug, 4 yrs ,. ... 5 12 John Kcnrey's c m Mountain Maid, 3 yrs .. .. 5 10 G. Rouse's b f Success, 3 yrs ... .. 5 10 John Townsend's Policeman, aged, scratched ... 6 2 A. Town's cm linsubud, aged,scrntohod ... 8 10


Mr. D. Mayno's n g Musk, aged.

Our correspondent writes ;-Our meeting promises very well. Our Hale of properties were as follows :-No. i booth £22 10s ; No. 2 booth, A'ltí 5s : No. 3 booth, £12 ¡ 3 confectioner stalls, £9 12B : rnco course gutes £13r, 10s. The whole realising about Ulfa), .Cloe in excess of previous year.

The advertisement of tho Great Metropolitan Stakes and Metropolitan Mulden Plato to bo run nt thc ensuing Spring Mooting ol tho A. J. C. appears lu our advertising columns. Tho conditions ol' tho latter race romain unaltered, but we observe with pleusuvo that tho committee have added another £50 to tho stake in tin» Great Metropolitan, besides making tho conditions nf forfeit unusually easy. It will bo noticed flint tho llrst forfeit of is not ma e payable until li) days prior to thc wee. and thc limit declaration on tho day butore the ruco will bu run. Wo luve always advocated tho principio of making rac ug as cheap aa possible to owner» of horses, and ar« pleased to be nbiu to concedo tho step In tho right direction, which lias been tuleen by ibo committee. Weare informad that thc full progrummo will uppear in tho course of a lbw days.

We aro iuf«rmud thut tho proprietor of Buccaneer (Mr. W. H. Cousins) is nbout to give u purso of 20 sovs, to bc run for on tho Molong course, for tho produco ol Buccaneer, with entrance jpldod, willoh will amount to tho highest prize to bo rim for, for all two-year OUIB, ono mlle, in 1870. '

Gang Forward, tho winner of tito 2000 guineas nt New market, on 30th April, 1873, is aclicsnut colt, nearly tho same colour as Ulah' Athol, with a white face, his oil' hind leg being also whit«, Ile stands niiout fifteen bunds three inches, und is alight, corky colt, without nay lumber whatever. Gang Forward mu live times las'; year, and won four races, tho only timo ho was beaton heine in tho Municipal Btakes at lîon cftster, when hu was very backward, and slr Joseph Haw ley's colt by Fitz lfolniid out, nf Kallpygn (since called Fontaruhlaii) heat, him by a head. This was his first appear ance, after which ut Newmarket ho won tho Boscawen Stakes, beating Surinam hy a head, and bunted tho Triennial Blakes at the same meeting, del'eatlnir Paladin at oven weights by a neck. lu thc Glasgow Slakes bu defeated Andre) at oven weights by half a length, Surinam being a bari «hird. And ho wuutid up hin two-year-old enreer |,y walking over fur n sweepstakes worth 1,1'iü Cam; Forward in by Stockwell out of Lady Marv, who in by Orlando nut or Bpi Itvoto (dam of Brlbory, by thc IVibel.) |,.vly Mary bred Captain Kidd by Buccaneer, in mill wliowustlie best of lier producá previous to Gang l-'nrwurd. I. id y M irvwns bred ny the lato Lord Allotbiir.v, and ho sold her t. > Mr, OriiiHry, Iróiu « hum Mr. Crawfurd bought hoi .