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English Sporting Items.


STEWARDS' Our, vaine 300 «ova (Handicap), of 10 BOVS each, with 100 added ; T.Y.O. 70 subí.

Count Batthyany's Typhcous, by Stockwell, 5 yrs, Sst 101b

(Morris) .. .. .. .. .. 1 Mr. .T. C. Stuart's Tabernacle, 3 yrs, 7st \ 01b (Kenyon) .. 2

AV. Vaughan's Plaudit, 6 yrs. Sst Sib (Snowdon) .. 3 J ,1 Eilis's Cymbal, 3 yrs 7st lill) (lintier)

J. Johnstono's Pretender, 4 yrs Ost 41b (i isborne) Princo Soltykoff's Tibthorpo, 0 yrs, Dst 21b (French) M Dclatre's Cerdagne, 4 yrs, Sat 13U> (Carrot)

Lord Rosebery's Ladas, 4 yrs, FstlOlb (Grimshaw)

Sir O. Rushout's Vacabond, 4 yrs, 8st Sib (.J. Adams) Sir J Hawley's Horn a, 4 yrs, Sst 71b (Cannon) .

Mr. W. S. Crawfurd's Heather Boll. 4 yrs, Sst 41b (Chaloner)

York's Fugitive, 4 yrs, Sst 41b (Hunt)

Sir F. Johnstone's Vox, ö yrs, Sst 21b (Parry)

Princo Roltykuff's Badsworth, 4 yrs, 7st 121b (Maidment)

Mr. T. V. Morgan's Hawthornden, 3 yrs, 7st 111b (Huxtable)

AV. Bevin's Barford, 3 yrs, 7st Oil) (Gradwoll) J. B. Morris's Calypso, 3 yrs, 7st 31b (Deakin)

Chaplin's Countryman, 3 yrs, 7st lb (JclTroy) T. Ihuthcs's Blandford, 3 >rs, 7st (Cmtch-n)

G. William's Knutsford, 3 yrs. (1st 131b (Holland) B. I love's Old Sam, 3 yrs, (ist 101b (Walling)

H. floater's Talavera, 3 yrs, Ost 101b (Oatohouso) Lord Wilton's St ( ¡corrió, 3 yrs, Ost.01b (Fox)

Mr. T. Dawson's Morphin, 3 yrs, Ost 01b (W. Gray)

Lord Cliarlcmount'a Dubois, s yrs, Ost 71b (F. Webb)

Mr. G. Ilodgman's Vanrtcnhoff, 3 yrs, Ost 7lb (Wilson)

AV. Bovill's Moorlands, 3 yrs, 71b (Jewitt).

Beting : 5 to 1 ngsfc Tibthorpo, 6 to 1 each agst Heather Bell and Fugitivo, S to 1 agst Countryman,

10 to 1 ngsfc Tabornaclo, 12 to 1 ngsfc Moorland, 20 to 1 each agsfc Typhcous, Plaudit, Badsworth, St. George, and Morphia, 33 to 1 each agsfc Pompeii, Old Sam, and Knutsford, 100 to 1 agst Pretender. Tho usual delay afc the post was exhibited, but on this occasion it was principally occasioned by tho restiveness of Country man, who repeatedly broke away, and resolutely refused to join his horses. At last Mr. M'Georgo was ablo to lower his signal, but to an indifferent start, by which Tibthorpo (an indifferent beginner) was most affected. AVhen fairly settled in their placos, tho running was taken up by Cymbal in the centro of tho course, his colours being clearly seen in tho van as they carno streaming over the brow of tho hill, having Countryman on his left, the pair being followed by Ladas, Morna, and Heather Bell on the far side, !

Typhous, Tibfchorpe. Plaudit, and Moorlands, heine in the centre, with Cerdagne, Tabernacle, and Fugitive in their track, tho others following in close coinpanv headed by Morphia and Old Sam. They ran thus into* tho dip, where Countryman, who ran anything hut kindly, swerved and ran out considoraoly and lost his place, Typhceua at the same timo becoming tho leailer'a immediate attendant, with Tibthorpo nest, Tabernacle wide on tho stand side drawing up. At tho diatance Cymbal's lead gradually decreased and as they neared the inclosure he was headed by the Count's colt and Tabernacle who singled themselves out, and ran acloso and exciting race homo, Typhous who ran the longeât just winning at last by a neck ; Cymbal and Plaudit' who finished with a. dead heat for third houours, were' two lengths in their rear ; Countryman was fifth Cerdagne sixth, Moorland seventh, Tibthorpo eight' Old Sam ninth, and Calypso next. Tho last lot corni prised Hawthornden, Fugitive, Badsworth, Pompeii

Vagabond, Ladas, with Dubois tho absolute last. '

Goodwood Stakes (Handicap) of 25 sovs oach, 15ft with 150 added ; 2h miles ; 59 subs.

Mr. J. Smith's Paganini, by King ot Kent, 5yrs, Sst 101b

(Fordham) .. .. .. .. ... l Saunders"» Indian Ocean, 3 yrs, 5st 1211» (T. Osborne)... » 13. Potter's Miss Shei pani 3 yrs, (ist 5lb (Webb) <t ¡¡ Spencer's Katt'cpnto, 3 yrs, Cst 4lb (Gatehouse)

]t lt, Cbrl-topher's Nightjar, 5 yrs, 5'tlllb (G. Jarvis V Barthy's Ci; durella, 3yis, fist 101b (cur. Gst)(Jcwitt) Dover's ionia, 8 yrs, 5st 71b (Ncwhouse)

AV Planner's Capitaliste, 5 yrs, Sst (Coningham)

Scott Sti.nchcwr's John Davis, aged, 7st 01b (wilson)

Urayley's Chivalry, -1 yrs 7st 31b (inc. 3 b extra) (Butler)

J Johnstone^ Sweet Sound, a yrs, Ost 121b (inc. Sib extra)

nv. Grav.}

Betting : 7 to 4 agst Sweet Sound, 3 to 1 agst John Davis, 7 to 1 agst Pngnnini, 10 to 1 asst Chivalry, lon to 7 each agst Miss Sheppard ¡md Indian Ocean, 100 tn (J agst Capitaliste and Cinderella. 20 to 1 agst Battle pate, 35 to 1 agst Nightjar, and 40 to 1 agst Ionia' Within a quarter of an hour of tho time sot down on the card, the eleven competitors wore paraded mst tho stand, and then cantered back to tho starter who at the second attempt got them away in close compnny Immediately after they had settled into their places Ionia rushed to the foro, and, with Paganini at her girths, came past tho stand clear of Chivalry, Cinde. relia, Nightjar, and Indian Ocean in a cluster, Bliss Sheppard, Sweet Sound, and Itattlopato being at the tail of affairs. They ran thus for some fifty or sixty yards, when Fordham, having sot thom going, took a pull at his horse and allowed Indian Ocean to tnko Iiis place at tho quarters of tho leader, tho pair being followed by John Davis, Capitaliste going on next with Chivalry, Paganini, and Cinderella lying up, next to whom were soon tho colours of Miss Sheppard, ltoundiug the turn of the course, tho leaders got closer together, and as they wont past the clump of trees at the milo post, John Davis and Indian Ocean wero seen racing togethor for the second place ; but on reappearing in sight ho had given way, and the two leaders, as they ascended tho hill, were a couple of lengths in advance of tho aged horse, close up with whom came Capitaliste, Cinderella, Paganini, Nightjar, and Miss Sheppard, with Sweet Sound gradually drawing towards the leaders. Half, way up the hill, Nightjar suddenly quitted hor rear ward position and ran past her horses, and took a olear load at the T.Y.Ü. post; but when fairly round the turn for home she ''cracked," and as suddenly dis appeared from her proud position, Ionia at the same time following suit, leaving Indian Ocean with the lead of John Davis. On reaching tho dip tho latter was beaten, and for a stride or two tho French representative became tho attendant of the leader; but he gradually gave way under the weight, and was passed by Paganini on the right and Miss Shep pard on tho left, the pair running together to tho distance, whore Capitaliste was done with. Sweet Sound afc this point ran up to the leaders, but as Kuddonly stopped, leaving tho issue with the three. Half-way up, Fordham, who had patiently waited with the heavy-weighted Paganini, now brought him to the quartors of Indian Ocean, and, getting the best of him in front of the stand, won a fine race by three-parts of a length ; Indian Ocean finishing half a length in advance of Miss Sheppard. Sweet Sound was fourth, Capitaliste fifth, Nightjar sixth, Rattlepate seventh, and John Davis, who pulled up lame next, Ionia, Cinderella, and Chivalry were tho last three tailed off.

Goodwood Cu o, value 300 sovs, added to a subscrip. tion of 20 each, h ft ; 2.J miles ; 33 subs.

Sir J. Hawley's Siderolite, by Asteroid, 4 yrs, Ost (Wells) 1 Mr. Savile's < hampton, 3 yrs, 7st 71b (Mnidinont) .. 2

Reeve's Pate, 3 yrs, 7st 31b (Wyatt) .S J. G. Hessey's Sabinus, 3 yrs, 7st IOU) (Hibberd) Sir J. Bawler's Morna. 4 yrs, Sst 101b (Morris)

Mr. "W. Nelson's Chowbacon, 3 yrs, "st 3)b(Jeffery)

Betting : Even on Sabinus, 2 to 1 agsfc Siderolite, 9 to 1 ngsfc Pate, and 20 to 1 agst Champion. Morna jumped away with n clear load for thc purpose of mak ing a paco for her stable companion, who followed some dozen lengths in her track, closely attended by Pate, Champion, Ohawbacon, and Sabinus in the order we have given them for a quarter of a mile, when tho favourite drew into third place, in whioh position they ran down tho hill and round the ' clump." Hero Ohawbacon suddenly dropped into tho extreme rear, and on tho horses reappearing in sight. Morna was lu's solo companion, having relinquished her lead to Siderolite, who came up the hill clear of Sabinus, with Pate and Champion side by side, lying Tip to within half a milo from home. Hero Hibberd was seen hard upon the favourite who immediately afterwards lost his placo, and his defeat was at once hailed from the stand and enclosure with loud and prolonged cheers. Champion, at tho same time, having disposed of Pate, ran up to Siderolite, and when fairly in the bottom obtained ft slight load, which he retained, amidst tho greatest excitement, to the centre of the stand, where Wells made his effort, and, getting up in tho last stride, won ono of tho finest races over witnessed by a head only i Pate finished a bad third. Sabinus trotted in fourth, Morna was fifth, and Ohawbacon, who broko down,