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Meringue cake recipes

I yiXEY-THREE entries were received in the recipe competition for merin j ^ gue (or Pavlova) cake, a popular sweet for party fare. Several of the

recipes are exactly the same-some requiring four egg-whites, and others I three. Instructions in some instances are rat'her more "complicated" than ¡ in others. Prize of £1 goes to Mrs. M. F. Lee, 162 Main st., Ulverstone, i whose straightforward and tested recipe is as follows:

I 4 egg whites, pinch of salt,

'i lb. sugar (preferably cas tor), 1 desser(spoon cornflour 1 teaspoon vanilla essence, 1 dessertspoon vinegar, 3 ban anas, 3 passionfruit, lemon juice.

Beat egg-whites stiffly with ¿alt. add sugar gradually, and continue beating until mixture is smooth and holds its shape. Fold In cornflour, then vanilla ft" ml vinegar. Gröase an 8-inch

sandwich tin well,, dust lightly with cornflour, pour 1" meringue mixture and hollow centre slightly. Bake in very .slow oven 1 1-4 to l'i hours, until dry and crisp. Remove from tin carefully. When quite cold, lill with sliced bananas liberally sprinkled with lemon Juice, and top with passion fruit pulp. Servo with whipped

cream or Ice cream.

V * *

Mrs. S. Ii. Dart (Wynyard) I and .Miss G. Tankard (Shef ! field) give thc following te?t> I td directions:

Reverse an 8 or 9-ineh sand wich tin and grease it. Cover with greased paper and let the cold waler tap run on paper for a second or two. Shake off .surplus water (the slight amount ls to keep the mixture in the centre soft, like marsh mallow). Place 4 egg-whites. 12 ozs. castor sugar, pinch oí .salt and 4 teaspoons cornflour in a basin, and whisk well together for a few minutes. Stand basin in saucepan of warm water and beat with

rotary beater until water boils or the meringue "crusts" around side of basin. Remove from heat, beat until cool, add vanilla flavoring to taste, and coloring, If liked. Pile mixture on to prepared paper and hollow out centre hlightly, or loree mixture through a forc ing bag. and rose pipe on to the paper. Bake in cool oven, lt mp. 275 deg. F. gas 300 deg. F. elrctric. for 1 1-4 hours.

Turn off heat and allow to remain lu oven ««til oven is cold. To serve, lill centre with rieh custard made from the four egg yokes, or with fruit

salad, Ice cream or whipped cream garnished with any 1 fruit in season*.

# * *

In her tested marshmallow

meringue, Mrs. II. Hodgson, j - Queenstown, uses a small

quantity of baking powder.

Here is her recipe: i

4 egg whiles* "pinch salt. 4

tablespoons sugar (preferably j castor), 1 teaspoon vinegar, 3' teaspoons baking powder, any flavoring desired.

Turn a cake tin upside down and grease bottom. Dampen n piece of brown paper and place over it. Beat egg-whites very st iffy. Add sugar. 1 tea spoon at a time, beating con tinually as for n .sponge. Stir pi vinegar, then baking powder. Pile on to brown paper on tin, and place in bottom of oven at about 350 deg.

Place a slide on top rac':, and turn current oír. If own is too cool, the meringue be comes sticky. Cook about two hours or until outside ts firm to touch. When firm turn up side down on to a cake dish, and return to oven with door open for about 10 minutes. The meringue does not shrink when cooled slowly. The bak ing powder keeps it in shape, and makes fluffy marshmallow Inside. Before serving, place cream on top ns desired. If not needed at once, put the mer ingue In an airtight tin. Usc ; the foregoing recipe as ft basis

for delicious party cakes or

sweets, as follows:

Strawberry Pavlova: Top with cream flavored with strawberry pulp and a little castor sugar. For decorative effect the cream may bc forced through an Icing machine, and plied high on top in a swirl. Fresh strawberries are used for extra gala prettiness.

Variations are passionfruit pulp In thc cream, and a little on top: pineapple: loganbet vies; paw-paw mashed and flavored with, sugar; crystal lised cherries chopped aili used with sherry and bananas; any fruit salad topped wltli cream, and small meringe placed around sides; crean: flavored with rum. and decora ted with cherries and angelica Serve the cake with a slice oi spoon. It is more easily cato: with a snoon than a fork.

.y. -V *

Mesdames E. W. Kim:. Mil abena: H. F. Oliver. Devon port; C. M. Carey, Nook: Mtv ses V. Preece. Upjxr Burnie and Dorris King. Myalla, wit; many others, have forwarder whites of 3-eggs tested recipe which aro "much cf a much ness" as follows

"Let 3 cgg-whltcs and plncl of salt stand for a few min utes, then beat to a very stn froth with rotary beater. Grad

nally add C 02?. castor sugar and bent until smooth, until mixture will hold Its shape when formed Into peaks. Add

I vanilla essene.* to flavor, and j

1 dessertspoon vinegar. Put mixture on to greased paper and plaça In coo], pvcrr (SOO cit-gn fïèttrlc), and cook slowly

for 2 hours. When cold; deco

rate with whipped cream and