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Colonial iaetos.


We have received Port Phillip papers to the lath October. The influenza appears to be very general throughout the province.

Revival of Immigration.-The want of labour is ringing through the colony, and the fears of a deferred supply are already begin- ning to exhibit themselves in every part of this district, engaging the attention of all. Fol- lowing in the wake of the Colonial Parliament, the colony is now stirring in all parts of the

middle district; the most determined agitation

is being prepared for, and as for Port Phillip j (which was never yet hindmost in a good | cause), a most extended and effective line of | operations has been commenced. Let us there- fore entreat our fellow-colonists to agitate. Ere this the circulars of the Melbourne immi- gration Committee are scattered through the xountry by the agency of the press. Let not a moment be lost in drawing up and signing petitions upon the subject. It is one of interest to all ; therefore let all strive to accomplish so desirable an object.-Herald.

Turtle.-On Sunday last, two boatmen, on landing at the beach on the other side of Wil- liam's Town, discovered a fine turtle on the sand, but not knowing what it was, they fool- ishly killed it on the spot.-Herald, Oct. 14.

Wilful Murder.-On Tuesday and Wed- nesday the Supreme Court was occupied with the trial of John Healy, James Francis, and George Savage, for the murder of James Ritchie, at Gipps Land, on May 27th. Healy was found guilty, and the other two men were acquitted. -Herald, Oct. 14.

The Influenza. -This epidemic has not confined its ravages to the human species; the   feathered tribe have particularly been subjected to its fatal effects, as the numerous dead car- cases of fowls lying in almost every thorough- fare in town will amply testify. - Argus.

~ Geelong.-The Influenza.-This com-

plaint is so very general, that there are few people who are not afflicted more or less severely. The complaint appears to attack children of all ages with so much violence that many at the present time are in a very pre- carious state. The gentlemen of the medical profession have rather more than they can do just now, and two of them are under the in- fluence of an affection they are hourly called upon to relieve. - Geelong Advertiser.

Seymour.-The weather has been extremely close and unhealthy during the past week, and that scourge, the influenza, is still in the as- cendant. A male child, in arms, the son of Mr. Peacock, on the other side the river, died from its effects on Wednesday last. The abo- rigines have taken the alarm, and removed their mia-mias, remarking, " White fellow too much sick, patter too much jumbuck."-Cor- respondent of the Argus.

Cattle Sale.-This week Mr. Ryrie, find- ing his run too thickly stocked, disposed of 1,000 head of horned cattle at 30s. per head. Mr. Neil Black was the purchaser.-Herald,

Oct. 14.

No íLvnds to the Pumps.-An ingenious contrivance has been arranged at the Prince's Bridge by Mr. Lennox, who is superintending the arrangements there, for the pumping up of water from the Yarra. It consists of a large wheel fitted with float-boards, which are acted upon by the current of the river, and the wheel caused to revolve, carrying with it a belt which passes over a small drum whose axle is cranked, and carries with it a lever acting on the brake of a force-pump, by which a con- stant stream of water is kept up without the expenditure of any labour.-Patriot.

Lost Labour.- Certain new chums, pro- bably of the Pentonville class, made an attempt al burglary on the Patriot office last night at, as Paddy would say, three o'clock in the morn- ing. Why we believe the vagabonds to be " new chums" must be obvious to the majority of our readers ; for who but a " Johnny Raw" of the " rawest" genus would expect to find as much of the circulating medium as would buy cheese for a mouse in a newspaper office. The fellows got into the front office, where they were fortunate enough to find two tin sockets, an almanac, a pannikin of paste, Callaghan's Acts, a cotton umbrella, and a map of the world. The furious barking of some dogs aroused the overseer, who disturbed the robbers, but they escaped.-Patriot, Oct. 14.

Melbourne Markets.-Grain : Accounts

from Sydney of the continuance of the drought in that district have raised the price of wheat here this week to 5s. per bushel, and occa- sioned the appearance of a great number of buyers in the market-indeed so great is the inclination to speculate in wheat at present, that offers of 5s. per bushel for the growing crop have been made and accepted.-Hay: There has been but a small quantity of hay brought to market during the week, and the prices vary according to quality, from £3 10s. to £4 15s. per ton, and the average price may be quoted at £4 5s.-Argus, Oct. 15.