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English Sporting


Ducal Goodwood and dlstlnfrne Brighton, are tho chief points of attraction in ming circles at tho time ot year ol which onr present accounts tell, and the former great meet ing has novor boen rribro brlmfnl of lnterost than in this year of 1871. TheWrf scribes in tho London sporting papers tel] «of surprises, the Uko of which have never before been soon : «f favourites beaten with no end of odds laid on them, and Wo understand that ai profound a sensation would bo created ' by tho victory of Shannon for tho Cnp, as waa seen in 1815 when Hiss Mis won tho stakes and Cup, and the ultra moderate Horsey beat the Derby winner-Morry Monarch tor the Gratwicke,' or. to como nearer home, as wa roilised at li and wick tho other day, when th* great Hamlet poi boiled over for the Derby, and an outsider on tho day palled off the Motrop. From all we read, it would appear that Favonius' doieat for the Cnp must havo been mainly owing .to want of paco, as he won in a oan ter at leighton afterwards, whon he had one to mako lots of running for him. And, by-tho-way, the time given for that Brighton Cup rn co is dlllicult to understand. Ia the conditions of tho »ace, tho distance is given as " tho old course" (about two miles), and the timo as 4min 25sec ; but in the "lengths of the courses" given in "Ruff," the old course is said to bo 1 mlle tl furlongs and 265 yards In length, so that either the 4min 2Csec must be a mis print for Smin 25sccs, or lt was the slowest run race ever known. Most likely lt was a typographical error, for the pavers would hardly speak In such high terms of praise about the staling powers of Favonius, if i ti took him all that timo to do not quite SOO yards ovor a mlle and three quarters. Tho three-year old. Botheration, by Cambusean, came out and won a couple af big handicaps, The Chiches ter 8takes and Chonttrllold Cup nt Goodwood with 25 to 1 against him for each, at tho post : nnd In a two-year-old stakos, when only two started, 100s to 15 were laid on the loser, who was beaten easily. Tho following are the prin cipal races dcolded at Goodwood and Brighton.


The Stewards* Cup (Handicap), value SOO sovs by subscrip tion of 10 sovs oach, with 100 added ; T. Y. 0. (0 fur.) 04


Mr. T. E. Caw's b c Anton, by Athorstono-Tho Twin, S

yrs, Cst 111b (car. 7st) (Grickmero).. .. 1 Lord Anglesey's ch c Corregidor, by Remus-Coryphee, S

yrs, 7st (H. Covey) ... .. ... B Mr. W. A. Baker's b c Kilon, by Trumpeter- Sharp Prac

tico, 4 yrs, 7st 101b (Vinell) .. .. S Prince Soltykoff'a bl h Tibthorpo, aged. Oat (J. Goater) Mr. W. Day's b g Oxonian, 5 yrs, 8st 8lb (Wyart)

G. G. Keswlok's bl c Digby Grand, 3 yrs, Sst 71b (Ford


Lyndon's'oh f Frivolity, 4yrs, 8st 21b (T. Chaloner) Johnstone'* br h Pretendor, fi yrs, Sst llb (Hudson) Forbes Bently'» br o Blenhoim, 3 yrs. 8st (Lynham) Glllman's b c Adrian, 3 yrs, 8st (Jeffery)

Moff att's br f Pato, 4 yrs, 7st 131b (S. Mordan)

Prince Batthynny's ch c MaoAlpIne, 3 yrs, 7st 121b (Morris) Mr. H. K. Ray's oh c Sylla, 4 yrs. 7st 121b (Maidment)

Lord Rondleaham's b h Royal Rako, 5yrs. 7st 101b (Jewltt) M. Dolamarro's b f Veranda, 8 yrs, 7«t 101b (Carvor)

Mr. T. Lombard's b o The Knight, 3 yrs, 7st 101b (wilson) Slr F. John a tono'H b c Tim Woave.r, 4 yrs, 7st 8lb (White) Mr. T. "V. Morgan's b g 8t. Vincent. 3 yrs, 7st71b (Hunt)

lt. B» Bignoll'sb f AHoo, 4 yrs, 7st Olb (Hibberd)

C. Raynor, jun.'s ch f Queen of the May, 3 yrs, 7st'5Ib

(Butler) >

W. A. Bakor's b c Barefoot. 8 yrs, 7st Bib (Fox)

Merry's ch c Compotltor, 4 yrs. 7st 41b (F. Webb)

Lord Ailesbury's br o by Primo Minister-Frailty, 3 yrs, Cst


M. Delatro's ch f Mathilde, 3 yrs, «st 12lb (Wheeler) Johnstone's bc Orator, 8 yrs fist Ulb (W. Gray)

G. G. Koswick's ch f Lady Atholstone, 3 yrs, (ist 101b Lord Rlvors bo Pitchfork, 3 yrs, Cst lOlb (Warrlngton) Lord Bradford's ch o Fo'tlval, 3 yrs, Cst 71b (Ashworth)

Lord Anglesey's ch f Queen Isabel. 8 yrs, Cst 41b (J. Jones) Mr. J. Barnard'* b c Temple. 4 yrs, 0st41b (Macksoy)

W. S. Crawfurd's b u Jubileo. 3 yrs, Cst 31b (G. Lewe) .? Liri Ho sebery's bcEllesmere, 3yrs, Cst 21b (Loates)

Mr. F. Pryer's b o Botheration, ä yrs, 5st 181b (W.


Morry's oh f by Thormanby-Oontr, Syr*, 5si 131b ( Archor) Manor's b f Maid, 8 yrs, list (Ino. 41b oz.) (Constable) 8lr J. Hawley's oh f 8tray. 3 yrs, 5st 101b (Newhouso)

Mr. Fauott's b f Amy 3 yrs, Sst 101b (car. Sst 111b) (R. Cook) Slr Charles P.ushout's b c Mo onr alee r, 3 yrs, Cst 71b (car. 5at

lllb) (Anthony)

Mr. Forbes Bentley's ch c Jackal, 3 yrs, 5st 71b (Skolton)

Betting : 0 to I nat Jackal, 8 to 1 agst Moonrakor. 10 to 1 adi anse fctray and Oxonian, 100 to 8 cash agst Jubilee and Frivolity. 100 to 0 agst Templo, 20 to I asst Corregidor, 25 to 1 each agst Tlbthorp, Veranda, Quoon of tho May, Frailty colt, Anton, and Pitchfork. 33 to l each agst Amy Maid and Pato, 40 to 1 each agst Bothoratlon, Gong Illly. M'Alplnn, and ' Digby Grand. .".0 to 1 agit Pretendor. The KnUht, Barefoot

and Mathilde, and 00 to 1 agst Competitor. The large field wore weighed for and took their preliminary cantors In excsllont timo, hut a long delay occurred at tho post, an hour olnpslng ore Mr. M'Qcorgo could despatch tho lot to an equltablo start. Oxonian, quickes', on hts legs, came rat'ling alon? with a four-lengths' lead, followed by Alice, M'Alpino Corregidor, and Antun, with Filou, Digby Grand, Tomule, Stray, and Veranda well up In tho middle ; Ellesmere, Bare foot, Gong filly, nnd St. Vincont prominent on tho left, the list-named holding a good politlón, whllo Tlblhrope was also conspicuous In tho centro. In this order they carno over tho brow of tho hill and down tho descont, Oxonian scudding along with a clear advantage, at a tremendous paco, until just outside tho dlstaneo, when ho compounded, and Anton, rushing to the front, had the whole Hold paralysed ; asitworo. in an instant, and, coming away "hand over hand," achieved the hollowest victory over witnessed in a race of this description, by fifteen longths. Jt would bo difficult to say which was sosond-bost,. but Corregidor was placed in that position, a couple of lengths in advanced of Kilon, whllo of tho rest,.pulling up, Oxonian was fourth Jubileo fifth, Barefoot sixth. Maid seventh, Hylia eighth, Moonrakor nnd Frailty colt next, tho last two being festival and Mnthildo. Pato brok« down. Timo, as taken by Cotuon's chronograph, lrain. 10} BOC.

The Goodwood Derby ff 25 sovs oach. 15 ft, with 100 added, for throo year olds ; colts 8ät 101b : fillies, Sst 7ib : winners extra : socond horse saved stake ; Gratwlcko Stakes Course (I mlle 4 furlongs) 10 subs.

Mr. Morry's b o King of tho Forest, by Scottish Chlof

Llouoss, 9st llb (ino. bib ox.) (Snowden) .. 1 Lord Anglesey's chg Duke of Rothsay, Sst 10 b (T.Cannon) 2

Falmouth's br o Choosowrlng, Sst 101b (T. French) 3 Bottlng : 10 to 1 on King of tho Forest. Duko of Rothsay lod, followed biri ho favourite and Cheesowrlng, until within a quater of a milo of home, when Mr. Worry's colt assumed the land, and won easily by five longths ; a bad third.

Tho Goodwood Stakes (handicap) of 25 s .vs oach, 15 ft, and 6 If declared, with 160 added ; winners oxtra; second ree jived luO sovs ; 2.J milos. 74 subs, 44 of whom declared.

Mr. Bowes's ch g Taraban, by Rataplan-Wiasma, aged,

Sst 51b (Inc. 71i ex)(b'ordham) .. ... 1 AV. Day's b o by Wamba-Lady Hungerford, 8 yrs, Cst

5ln (Constable) ? ... .. .. ..2 W. S. Crawfurd's b c Claudius, by Cataraotus-Lady

Pool, 4yrs, 8^t01b(T. Cautioner) .. ..3 Lord Borkoloy i'aget's br o Indian Ocean, 4 yrs, 8st 5lb (Can


Mr. Forbos Bentley's br f Nona, 8 yrs, 7st 41b (F. Lynham)J

Johnstono'a b c Lord Hawko, by Lord Clifden, 3 yrs,

7st3lb(W. Gray)

Lombard's br c Cardigan. 3 yrs. 7stllb (T. Jennine*) CapUtu Maoh-It's b f Roso of Athol, 3 yri, 7 8- (Joffroy) Mr E. Etcho.'s h m Cherlo, 6 yrs, 73t (Cr Jarvis)

Lord Falmouth's ch f Urtoltn. 3 yrs, Cst 12lb (li. Covey) M. Delatre's ch o Curacoa. 3 yrs, Ost 101b (Wheeler)

Sir J. Hawley's br f Penniless, 8 yrs, Ost 01b (Loatoi)

Mr. J. Day's oh f White Roso, by Trumpoter-Roso Chor!,

3 yrs, Ost 51b (T. Osborne)

Colonel Lowther'a che Farley, 3yrs,Cst 3lb (W. Challona}!

^ Bolting : 3 to 1 agst the Lady Hungerford colt, 6 to 1 aga Lord Hawko, 7 to 1 agst White Bose, 8 to 1 agst Cherie, 1 to 1 asst Taraban, 100 to D agst Indian Ocean, 100 to 6 ags Claudius, 25 to 1 agst Bose of Athol, 83 to I agst Cardigan .40 to 1 agst Penniless, and 50 to 1 each agst Curacoa am Nona. Tho lot wero despatched at tho first a'tempt to ai excellent start, Taraban nitor a f-'.w strides going to tho fnnt followed by Clandln\ Cardigan, Lord Hawke, Penniless, a«c L»dy Hungerford colt ; Indian Ocean and White Bose hoadei the others, of whom Purley and Ortolan bronght up the rear tho last-named soon tailing off, being beaton from the start When fairly round the bend Taraban carno back to big horses »nd Lady Hungerford colt, running away with his jockey tore to tho front, Penniless going on in pursuit of Taraban followed by Cherie and Cardigan, after whom came Lori Hawke. Furloy, and O nudius. Taraban soon afterwards belnj pulled back and going on Bido by sids with Indian Oceai and White Rose. When about half tho distance had beer covered, Cherie rushed to the front, and hold a clear lead ai they carno from behind tho "clump," tho Holywell mar« being followod by tho favourite, Penniless, Cl»udius, anc L"rd Hawke, whilo White Roso carno sway from Indiar Ocean, the last-nam»d coming in for a bnmp or two, which, did not affect his ch.mco, ns ho was dead beaton. Cherie increased her a (vantage as they mad» tho bend about nv« fnrlongs from home, »nd oaaio into tho straight with o eleni lead, which sho held to tho commencement of the rails, when Lady Hungerford colt took UT» tho running, Chorle at thc same time hoing passed by' Ponnlloss, Claudius, and Lord Hawke, white Fordham, on Taraban, stole up next tl. o rails. Mr. Bowes'shorse, running unflinchingly, caught the favouiite a hundred yards from homo, had always a slight advantage, and won cloverly by half a length after a splendid Unish Claudina, who was ridden out for a placo, was a length behind tho favourite, while White Roio, who looked formidable at tho distance, was fourth, Cherie fifth, Rose of Athol sixth, Penniless, who ran ungenerously in the last 200 yards, seventh, with Lord Hawko and Indian Ocean whipping in. Nona walked home beaton off. Time, ns taken by Benson'e chronograph, 8mln Osee. Net value of tho-stakes, 785 sovs.

The Goodwood Cup, value 300 *ovs, added to a subscription of 20 sovs each, h ft ; weight for ago ; penalties and allow ances ; second horse to receive 100 sovs ; two miles and a half.

29 subs.

Mr. F. Mouneey's b f Shannon, by Lambton, dam by Now

I minster-Rigoletto, 3 yrs, 7«t 41b (Hunt) .. .. 1 Baron Rothschild's ch c Favonlus, 3 yrs, 8st IT. Chaloner) Í! Mr. Lombard's ch h Mortomer, 0 yrs, Ott 71b (Fordham) .. 3

Lombard's br h Dutch Skater, 6 yrs, Ost (Custanoe) Savile's b c Rlpponden, 3 yrs, 7st 71b (Maidment)

Betting : Even on Mortemor, 55 to 40 agst Favonlus, 100 to 7 agst Rippondon, and 50 to 1 agst Shannon. Tho lot wero dlspatchod to A good start, Mortemor at a slow pace cutting out the work, followed by Favonlus and Kipponden on his right, Dntoh Skater lying next tho rails, and Shannon bring ing up tho rear. Tho favourite took a clear lead along the strähnt, «nd wunt round tho loop nearly a couple of loMgths In advanco of Favonlus ; Dutch Skater and Shannon now going on third and fourth, which positions they in turn held, with Rippondon last. Little chango took pince as they rounded the clump, but on reappearing from behind the hill Favonlus had lessoned Mortomcr's lead, and tho paco was Increased. Rounding tho turn into the straight Morlomer gave way to Favonlus, while Shannon drew up third on tho right, and Rlpponden came up on Ute left, Date rt Skater whipping In. Rlpponden was in trouble at tho distance, where Shannon, next tho rails, deprived Favonlus of his advantage. The Derby winner and Moitemer were simul taneously in difficulties at tho commencement of tno enclosure, but, both answering gamely, a splendid struggle ensued, tho favourites finishing with a tremendous rush in tho last fifty yards, but Shannon held her own to the end, and won by half a length : Mortomer w w beaton a neck only from Favonius, and Dutch Skater and Ripponden finished abreast, about three-quarters of a length from Mortomer. Timo by Benson's chronograph, 5 min. 27 sec.

Tho Chichostor Stakes (Handicap) of 10 sovs each, h ft, with 200 added : T. Y. C (0 fur ) 70 subs 1

Mr. F' Pryor'a b c Botheration, by Cambuscan-Trouble

some, 3 yrs, 5st 12ib (Constable) .. .. 1 Lord Rosebery's b c Ellesmere, 3 yrs, Sst 121b (A.May) .. 2 Duke of Beaufort's b f Pitteri, 3 yrs, Ö3t 81b (T. Osiorno) 3 Prince Soltykoff'sbl h Tibthorpo, aged, 8st 121b (Goater) Mr. Lombard's br h Badsworth, 5 yrs. 8st 41b (Fordham)

J. Johmtona's br h Pretonder. 5 yrs, Sst llb (Hudson) R. H Ray's che Sysla, 4 yr j, Sit (Maidment)

Sir F. Johnstonc's b g Valuer, 0 yrs, 7st 101b (Wyatt)

Mr. T. V. Morgan's b o Meleurge, 3 yrs, 7st Gib j Hunt)

Sir F. Johnstone'« hr h Allbrook, 5 yrs, "st 61b (Gatehouse)

Lord Ailosbury's b c by Prime Ministor-Frailty, 3 yrs, 7st

llDfU Jarvis)

Mr. T. E. Walkor's ch f Orphan, 5 yrs, 7st (car. 7st llb)


G. Angoll'a b h Vcstmlnster, 5,yrs, 7st (car. 7st 21b)


J Jobnstono's b u Orator, 3 pis, Ost 101b (W. Gray) MT. Delatre's ch Í Mathilde. 3 yrs (Sst 4lb (Whcoler)

Lord Anglesey's ch f Quoon Is ibol, 3 yrs, Cst 41b (.T Jones) Mr. C. Vickers's h c Manifesto, 3 yrs, Ost (car. dst Ho)


Sir J. Hawley's ch f Stray, 3 yrs, Cst (Loates) Mr. Fauolt's b f Amy, 3 yrs, (ist (Skelton)

Morry's ch f by Thormanby-Gong, 3 yrs, 5st 101b


M. H. Dolamarre's br f Vigogne, 4 yrs, Sst 71b (W. Chaloner) Lord Bradford's ch c Festival. 3 yrs. Sst 71b (Ashworth)

Betting : 100 to 30 agst Vafuor, Ö to 1 agst Vostminstor, 10 to 1 ngst Molourge, 100 to S oach agst Orphan, Frailty colt, and Stray, 100 to (5 each agst tho Gong filly and Manifesto, 20 io 1 each agst Mathilde, Sylla, Badsworth, and Tibthorpo, and 25 to I each agst Botheration and Festival. Melourgc, Frailty colt, Festival and Valuer on tho right, with Tibthorpo in tho contre, and EUesmore wido on tho left, formod the leading division to the brow of tho ldlt, when Melourgo took a clear lead, followod by Valuer, Botheration, and Kllesmere, to tho distance At this point Vr.lucr and Molcurgo were beaten, and Bothoration, closely succeeded by Ellesmere and Pitteri (who ran through her horses at tho finish) came on with tho lead, and won a good raco by; half a length ; a length divided second! and thlid, Valuer was fourth. Frailty colt fifth. Manifesto sixth, Vigogne seventh, and Tibthorpo next, tho last lot hoing Pretender, Sylla, Melenrgo, Badsworth,

and Orator.

The Chesterfield Cur» (handicap), value 300 sovs, by sub scription of IS sovs each ; winners extra ; Craven Course (1J

mile). tiO subs.

Mr. F. ¡Pryor'a b o Botheration, by CambuEcan-Troublo

80mo, 3 yrs, Cst 7lb (inc. 71b ex.) (! onstable) ,. l Blavdon's b c Sterling, 3yrs, Sst 111b (T. Chaloner) .. '2 Lombard shh Vulcan, aged, Oat Clb (Custanoe)

G. G. K ea wick's ch f Gamos, 4 yrs 8st 51b (Fordham)

Lord Calthorprt'n ch h Martyrdom, 6 yrs, 8st 2ib (Cannon) Mr Lyndon's ch f Frivolity, 4 yrs, 8st(Uunt)

Mr, J. Johmtone's br h Pretondor, 6 yrs, 8st (Hudson)

G. O. Kfswick's bl o D.gby «¿rand, 3 yrs, 8st (C. Huge) Major Fridolin 's b e -<r>mno. ii yrs, 7st 121b (Maidment)

Baron Rothschild's b f Corisande, 3 yrs, 7st 121b (Hibbord) Mr. Myers s ch cNot Out, 4 yrs, 7st 101b (Hibbard)

W. Day's b g Oxonian, 5 yrs, 7st 01b (car. 7st 111b)

(Wyatt) .

T. E. Case's b c Anton, S yrB, 7st llb (ind. 71b extra)


Lord Rivera's b o Tabornaclo, 4 yrs, 7st 81b (Jarvis)

Ailosbury's uh c Brtdgowater, 4 yrs, 7st 71b(Webb)

Rondlosham's h h Koyal itake, 5 yrs, 7st 71b (.lowott) M. Dolamarre's b f Veranda, 3 yrs, 7st51b (Wilson) Lord Annesloy's ch g Kevoko, 3 yrs, 7st 31b (Loatos)

Mr. J. Bornaid'n b c Temple, 4 yrs 7at llb (Macksoy)

Prlnco Batthyany's b h Thor, 5 yrs, 7st(J. Crlchmere)

Major Fridolln'd b o Goloí, 3 yrs, 7st (car. 7st llb) (Butlor)

Mr. J. Johnstone's bc Lcrd Hawko, 3 yrs, Ost 101b (W.


Lord Anglesey's ch c Corregidor, S yrs, Cst 301b (T. Osborne) Mr. SavlUo'a b c Piqulllo (Orother to La Poricholc), 3 yrs, Oat

31b (Nowhouse)

Mr 8. Myers'* br c Admiral, by Noptnnus, S yrs. Sst

21b (Wilkins)

Sir C. Rushout's b o Moonrakor, 3 yrs, 5st 8lb (car. Sst 101b


Mr.E. Brayley's b c Mornington. 3 yrs, 7st (Mordun)disq.

Betting : 4 to 1 agst Martyrdom, 0 to 2 agst Anton, 10 to 1 each Corregidor, Lord Hawke, Corisande, nnd Bridgwator, 100 to 7 each ngst Vulcan ami Sterling, 20 to 1 cadi ngst Golos and Royal Rako, 25 to 1 each ngst Kevoko, Botheration, Ver anda, and Tabernacle, 33 to 1 each agst Moonrakor, Plqai/lo, Mornington, Digby Gracd. and Frivolity, and 40 to 1 oaoh agst Gamos, Templo, nnd Thor. Aftor a long delay at tba post, nnd many breaks-away, in which Oxonian, Lord Hawko, and Mornington wore conspicuous, while Bridgwater and Martyrdom refused to join their horses, tho lot got woU away, Oxonian on the higher ground making play, followed by Piqulllo, Corisando, botheration, Martyrdom, Frivolity, Protouder, Bridgwater, aud Digby Grand iu u cluster, with Corregidor heading tho others, of whom tho last lot were Tubomaclo, Gamos, Admiral, and Thor. Aftor going a quarter of a milo. Digby grand took second place, and soon after headed Uxoulan, tito pair being succeeded by Pretender, Mornington, Martyrdom, Bothoration, and Anton, Corisando and Frivolity lying next. Coming into tho straight, however,

Oxonian again went to the front, hut directly after Martyr dom took a ncok load of him. Botheration Bnd Mornington I h-iug their attendants, while Corregidor, passing Digby i Grand, who droppol back, and Anton, went on next. As they neared the rails Sterling and Vulcan improved their positions, I tho Inti er, however, being soon after In tronblo, and within tho distînee Oxonian, Martyrdom, and Corregidor also compounded, leaving Mornington and Botheration in front, whllo Sterling went on third. Mornington hore swerved on to Botheration, and the pair cannoned two er throo times, but Constable getting tho latter clear got the best of tho finish, and won by a length ; tho samo dis.ance divided Mornington from Sterling Martyrdom wa3 fourth. Corregidor fifth, Vnlcan sixth.Not Out seventh. Anton eiçhtb, and Oxonian ninth, with Admiral, Verauda, and Royal BaVo next, tho last lot comprising Temple. Lorie Hawke, and Thor. After tho race Mordan objected to Botheration, on tho ground of a cro«s, and Chaloner objected to both first and second, alleging a similar reason. Tho stewards heard evidonce, and con firmed tho judge's verdict as it regarded Botheration but dls fiunlified Mornington, Sterling thns being placed second. Iheindgonot having placed a fourth, thero is consequently no third. A rnmonr wa* prevalent that all tho horse? had gone tho wrong course, but the report turned out uttorly incorrect. Time, as taken by Bensons chronograph, 2 min.