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WILLLAMSTOWN LACROSSE CLUB. Ir is now a considerable time- at the cl.ose of last cricket season-since we advocated the formation of a lacrosse club, and altough so much time has el., sed since then the suggestion has gr.;dually gained ground and popularity -untilit has now culminated in the fo::nation of a club. It has been with pl:easure that we have been able to record that practices would be held. fro:a week to week, and that .onie. m,.tch had been played, with the result that now a fairly good c?mbination exi 's. But meantime they, were disc: unected gatherings -with no ap poi:: ted head-although Mr H. Radford has been mutually regarded as such to direct affairs. It was therefore dec'led to call a meeting to arrange all details in connection with the form:uation of a club, and which was accordingly held Tuesday evening, in the -choolroom of the Baptist Church. It i oiv being the end of the season, the proceedings were of a purely formal character-the object being to have eve ything in thorough working order for next season. Mr Radford was elected to the chair, and Mr°C. F. Scott secretary, pro tem. The principal motion of the evening, "that those prereut unite under the name of the Williamstown Lacrosse Club" was moved by Mr J. Waycott, and unanimously adopted. The colors decided upon by the club are blue, yell,w and white, distributed as follo vs-blue guernsey, yellow band acroes right shoulder and under the left arm, white knickers and blue stockings. In connection with the practices it was decided to 'elect a captain and vice-captain, pro ten., to superintend the play; Mr Radford and Mr A. Whitney respectively were elected. Active proceedings are being taken to arrange a match to be played in the town before. the end of the season to give those who have not seen the game played before an opportunity of .witnessing this interesting pastime. We sincerely wish the club success and hope to see it in full swing in connection with the Victorian Lacrosse Association next season.

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