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Early Recollectloms. WOMEN PRISONERS IN CHAINS. " I saw women prisoners at Williams town in 1854 with chains on their legs," Mrs M. Lennox, an old lady of 75, recently told one of our State legislators. " My father was Captain J. D. Liddell. He came out here in 1830 and took the Hentys to Portland in 1831. I have a Bible bought at the Melbourne Exhibition, the first one-opened in 1854. I saw the first train run in Victoria I likewise saw the first gold ship leave these shores - it was the Royal Charter." As she is 67 years a colonist, having arrived in 1850, the old lady has witnessed any number of remarkable changes. She has lost her son at the war and naturally she feels it. She possesses a parasol, purchased in 1859, which she says "It is not torn yet." Referring agan to the Royal Charter she expressed a belief that that valu able ?argoed vessel never reached old Englandi " When I first. arrived here" she added" there were not many houses in Melbourne." "

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