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English Turf.


The Grand Sefton Handicap Steopleohaso of IS sovs each, 10 lt, with 208 added ; second saved stake ; from the Canal Point (about three milos). »2 subs, 14 of whom paid 3 sovs


Mr. W. Burton's b h King of the Roses, by Bnnnylield

RoBobud, tiyrs, list 81b (Mr. J. Goodwin) .. 1 Captain J. P. Montgomery's ch g Badminton, aged, list

131b (Ryan) ' .. .. .. 2 Major Browne s gr g Scots Grey, aged, läst 21b (Mr. G.

Mooro .. .. . . 3

The following horses also ran :-Rodlvivus, Hybla, Midsulp mun, Disturbance, Fitzwilliam, Morning Star, jack.

Betting : a to 1 enoh ugst Badmeuton and Disturbance 100 to 15 nest Soots Grey and King of the Roses, 1U0 to 12 acst Iledlvivus, ami 10 to 1 ngst Morning Star. Fitzwilliam out out tho work with a clear lead, followed by Hybla, Disturb ance, Badminton, Midshipman, King of tho Roses, and Redi vivos, with Boots Grey last. All got over the bush fence, and tho wator-jump was first taken by Fitzwilliam, who landed just lu advance of Klug of tho Hoses, Disturbance, Redlvivus, Midshipman, Jack, and Hybla, the lust threo being Badmin ton Morning Star, and Scots Grey. At tlio second fence Into tho country, Disturbance and Morning Star refused, and the succeeding obstacle Midshipman also declined to negotiate. As »hoy went on to Beoher's Brook, Fitzwilliam maintained his leail, followed by King of the Roses, Redlvivus hoing pul led bnok In oompany with Soots Grey, At Beohur's Brook Rodlvivus fell, and the noxt fonce Fitzwilliam rofusod, and Jack came to grief, the result being that King of the Hoses was left with a long lead of Scots Groy ami Badminton.

Neither of the lust-numod could succeed lu overhauling tho loader, who had lt all his own way at the (¡nish, and won easily by »eu lengths ¡ a length divided second and third. Hybla walked lu hulf-a-mlle behind.

Tho Liverpool Autumn Cup (Handicap) of BOO sovs In speoio udilcd to a sweepstakes of 25 sova.euoh, 10 ft i second received ñO sovs; third save stake ; winnora oxtra ; from tho Stable (about a mlle and half), 8i5 subs. 41) ot whom paid 3

sn vu to thu fund.

Lord Aylcsford's b o Vanderdeakon. by Succhurometcr

Btiilen Moments, 3yrs, 7st ulb(cur. 7st 8lh(lt. .Tell'ory) I Lord ?.'alnmutira b h Kingura!*, r. yrs, 7st. lulu (Maidment) 2 lord Wllton'a h o Drumston, .[ yrs, Out Sib (car. list 101b)

(Constablo) ... ... ... ... ... ..) The following herses also ran ¡-Mornington, Iudlnn Oceun Enliold.Lnrd Hawke. Westland, Mr. Fox, Restless, South Durham. Marmora, Black Gown, Rnbv Cnstlu, Kimbridge, Engineer, Shields, .Danois, Parmesan, Óutsidur, Jeulousy,

Hutting : 7 to 1 euell ugst IClugoruft und Mornington, 8 to I ngst Indian Ucean, WO to lUugst South Durham, lo to I ugst Raby Castle, 100 to tl «.uch ugst Viindur.iooken and üullold, lui) to ä ugst lord Hawke, IUD to 7 ugst Westland,

100 to tí [igst Black Gown, 20 to 1 agst Barmston, and 40 to : I agst Jealousy. Tho largo lipid was telegraphed in excelleu

time, and alter the customary* canters and parade, tho lo readied the post exactly at the time fixed. Thero were foin false starts, in which Jealousy, South Durham, Black Gown Outsider, Vanderdeoken, Mr. Fox, and lord Hawke wen generally conspicuous, und when the flag fell Danois anti Engineer were left at tho post, while Black Gown got away clear of her Held, tho most prominent of whom ut the start were Mornington, Enfield, and Indian Ocean, Restless headed the next division, comprising oi .Westland, South Durham. Mr. Fox, and Vanderdeoken while in the rear were Barmston, Kim-craft and Kimbrldge. Tho paco was very fast indeed. Black Gown tearing away as though it lind been a half milo spin. When fairly round tho j first turn, South Durham raced by his horses, and tosk clear

second pince, being succeeded along the far side by Enfield, Mornington, and Indian Ocean, this division being about j two lengths from Restless, who in turn was clear of Shields, while Jealousy dropped back with Kirnbridgo aud Barmston, ' and Kingcraftimproved his position. They ran thus until

rounding tho Canal turn wileri a collision took place, through Raby Castle coming with a rush and cannoning against Westland and E'diold, whereby the latter was neariy knocked down, and lost his place. Nearly a mile .of the ground liad been compassed when South Durham beat a retreat, and atthc same time Mornington, Indian Ocean, and ; Raby Castle closed with Black Gown and Vanderdeoken, ' Kingcraft and Barmston taking their places at. the head of

the ruck. Making the turn into the straight, Mornington, next the rails, took up the running, followed by Raby Castle, B.irmston, Indian Ocean, Mr, Fox, and Jealousy, with Van derdeoken and Kingcraft, well up with them. As soon ns they were fairly in tho line for home Mornington compounded faut, and Ruby Castle being also in difficulties. Kingcraft and Vauderdecketi showed at the head of the others. Kingcraft had the inside berth, with Vanderdeoken in the centre of tho course, and from the distance it became a match between tile pair. For a few strides opposite the centre of the stand enclosure, Kingcraft field a neck ud van tage, and loud shouts were raised of his success.-but Vanderdeoken gradually got the best of it, and although Kingcraft struggled on with great gameness, the three-year-old won by a head; five lengths divided second and third, and a neck the third and fourth, Mr. Fox being placed by the judge in the latter position. Jealousy was fifth, Indian Ocean sixth, Raby Castle seventh, Shields eighth, Restless ninth, and lord Hawke tenth. Then came n cluster, whipped in by Enfield and Morningon tho last, three being Outsider, ^outli Durham and the Attack colt, Kimbrldge fell rounding the Canal Turn, and, breaking his back, died on the spot. Little Jeffery who was riding him had his collar-bone badlv broken Time, as taken by Benson's chronograph, 2miu !)3}sec. Net

value of stakes, JE10S5,