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Thursday, 8.21 a.m.

Last night's debato in tho Legislative Assembly fort6nds a political crisis, Mr. Langton, in replying to the Colonial Treasurer's Becond tariff speech, Baid freetraders wouM rather have 20 to 30 percent, duties on a few articles, and admit free the remainder. The protectionists cheered him loudly. It is conn dently stated to-day that two opposite sections of the House will join and put the present Ministry out.

The Bank of New South "Wales Charter Bill has been read a second time. Mr. Francis agrees to accept ten years in lieu of twenty. The House will probably agree to this.

The penal commission recommend the adoption of the Crofton system.

Messrs. Powers, Rutherford, and Co. report 22,000 sheep were yarded yesterday. The prices were rather higher for tho best. Wo sold part of Craw ford's Bogan wethers at 8s each. Two thousand head of cattle were entered, half of which were Fold yesterday at a declino. The quality was not good


Maize, 3s lld por bushel.

The following are the entries for the Melbourno Cup, to be run at the Spring meeting of 1871:


H. and B. Allen's b c Lord of Linne, 3 yrs J*. Moffitt's br m Cymba, 5 yrs

b f Cleolite, 3 yrs

H. H. Bosldns's ch li Glencoe, 0 yrs

b g Nimblefoot, aged * 1) f Youll, 3 yrs

F. Henty's br c The Monk, aged

br f The Jewess, 4 yrs

A. Bitchie's br li Buke of Edinburgh, 2 yrs J. Arthur's b f Lily, 4 yrs

T. Bailey's b f Amethyst, 3 yrs J. Gilbert's br g Lapdog, 0 yrs

H. Bowler's b g Valentino, 5 yrs

br m Doefoot, 4 yrs

J. Thompson's b f Romula, 3 yrs E. Twomey's b m Mermaid, 4 yrs P. Glenistcr's bl g Rambler, 5 yrs

br m Juanita, 4 yrs

Jas. Wilson's br f Miss Jessio, 2 yrs

- Balloon ns b m Lancashire Witch, 0 yrs J. Brown's b li Duke of Montrose, aged J. Arthur's br h Flying Dutchman, 5 yrs T. Gaffney's b ni Augustina, aged

W. Pearson's br m Miss Pert, 5 yrs

br m Kestrel, 4 yrs bl f Contossie, 2 yrs

J. E. Crooko's g g Saladin, C yrs B. Sevior's li g Warrior, aged

br g Panmure, 5 yrs

J. J. Millet's ch h Irish King, aged S. Waldock's br f Tho Fawn, 3 yia S. Mahon ns b li Milesian, aged J. Ji. ¡Harper's br f Foam, 4 yrs P. Lewis's b c Hamlet, 2 yrs

b f Beatrice, 2 yrs b h Prictor, 6 yrs

D. Jones's b ni Lady Clifden, 3 yrs W. Filgato's b f Ecto't, 2 yrs

C. Clarko's brm Miss Constance, 5 yrs


E. Leo's Barbollo Lamond's Lottery

Barbarian Tho Prophet Kean's Mabel Iliffo's Aruma

W. Winch's Julien Avcnol Snowdrift

The Baron Baldwin's Idle Boy Little Dick House's Brigadier Endeavour Ivory's Bylong

Croydon Groy Momus (lato J. Tait's Pyrrhus Dagon)

Detectivo Jones's Tho Spy Pearl Hogan's Eli


THE INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS.-The last detachment of the girls formerly maintained by the Government at tho industrial schools at Newcastle, forming tho most rofractory portion of tho inmates thereof, arrived in tho colonial Government steamer Thetis on Sunday evening, and disembarked at their destination, " Biloela"-pronounced " Bil-o-e-la"-Cockatoo Island. On Thursday evening, on tho motion of tho Colonial Secretary, the words " Cockatoo Island" were erased from the estimates, and "Biloela" (the native werd

for cockatoo) substituted therefor.

IMPORTED SHORT-HORNS. - Messrs. Cowlishaw, Brothers, of Pitt-street, have received by the ship Commissary, which arrived from London yesterday, a pure short-horn cow, and a puro short-horn bull. The pedigree of tho former (Seraphine Gth) is as follows : Sho was calved in November, ISliO, her dam, Seraphine 3rd, by Butley Butterfly (2134S) ; Butley Butterfly, calved March 21st, 1S64, is by Baron Hopewell (14134); Seraphine 3rd is by Cherry Duke 3rd (15763), and her ßroat grand-dam, Saucebox, was The Beau (1218¿). The excellence of tho strain will bo obvious when it is noted that Ohorry Duke 3rd is half brother to 3rd Grand Duke, tho siro of several animals soldat Wilhss Rooms at an avorago of more than 500 guineas, ana Mr. Bohlen refused 1000 guineas Ifor him. His dam. Cherry Duchess, was by Grand Duke, sold for 1000 guineas. The Beau is from tho celebrnted cow Cam bridge Roso Otb, by Bellvine (G778), a winner of a Royal Agricultural Society of England's brat prize twenty years ago. Butlov Butterfly's dam was by Royal Butterfly, for whom 1200 guineas was refused by Colonel Towneloy, and ho won for him all tho nrst prizes for which he was shown in England, Scotland, and Ireland, «nd also with his progony, the Challenge Cup in Ireland ; and his own brother, Master But terfly, won tho first prize at tho Royal Agricultural Society of England's show at Chelmsford, and waa sola for 1200 guineas. Baron Hopewell was by Mr. 1<. Booth's Hopewell, and his dom by Mr. R. Bootu s Baron Warlaby, both from ono of the best strums ot tho Booth blood. Tho original pedigree of tho bull is

in possession of the impoiters.