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Ensuring safety

of air routes

MELBOURNE.-A major job in ensuring the safety and efficiency of international passenger flights has been completed by delegates to the South Pacific conference of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, now near ing its conclusion in the Melbourne University.

Delegates on thc Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services Committee have reached agreement on "cutting up" large spaces of land and sea hitherto untouched by air traffic into flight-information regions, or regions where air craft are the responsibility of fiiRht-information centres.

Special attention has been paid to the route covered by the recently-opened service

between Australia and Johan nesburg (South Africa), via Cocos Island. The southern boundary of the Ceylon flight information region has been extended southwards to cover Cocos Island, so that only a comparatively small region Ls left, roughly in the ;iiddle of the Indian Ocean, where the supply of weather information and other services to aircraft crews is not the responsibility of any flight-information cen tre. This, however, has been overcome in oractice.

When an aircraft leaves Perth for South Africa, it heads north-westerly in reg ions where the supply of thc necessary data is the respon sibility of Australian flight information centres before passing "out of Australian hands" and Into the Ceylon P.I.R.. which now covers Cocas Island. After departing from Cocos Island, it soon leaves the Ceylon P.I.R. and shortly passes into regions which are the responsibility of South Africa.

LAUNCESTON- A man told a Launceston pollco sergeant that he lind had 140 beers-but Inter said that If he was going to be charged he lind better make it 139. Scnr.-Const. L. W. Turner, prosecuting, told the court this yesterday.

Before Mr. D. T. Oldham. P.M., was Ronald Alfred Camp bell, of Pateena, charged with riding a bicycle while under the Influence of drink. Ho was lined £5. with 2/6 costs.

Sgt. K. C. Johnson saw Campbell having difficulty In starting off on his bicycle.