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ESTABLISHED 1854. SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1918 THE Mayor was interviewed during the week by a deputation of citizens request'ng him to preside at the meeting of the Strength of Empire movement on August 1 in the Mechanics' Hall. A petition, signed by over 300 local citizens backing up the deputation, was also presented. The Mayor has declined to pre-ide, as he states the matter is a palitical one and does not come under the Council's jurisdiction,. His attitude in this matter is hard to under stand, as the Mayor is not expected to ha a partisan. and in this instance he was oily asked to preside in his official capacity. .2 he July monthly meeting of the U.F.S. Association took place last Wednesday night, when a good attendance of members was present. Reports on the shooting, &c., were given by the president. The follow ing matches have been finished :-Yarra ville, Post Office and Gas Co. Matches are to take place with Trafalg..r, A.B.A., LO.R., Court Williamstown, Post Office (return), Gordon, Perseverance, Nelson. Other business was the formation of a Ser. v:e Rifle Club. and the renewal of the dentist's agreement A.letter of congratu lation is to be sent to the Dispensary Com mittee on their success in forming the Medical Institute. It was also agreed to give assistance to the Hospital Caroivl. Mrs McDermott, "Melbourne- road, has received a private cable stating that her son Roy Hollins has gained his commission at Trinity College, Cambridge. He enlisted in November, 1914, and left as corporal on 6 h May, 1915, with 5th reinforcemeots to 4th L H. - Leiving Egypt for Gallipoli in July, 1915, he remained till the evacuation. He went to France in June, 1916, and was attached to the 2nd Anzac Mounted Regi ment, His brother, Corporal Allan Holline, is a motor despatch rider with the 3rd Dir 8Big. Co., and has been on service in. France nearly two years. Bo h boys were pupils at the Central State School. Judging by- some Intelligence reach Ing the council on Tuesday. night,. various spots about. the .wleat stacks are being used systematically as sani tary - depots.. The town inspector recently Vilited the- locdiltfies and' re -ported thereon. As the Railway Commissioners are 'fshortly-'paying` a visit, it is likely thattbeilr attentidn may be drawii to:this nimenace to the public health. Constable-. Peaihli told Tuesday's court that, while on' licensing duty -at 9.30 p.m. on June-15, he had-occasion to visit the Newport Hotel wittl Con stable Brooks. Hle knocked at the side door for about five- minutes. Fall ing, he moved to the corner of the hotel. Brooks, more fortunate,. had been admitted, but the door was shut again. Just then he noticed a man hiding behind a picket fence. A little after he noticed the two defendants, George Taylor and Percy Jones, look ing through the iron gate. One of them said, "I aam here to get an order for Monday morning." When the other man was-asked for an explanation his reply was, "Oyster!" .(Laughter.) De fendants, who pleaded guilty, were fined 20/- each, in default distress. The work of the Australiar Pioneers in France is highly spoken of, as the following letter from the Chief Engi neer. will show:-"I cannot allow you and your fine battalion, the 2nd Aus tralian Pioneers, to leI've this area without expressing my ?sincere admira tion and thanks for the excellent work you have done on the forward roads east of Ypres. The importance of these roads cannot be over-estimated. as they contributed in a large measure to" our recent successes. I have again aind again admired the pluck and courage with which your battalion. both officers and men, faced the deadly shell fire which daily greeted them. Your, losses have been heavy, but the battalion, regardless of them, carried out its duties in the face of the worse the 'Huns could do. I am proud to have been in any way associated with the 2nd Australian Pioneer Bat talion " At Tuesday's court Mr. Knight, P.M., read a fair-haired youth named Shugg a severe lecture on petty theft. and then adjourned the case for six months. With a companion since dead, he had gone -to Gray's slipwny collecting old iron, intending to dispose of it to some secondhand dealer. On the way, however, they discovered themselves confrd?ted by Constable Simpson. Wednesday last was a happy, day with the Women's Christian Temper- ance Union. Mrs.,. Ball, of . Yarra street. gavg a well-prepared Bible les ion; Miss Lily Simmons gave a song, "Only )ne Mother," and a. gentleman volunteer gave an inspiring h. mun. After tea was served, girls and boys, who had a general invitation, trouped in, and a branch of the "League of Hope" was formled, about 20 being enrolled, subject to their pareists' approvaL Mrs. Smith (Curtlstreet) was elected president. The next meeting day is to be Wednes day, ??J?uly 31. KAY'S '"LINSEED . COM POUND," 'rfor Coughs aid "Colds, loosens phlegm, allays irritation.