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English Turf.


THE following extracts from The Field show tbat the French filly, Sornette fully kept up hor prestige earned on the other Bide of tho channel, as she won tho Fitzwilliam Stakes and Cup in a canter. The Leger appears to have been a great surprise ; and tho four year old, Border Knight, with twenty-one against him, won very easily the Yorkshire Handicap :

FITZWILLIAM STAKES of 5 sovs each, with 200 added ;

1 mile.

Major Fridolin'» Sornette, by Light, S yrs carried 8stlllb

(O.rratt). .. .. .. 1 Mr. P. J. Jackson's Cyclone (late Pomporo), 2 yrs, Cst, car

ried 0it3ib(\\'. Gray) . ..2 M. Andro's Don Carlos 3 yrs, 8st 31b (A. Watkins) ... 8 Mr. Beverley's Australia, 2 vrs, 6st 111b (W. Challoner)

It, Drowitt's PucelleRli b), 3 yrs Sit (Killick)

G. G. Keswick's Gamos, 3 yrs, Sst 101b (including 101b

extra) (G. Fordham)

Betting : 12 to 10 on Sornette, 5 to 1 against Gamos, and 10 to 1 each against Cyclone and Doh Carlos. Australia, closely attended by Pucelle and Cyclone, made play a longth or so in advanco of Don Carlos, tho j favourite, and Gamos, who carno on nearly abreast to

the Ked House turn, whoro Sornette closed with tho leader, Pucelle at the same time giving way. On entering the straight Australia was beaton, and tho favourite, immediately afterwards disposing of Cyclono, came on alone, and won in a canter by three lengths ; two lengths separated the second and third ; Gamos was a bad fourth ; Australia fifth, and Pucelle last,

beaten off.

GiiEAT YORKSHIHE HANDICAP of 25 Bov each, with 200 added ; lin 6'fur. 132yds.

Slr C. Logard's Border Knight, by Adventurer, 4 yrs., Sst

101b, (Custauce) .. .. ... 1 Lord Zetland,s Géant des Batailles, 5yrs, 8st(cnr 8st 111b)

(J. Snowden) .. ... ... ... ..2 Mr. Johns tone's Good Hope, i yrs, 8st, (Hudson) ... 3

Johnstone'!! Exciseman. 3 yrs, Gat 121b,(W. Gray) .. 4 J. Smith's Paganini 0 yre, Ost Tib (T. French) J. Scott's "Viscount, 5jrs,7st,v(IIunt)

K. ltrayley's Tho Recorder, 3 yrs, 7»t (Gradwell) P. Merton's Clemonce, 5 yrs, Ost 101b (Fox)

J. Watson's The Hobby, 3 yrs, Ost 81b (Rowell)

Tho starter was struck out at 2.25 p. in, Mr. Johnstone deolared to win with Good Hope.

Betting : 100 to 30 agst Goant dos Batidles, G to 1 'agst Viscount, tho Recorder, and Clemence, 8 to 1 against Paganini, 10 to 1 each against Border Knight and Good Hope, and 5 to 1 against Mr. Johnstouo's pair (coupled). At the first attempt an excellent start was effected, in which Géant des Batailles got away in advanco, and made play at a good paco, having Clemence on his right, with Tho Recordor on tho left, to whom succeeded Exciseman and Good Hope, side by sido, slightly in front of Tho Bobby and Viscount, in tho rear of whom were seen tho colours of Paganini nnd Border Knight. They ran thus to tho hill, where tho leaders, dosed up, and) on reappearing in sight, Clemenco was soon to have given way, and her place was soon occupied by Tho Bobby, dose up with whom carno The Recorder and Mr. Johnstono's pair, with Viscount in attendance. Proceeding along tho wood sido the paco considerably mended, and as they passed tho rifle butts its effects became visible in thc favourite coming back to his horses, and tho gradual improvement in the positions of tho two, heavy weights, who, as they neared the Red House turn, had reached the front.|At this point, Tho Bobby neared Géant des B itailles, und carno round the bend with a clear lead of The Recorder, Exciseman, and Good Hope ; but half wny down Mr. Brayley'8 colt was beaten, und his plaoo was taken by Border Knight in the centre, Viscount and Paganini at the same time taking their places on the extreme

outside. When fairly in tho straight The Bobby waa done with, and immediately afterwards Custanoe brought Border Knight to tho front, and came on with a olear load of Viscount and tho " Fiddle player " to tho distance. Hero the former uncertain brute "cut it," leaving Paganini in attendance upon the leader but tiring under tho woight as they approached the inclosure French wisely eased bim, and Mr Johnstones two were again left in front. When their chunca was hopelessly out they were stopped and were headed by Geant des Batailles, who, however was nevor able to reach tho leador, who won in the commonest of cantors by half a dozen lengths ; half a length separated tho second and third. Exciseman was fourth, Paganini fifth, Clemence sixth, Viscount seventh, The Bobby eighth, and The Recordor last.

CHAMPAGNE STAKES of 50 aovs. each, for two-year olds ; fillies, 8st 81b : 5 furlongs 152 yards.

Mr. Merry's King of tho Forest, by Scottish Chief, 8st 101b

(J, Snowdon) ... ... . ... ... 1 II. Savilu's Mppondon, Sst 101b (Maidment) .. 2 Lord.Anglcsey'sLaiiitia, Sst 81b (Cannon) ... ... 3 Mr. Jones s Marquis of Storno, Sst IOU) (G. Fordham)... 4 Lord Eo¿ebcrry'3 Ello.inoro, (Ï. Challnncr) ... .. 5

Botting : 5 to 4, on King of tho Forest, 130 against Ripponden, 10 to 1 against Lootitia, and 100 to 8 against Ellesmere. Tho latter on the inside cut Out tho work at a strong paco, clear of King of the Forest, Rippon den, and Marquis of Steyno, to tho distance Hore the first named was beaten, tho issue heilig left with the two favourites, who came on locked together, the King, who always had a shade the best of it, winning a magnificent race by a head ; there were a couple of lengths between tho second and third, with MarquiB of Steyno fourth, beaton off.


ST. LEGER STAKES of 23 sovs each, for three-year olds ; colts, Sit 101b, and fillies 8st 51b ; 234 subs j 1 milo G furlongs 132 yards.

Mr. T. V. Morgan's Hawthornden, by Lord Clifden

Bonny lillnlc, 8st 101b (tîriiriBÙ-tw) ... '.. ... 1 Lord FaimouMi's Kingcraft, by Klag Tom-Woodcraft

Sst 101b (French) ... .. . . ... 2 Lord Falmouth's Wheatear. by Young Molbourne

Swallow, Sst Sib .(F.Webb) ... ? ..' ... 3 Mr. Martin's Unterprise, Sst 101b (dorris)

Rraylev's 'I he Recorder, Sst 101b (Car.non) Capt. Ma hell's Bonny .Swell. Sst 101b (Jeffery) Capt. Atkin's Tho Boy, Sst 101b (Wyatt)

Mr Stuart's Tabernacle, Sst 101b («-Jouter)

Crawfurd's Palmerston, Sst 101b (. haloner) Cross's Physiology, 8st 101b (M-idmont) Graham's Captivato", 8st 101b (Fordham)

Graham's Stockhausen, Sst 101b (J. Adams) T. Jennings's Alaric, Sat IOU) (Hunter) Merry's Sunlight, Sst 1 lb (Snowdon)

Johnstone s Stanley, Sst 101b (Usborne)

J. D.iwson's Xormanby, Sst 101b (Parry)

T. Dawson's Ptarmigan, Sst 101b (Hudson)

Cartwright's Ely Appleton, Sst 1' lb (CilBtancc) Crawford's Wild Flower, Sst ölb (nutter)

Betting : 2 to 1 against Kingcraft, 100 to 30 against Palmerston, 7 to 1 against Sunlight, 10 to 1 against Wheatear, 100 to' G against Captivator, 25 to 1 against Tabernacle, 35 to 1 against Hawthornden, 40 to 1 against Stanley, 50 to 1 against Normanby, 1000 to 15 against Bonny Swell, 1000 to 10 against The Boy, 1000 to IO against Alaric, 1000 to 8 against Ptarmigan, and 1000 5 each against Euterprise and Ely Appleton. Mr. Manning, with his usual punctuality, weighed out the nineteen riders, who, having completed their toilet in the paddock, wore shortly after seen entering the course, which at this period was thickly studded by the privileged ticket-holders, who narrowly scanned the condition of the respectivo favourites, tho majority of whom appeared in tho perfection of training ; the out sider, and ultimato winner-Hawthornden-finding a host of admirers. After the usual parade and canter they were taken in hand by Mr. M'George at twenty miauten to four ; but, after tho first break away, Sun

light and Ptarmigau became so unmanagable that the I pair required leading back to the post, and in con sequence several failures preceded tho actual start, which was protracted until 3.54, when they were dis patched in close company. Tho unruly Sunlight was tho first away, closely attended by Ely Appleton, Palmerston, Wheatoar, and Tho Boy, with the favourite lying next on tho inside ; to these succeeded The Recorder, Stockhausen, Wild Flower, Ptarmigan, Nor manby, Bonny Swell, and Hawthornden in a body, with Captivator, Physiology, and Stanley in the rear. They ran thus to tho road, when Sunlight was seen to suddenly stop, having unfortunately broken his near hind fotlook-joinfc, which Snowdon for the moment was unacquainted with until informed by Custance. Dur ing this mishap, and as tho leaders approached the foot of the hill, Wild Flower, with Stockhausen at her

side, rushed to tho front and forced the running, for the purpose of serving their stable companions Palmerston and Captivator, tho pair being followed by Enterprise, Ely Appleton, Ptarmigan, Bonny Swell, Tho Boy, and Alaric, close in whose rear were seen the colours of Tho

Recorder, Kingcraft, Wheatear, Tabernacle, Palmer ston, and Haw thorndon nearly abreast to tho wood side, when Wild Flower, having performed her allotted task, retired. At the same time Palmerston drew up to tho leaders on their loft, Stockhausen at this period taking a clear lead of Ely Appleton ; but, on reaching tho Rifle Butts, the Ptarmigan. Alaric, Normanby, and Mr. Cartwright's coltwns joined by Tho.Boy, Ptarmigan, Alaric, Normanby, and Bonny Swell} whilst on the inside, next tho rails, came Palmerston,- Enterprise, Captivator, and Tabernacle, with Wheatear, The Recorder, the favourite, and Hawthornden lying next. On rounding the Rod House turn, where Stockhausen

[was beaten, and Ely Appleton, with The Boy and Enterprise at his quarters, came on with the running, closely attended by The Recorder, Palmerston, Alaric, and Wheatear, to the bond for home. Here Ely Apple ton was added to the beaten division followed in a few strides further by Ptarmigan, tho Recorder, and Alario, thus leaving Tho Boy in advance of Tabernacle, Enter prise, and Palmerston, who ran nearly abreast into the 'straight, when tho first-named "cracked,"this example being followed by tho retirement of Palmerston. But at this moment French was seen creeping up on the inside, with Hawthornden wide on tho right, and as they neared tho distanco tho favourite had both tho leaders beaten, and appeared to havo the best of it ; but immediately afterwards Grimshaw brought up Mr. Morgan's colt with a well timed rush, challenged the favourite at tho inclosure, had him beaton at the stand, and won an oxciting race by half [a length ; Wheatear, beaten five lengths, was third, closo up to whom carno Enterprise ; whilst The Recorder finished' fifth, Bonny Swell sixth, The Boy¡seventh, Tabernacle eighth, Palmer ston ninth, Alaric tenth, Stanley elevonth, and Capti vator next ; thon carno Ptarmigan, Stockhausen, Ely Appleton, and Normandy, who pulled up on tho post, with Wild flower and Physiology last, the latter tw walking in with tho crowd. Run in 3min. 181-8 sec.


roBTLAND PLATE of 200 sov, added to a handicap sweepstakes of 5 sov each; 5fur 152yds; 78 subs.

Mr. W. Day's Oxonian, by Oxford, 4 yrs, 7st 101b (car. 7»! Ulb) (Wyatt) .. .. .. .. .. 1

R. C. Naylor's Stephanotis, Syrs, 7st 71b (P. Webb) ... 3 F. Fisher's Tim Weaver, 3yrs, Oct (Nowhouse) ... 3 W. S. Crawfurd's Moalom, 5 yrs Sst 8lb (T. CImloncr) Johnstone's Pretender, 4yrs, 8st Olb(Osboroe)

W. Feaster's Lady Zetland, G yrs, 7st > 21b (Maidment) T. V. Morgan's Hawthornden, 3 yrs 7stl01b (including

71b extra) (Hunt)

1 lucoln's Unca3, 5 yrs, 7st 01b (Kenyon)

T. 15. Walker's Ratty, 6 yrs, 7st 31b (Joffory) Carter's East Coast, 4 yrs, 7st (Cameron)

I Bowles's Lord Glasgow, 3 yrs, 7st (Wood)

Beverly's Flyaway Jack, 3 yrs, 7st*(Gradwoll) J

Bishop's fionsttrnatlon, 4 yrs, Ost 12Iu (carr,od Ost ï<ilh\

(WllBon).. ««wioj A. de Montgomery's La C/ilonne, 3 yrs, Oat 81b (Cookï i T. F. Cross's Physiology, 3 yrs, Oit 71b(Lonies) '

F. A. MUb&nk's Ralph Lambtun, 3 y.s, Ost 51b (\V

Gray) ' ; W. Thockmorton'a R'>foreo, 3 yrs, Ost (Rowell)

G. Silversido's Promptress, 3 yvs, Ost (Griffiths) > Alnwin's Birdie, 3 yrs, Ost 2tb (including 4lb cxtnri 1

(Little) ' T. S Dawson's IJa, 3 yrs, Tat 21b (Burr)

J. Radcliffe's Leoville, y yrs, 5st 131b (\V. Challoner) . Si Betting : 3 to 1 against Hawthornden. G to 1 against ll Oxonian and Referee, 7 to 1 ngainRt Uncns, 10 to 1 il against Pretender, 100 to 8 against East Coast, 20 to 1 '1 each against Lady Zetland and Moslem, and 25 each !' against Stephanotis and Potty, Upwards of half an ' hour was consumed at the post through the repeated breaking away of Leovillo, who twioe ran to tho stand beforo little Challonor could stop her. At last they wero got together, and tho signal lowered to an excell. en 1 start, in which Unons, Hawthornden, Oxonian Betty, Mondona, Consternation, and Birdie got away in* advance, tho rearmost then being Ralph Lambton Leoville, and La Callono. After going some fifty or sixty yards Uncas broke down badly in his near foreleg and was immediately stopped, and shortly afterwards Moslem retired from the front, leaving Oxonian on tho insido with tho lend, ho being followed by Hawthornden Stephanotis and Tim Weaver. At the distance thé Leger winner was in trouble, and shortly after retired . and Mr. Day's colt, full of running, improving his'

advantage won in a cantor by five lengths ; three parts J of a length separated second and third ; Ketty was ' fourth, La Calonno fifth, Consternation suth, Lord j Glasgow seventh, Leoville eighth, Promptress ninth, j Flyaway Jack tenth, and Birnie next, all pulling up. j Tho last comprised Pretender, Lady Zetland, Haw- i thórnden, and East Coast.


PARK HILL STARKS of 50 sovs each, h ft, for threo. year-old fillies, Sst 101b ; St. Leger Courso ; 20 subs.

Mr. Lnundo'fl b f Agility, by Adventurer, Sst 101b (Osborne) l

Graham's ch f Comos, Ost llb (inc. 51b extra) (Fordham) 2 H. Snvlle's f La i'eriuhob', Sst 101b (Maidment) .. 3 Sir. R. Bulkeloy's b f Carfax, hst 101b(Snowden).. .. \ Lord Falmouth's Atlantas, 8ät 101b (trench) .. ... 5

Betting : 7 to 4 on Agility, 5 to 1 agst Gamos, and 6 to 1 ngst Atlantas. Agility in company with La Periohole, made tho running throughout, and won by threo lengths from Gamos, who headed Mr. Savile's filly at tho distance.

DOKCASTER CUP, value 300 sovs ; 2 miles 5 fur.

Major Fridolin's Sornette, by Light, 3 yrs, 03*. Ulb (Handley) 1 Lord Falmouth's Gertrude, 3 yrs Cst lllb (F. Webb) ... 2 Sir C. Lenard's Border Knight, 4 yrs, Sst (Snowden) .. s Mr. T. Rughes's Starter, 4 yrs, 8st 51b (Wannon).. ... 4

Betting : ll to 10 on Sornetto, 3 to 1 agst Gertrude, 4 to 1 ngst Border Knight, and 7 to 1 agst Stnrtor, Starter jumped away with a load of three lengths from

the favourite, a similar distance from tho last-named ? and Gertrude, with Border Knight bringing up the rear. In this order they ran over tho hill where tho leader was seen gradually coming back to his horses, and, as they approached tho woodsido, Sornette went up, and, passing tho riflo butts, dispossessed Mr. Hughes's colt of his lead, and came on two or three lengths in advance, which ad vantngo she retained into tho straight. Here Starter was fairlyldisposed of, and his place taken by Gertrude, who drew up to the favourite at tho . distance, but without improving bei position : she was beaten very cleverly by half a length, Border Knight ?who passed the tired Starter, finished a wretoked third, Timo 4min. 44Jscc.