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p?eiii ry; Notice. Th. Prop rt -: _ ';., 'i ' a_ re wit;h 1uo r t it. h all n: - C E .- . r O u t . ,:I" r , _ i , 11 u _ o u. exep;iu!_ r-" te r us. ad eet, Ali heus?i.ou'i i,::iur andefet, C : =: , es 'i _; 'oul ry, Farm im plementl-: i, .:Yr ' :, etc. will be for ab1-olute s::e. - -:; i ;. :rotvi-ed. N.B.-At I I a.m on Date to be fixed. Iur her Particu:are next issue. BRODY & MASON A ucuto-er. etc., Frankston. FRANKSTON Bi-Weekly Market. This Market wil be Conducted in our Room: a!:d Yard-, adjoining Bay Street, 1st aild 3rd Wedgesday In Each Month, at 2 pnm. Sales of a I cl-ses of Farm Produce Poultry, and Live Stock conducted. BRODY AND MASON. N;.-.-Arrangements made to meet trains re consignments up to 12 o'clock on day of sale.-Prompt returns. B. & 11. BRODY & MASON MAP.K BRO-fY. W. P. MASON Sworn Valuator. Auctioneer, AUCTIONEER, Lanr, Zat;te; Insurance. Finance a. d (Genral Ccmissionf Agents. Farm and Cr:nard Salesmen, Fran. stoll. 3Atis ant 'bts Collectsed. Frivate a:: aTmtrary Loans arrangeo Firnisreý and :-frnished Ecuses BAY STREET FRANKSTON Agen'~ for Lonl .n and Lancashire Fire Insurance Io., City Mutual Firc Insurance Compas.y, Australian lMutual Live Strck Insurance Co., Perfection Stores, blue flame wick; Shell Motor Spirit, Lubricating Engine Oils, &c., &, Specialties-All Classes of Accountance Nork, Income and Land Tax Schedules Prepared 1Trade Books Balanced and Adjusted. BLODY aqi MASON AUCTIONEER, Etc., FRKA NK? T ON. Tunshiip Building Blocks, near railway station, Frar.kston ; also Beach Blocks from 5s per week, No Deposit, No Interest. 120 acres, 3 miles Frankston Station, well fenced,lightly timbered ,has 2 miles main road frontage, good agriculturalland £7 per acre, 50 acres First-class Orchard Land, nas 5 acres cl hred and ploughed, balance keavily timbered, 2- miles Frankston Station, main road. Price £8 per acre. Terms. Carrom Downs,3 miles from Carrum Station, 109 acres 1 rood 20 perches, good agricul:ural and dairying ; W.B House (good), Sheds, outbuildings; 15 acres under mxize; immediate possession. Price £22 per acre ; good terms. 330 acres, sub-divided,160acres cleared 100 acres undercultiration, small orchard W.B.Dwelling, outhouses, 3 miles Frank eton Station, main road-an absolute gif al, the money asked, viz., only £11 pe arre. INVESIMENT-BunildingBlocks nea new station between Frankston and Car rum. Easy purchase terms. Call an iee plans. Two cond 30 acre Farms to Lat. All necessary farm implements, horses, etc, Terms 3 or 5 years. Walter E. Webb, Licensed Surveyor NOEJRL?_ Y CAMIBERS. 430 Little Collins Street, M~ELBOURNE. Teleghone--3761 Central A. Herbert Holdswortli (LATI ou CHarr-err., Peama-i) New Addrede: :75 CREVILLE UT.,. PR#HRAN. . _. :·. 0TBER. Solicitor, ...... RANK STON....... MP AY be consulted atprivateresidence Mornington Road, or at Frank ston House, Bay Street. MIELBOURNE ADDRESS H. W. Hunt and Utber, Modern Chambers, 317 Collins-street Trust MIoneys to Lend on Mortgage OSTrON, OY& SON Ba-ruirs & Solicitors. VISITS Frankston, Hastings, Bittern sod district Every Saturday. MAlhn··" - ^'J-oss: 2 " PENFOLD HOUSE," Vo II4-116i OLT9EN STREET Ixu.ijsJ5. GRNE. ' Wood's Great Peppermint Cure, For Coughs and Colds, never faile, Is 6d

Egyes. k ' Cure. ups aian and Optometrist, 190 Collins St., Melbourne, Visits Frankston the Seeond Saturday in each Month, and may be consulted at Mrs Graham's Hoarding House. Date of Next Visit-Saturday, June 12th. Your Good Eyesight is your grcatest possession, That Dull Ache over the brows, round the temples, and sometimes at the base of the brain is a sure sign of eye strain. Nothing but Well Fitted Glasses will effect a lasting cure. But! the Glasses must be correct in every detail. I am Qualified by examinati.n, and have been at the same address for 21 years. Remember no time or trouble is spared, so if you want lasting results consult H. C. FISCHER, F.V.O.A.

urcial iOVrrulib?ll CUKE! CUKE !-' heap Winter 'Fies. is per Bag-Frankston Gas to F OR SALE.-CHAFF, I'rime £10 10s ; er Ton, any quantity, Cash-! H. SAGE. Morningten Junction. I kI L, 15, seeks Situation. Willing and obliging been out before --R P'ARt, Moondah, Frankston. PIGS WANTED (al;fo)-lHihelo price for good quality. Weight 120 Iba preferred. J. LLOYD and Soss Pro prietry Ltd., Bacon Curers, Cranleich., Frankston R.B. JA: KSON, of Somerville, wishes R. to draw attention to the fact that he has been appointed Agent for the MARS TON LIME AND ' EMisNT CO. The Iagricultural or Unburnt lime h,s been reduced to 1?s Gd per ton . Burnt Lime, 25s per ton. Booklets on application. SWE. P OH ! Des Wells, the L'cal Chimney Sweep is trepared to Sweep Chimneys at Reasonable Rates. Town or i Country. Addre: --Frankston. rT? LE'-At end of Mry, House, Land I and Orchard. close to Ilooroodue School, handy to Railway Station, on main road to Mornington. For terms and all particulars applu to Joss, " Spring Farm," SSiortodue. Municipal Notices. Shire of Frankston and Hastings. THE Shire Secretary will attend at Mechanics', Frakston tn Wed nesdays, 10.30 to 12, 1 30'to 3; Council Chamber Somerville, Fridays, sami times; Hastings, Tuesdays, same times ; for the col ection of Rates and other moneys. R.,tepayers are requested not to leave their Rates to the last day. JOHN E. JONES, Shire Secretary. Shire of Frankston and Hastings. 1 TOTICE is hereby given that at a - Meeting of the Council of the Shire of Frankston and Hastings held at the Shire rIa , Somerville, on Thursday, the 6-h dayof May, 1915, the said Council d.d agree to the fol lowing resolutions. that is to say: By-law No 24, being a by-law made in pursuance of the provisions of section 197 of the Local Govern ment Act, 1903, and numbered 24 for controlling and managing, and pre. serving Commdons and Pubic Re serves, of which the management is vested in the Council. Notice is hereby further given that a Meeting of the said council will be held at the Shire H all, Somerville, on Thursday, the 3rd day of June,!1915, at 10.30 in the forenoon, when the said, Resolu tion for passing the above by-law will be submitted for confirmation. Notice is also given that a copy of the above mentioned By-law has been depositod at Mr Shannon's Store, Playne Street. Frankston, and is open to the inspection of any person inter ested at all reasonable hours. Dated this seventh day of May, 1915 J. E. JONES, Shire Secretary. Shire of Frankston and Hastings. TENDERS, TENDERS are invited for the fol lowing works, returnab'e on Friday, 2ast May, at Mr Keast's Store, Somerville up to 12.30: 5 chains reforming, loaming and metal on top of Caldwtll's Hill. 5i chains and 2 chains of metal at foot of Hill and Cross roads. Two separate tenders, specifications at Somerville P.0, JOHN E. JONES, C Shire Secretary. a Shire of Frankston and Hastings. NOTICEis Hereby given that no Person will be entitled to be en rolled unless on or before the 10th day af June, 1915, all Rates in respect to their Properties have been paid. The Rate Colector will attend to receive Rates as under: Between 10:30 a m. and 4 p.m., on S Wednesday, 2nd June, at Frankston ; Thursday, 3rd, at Somerville (Council day); Friday 4th, and Monday, 7th, at Hastings; Tuesday and Wednes- T ay, 8th and 9th, at Frankaton; rhursday, 10th, at Somerville. JOHN E. JONES, A Shire Secretary.

Commonwealth Belgian Button Fund. A l'ullic Meeting wi 1 be held in the Mechanics' ILstitut', Frank -ton, or. Wednesday, 191h May (after Palri tic Meeting) to arrange for sale of Belgian Buttons on 'Button Day.' A~l invited to attend. W. J. OATES, Shire President, Convenor. Melr,H LNICS' IHALL, FRaNRSTON. Monday, 17th May. The Master Magician LINCO ! An Eutertainerof Royalty, and a Specially Selected Programme of Pictures. Popular Prices. W. E. WILLIAMIS, Bus. Manager. Westernport Progress As sociation. HASTINGS FISH CLUB. THE Committee of the above Associa tion hat arranged for a supply of fish at cost price, plus the cost of dis. tribution, for the members of the As sociation who become members of the Fish Club. Members of the Association who wish to enrol should send their names to Mr A. '1'. Denham. Hastings, from who m all particulars can h obtained. SIDNEY PLOWMAN, A. T.DENHAIM, Bor. Secs. Frankston Patriotic Fund. SIXTH LIST OF CONTRIBUTIONS. THE following amount will be forwarded to the Lord Mayor's Belgian Relief Fund: Amount previously aclknow ledgrd ... ..... .£192 14 9 Mrs Lewis and Miss Trenow. eth-proceeds of Continental Fete held at Ealmoral House 17 6 6 Ladies' Collecting Committee -First Instalment... .. 15 0 0 Langwarrin I ennisClub-Pro. coeds of Concert, £5 8s ; IMr and Mrs A. Corlett, £1 Is ; Mir C Corlett, £1 Is; Mr J, Archibald. 10s; A. Friend, 0Os: MIr H Oates, [Os; total 9 0 0 Mr G. W, Booth 1 t 0 Rev G. A. Kitchen-4 Monthly Subsriptions... ... ... 10 6 Mr G. H.. amer 5 0 MIr F. Renouf ... ... ... 5 0 Mrs Wheeler ........ ... 5 0 Mrs Anarews ... ... ... 5 0 623s 12 9 SIDNEY PLOWMAN,3 1 9 Hon. Treasurer, VICTORIAN ? RAILWAYS. IvtirSUPPLY OF FIREWOOD TENDERS are invited for the supply in contracts of not less than 100 I tons, of 10,000 tons of firewood at any station with accommodation within 50 miles of Melbourne. Particulars at Mornington Junction, Somerville, Hast ings, and Bittern stations P.D., £1 t each 250 tons. Tenders indorsed "Ten ders for firewood" niust be lodged, with the preliminary deposit, in the Tender Box, Railway Office, Melbourna, at or before Elevrn a.m. on Wednesday 26th May. No tender will necessarily be accepted. GED. H. SUTTON, Acting Secretary 3 PAINLESS EXTRACTION OF TEETH. or the Convenience of local and surrounding Residents I s, s, PlICE, a SURCEON DENTIST, r 1zo Bourke Street, w may be Consulted at W ;Garrood's Prince of Wales o Hotel on . Sunday morning 10 till 12.30 D By Appointment. w Perfectly Fitting Artificial af 'eeth. Absolutely Painless , Extractions. pc .ppointments by Letter to be Fi sent to City Address. K

Nothing extenuate, nor set doewn aught in malice' Telephone No. 6. Frankston. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY MORNING SATURDAY, MAY 15.

Frarkiston Patriotic Fund. A M ETING of the contributors to the above Fund will be held at the Mechanics' Institute Franksten on Wed nesdar May 19th at 8 p.m. Bosi.,ess:-Financial statement, Die. posal ,f funds in hand. A n:eetingof the.Presentation Fund Comrs ictee will be subsequently held Bus~inss.-Financial statement. CL?US. MAXWELL, President. SIDNEY PLOWMAN,. Hon Sec and Treasurer.

osttraedgone none kows where, t racks with me yesterday, I do declare, It racYed my cheat, my head was Bore, It',goe, I11 ne'er sete it morewas sore, What? Not a cough ?Y Yesa, for sare Lost when I used Woods' Peppermint Cure,

The State Savings Bank Victoria. (Guaranteed by the Government ci toria.) Blanches of the State Savingsi41 are now open! at Frankston and Morningfth Those who are already depostor in State Savings Banks may have theiri counts transferred to either of theseBrc:.I which will entitle them to withdraw? up to £20 on demand. New accounts may be opened by de? i ý ` ing any amount bet ween U\'E SHILi:L and n'AE "'`wOUSA\D pO1NU3, 1';1,. Interest--b per cent, pe au ie minimum monthly balance up to the ?`..,: £100, and 3 per cent on any exces? t 350. " .". GEO. E. EMERY Inspector-Ge'?e: Bead Office,3Melbourno 0. BROADBENT, Pluhter and Gasfttde SKYE ROAD, FRANKSTON. Tanks, Baths, and Troughs Mndi order at Melbourne prices. Windmills and Pumps Erected L Repaired. Oders may be left at this ~i e'. For Bronchial Coughs take Woods' Great Peppermint Cure, li: