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PRIMARY PRODUCERS' UNION FORMATION OF BRANCHES "The formation of branches of tile Primary Producers' Union is proceed. ing rapidly," states Mr. J.. J. 1I.1l, general secretary of the Primary Pro ducers' Union. "The work," lhe says, "is largely being done by a number of honorary organisers. In some cases branches are heing established Iby the local people on their own initiative. An interesting feature is that even in those places where branches of the V.F.U. hare, by resolution, declared loyalty to the old body, branches of the P.P.U. are being started. Recent cases in point are Swan Hill and Ken mare." The report of the secretary of the Kelnmare branch P.P.U. is interesting, and is as follows : "Thie strength of the V.F.U. ,branchl here prior to tihe Ballarat conference wass J2. At a meeting hold to hear the conference delegates' report, it was decided to hold a meeting and t?k? vote of memhers as to whether theIy :were. in favor of composite Governments or other. wise. The vote resulted twelve in favor and seven agaiUst (nineteen members prsoent). There were also a number present who were not eligible to vote. At a subsequent meeting convened by Mr. J. M[cMIillan of all interetted ig the formation of a brionch of the P.P.U. fifteen attended, iand all becam luinancial members of the branch forined'-'at thalt meetisng. We hsave ua memborship of at least 25, and should have a much stronger position thann the V.F.U. branch." This report, Mr. Hall states, is typi cal of those being received from other places:. Branches that have been formed since last report are Kyabram; Wyuna, Tongala, Woorinen, Annuello, Women, Sea Lake, Borriwillock, Wee. rap and Nypo. Branches of tile Women's section P.P.U. are also be. nlog ustalished, the first to come into oiistence being Warracknabeal;- The conference of the ieomon's section will t be held concurrently with that of theo men's section in Septeonber.