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PORT WALCOTT. ♦' ' ' .-. The Hgttety and the Albert arrived atf Fremantle from Tiea Tan Harbour on Monday, the former vessel having been fifty-three days at sea. She left Port Walcott on the 1st November, and7 experienced contrary winds, which gradually drove her off land for about 650 miles. She fortunately met with a brig named the Btmtu/mede, bound from Greenoek to Java, which supplied the crew and passengers with a small quantity of provisions, bat which proved not sufficient to last them to port. They had abundance of water, but the food on board bad all been consumed nine days before they reached Fremantle; and the crew and passengers were compelled to subsist on dried bullocks' hides, which formed part of the vessel's cargo, Several passengers have returned from Nicfcol Bay for the purpose of investing in stock. Both vessels are fully freighted with wool and pearl-shells; while as many as a hundred bales of wool and several tons of shells were ready to be Bent up by the next vessel Beyond a few slight showers so rain bad fallen in the district for many months; yet the sheep and aU descriptions of stock continued to look in first-rate condition. The wool-dip bad turned out very satis* feetdry, but from scarcity of water, the wool was shorn in the grease. Ho mortality amongst the stock had occurred from lack of water ; but the flocks had frequently to be shifted to take advantage of the sur&ce water. All apprehension of serious incon venience from the absence of rain was vanishing on the departure of tbo Mbert,fcam the lowering of the clouds, which indicated a heavy fell of rain. Many of the settlers were preparing to embark in the pearl fishing trade, in which already a large number of parties are engaged. From the report of the Govern ment Resident at Port Walcott, we learn. that the year's clip of wool comprised 364 bales, and that the number of sheep in the district was 36,000. Nearly 50 tons of pearl shells bad been secured. Two men had been lost in the bush near the Robe River. The natives had given some trouble on the DeQrey, and had to be driven off. The Nbw Couhojx. — We understand that His Excellency the Governor forwards to the Colonial Office by the out-going Mail, the nomination for the new Council es follows-.— Messrs J. Q. C. Carr, Walter Bateman, W. L. Broctanan, J. G. Lee Steere, S. P. Phillips. J. W. Haroey. Cbtmdtai. Cauotdab. — The following cases have been entered for trial at the Criminal Sittings of the Supreme Court, .commencing on Thursday, 2nd January : — Henry Gobs, charged with stealing gin from the Arabian at Garden Island ; William Nelson, expiree, charged with bestiality at York; Cornelius Newman, c.p, charged with stealing a coat at York Racecourse; and Joseph Smith, stealing ram at Northern; and Ttired and Guerrier, aboriginal na tives, charged with the murder of native boy Charley, at Talie, in October, 186a