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THE RAPE FOR THE DERBY.-The Derby Stakes of 50 sovs. each, h. ft., for three year-olds; colts, 8st. 71bs. ; fillies, 8st. 21bs. Last mile and a half. 188 subs.

Mr. Pedley's Cossack (Templeman)... 1 Mr. Bnu verie's War Eagle.2 Lord Ellington's Van Tromp.3

Started, hut not placed .-Conyngham, Red Hart, Limestone, Mr. Martin, Halo, Not- tingham, Wanota, Oxonian, Planet, Gabbler, Crozier, Signet, Resolution, Deloraine, Mont- pelier, Aliwal, The Liberator, Cbainbearer, The Questionable, Bingham, Epirote, Belle rnphon, Good Coin, The Admiral, Mirmillo, Pantomime, Christopher, Old Port, and Clarendon.-Gabbler took the lead, with Cos»nck, Conyngham, and War Eagle in clo»e attendance ; but had scarcely re.icbed the top ol' the hill when Cossack went in advance, and look a lead of three lengths, leaving Gabbler in the second place, Conyng- ham and War E>gle next ; Wanota, Mir- millo, and Epirote at the bead of the ruck, .in the centre of which lay Van Tromp, Lime-

stone, Halo, Red Hart, Mr. Martin, ana Bingham. When a few strides beyond the Old Mile-post Gabbler dropped off, and Mir- millo gave way and joined the ruck, Van Tromp meanwhile moving forwards. On rounding tbe top turn Wanota retired, and it was quite evident f hat the pretensions of Epirote, Limestone, Hilo, Red Hart, Mr. Martin, Bingham, and the long tail behind them were quite disposed of. Cossack con- tinued to lead most triumphantly, and shouts of '. Cossack !" "Cossack!" were exultingly vociferated amidst the din of deafening cheers. At the road Conyngham was beaten, and War Eagle took second place, with the Dutchman crowding all sail in his wake. Mirmillo, meanwhile, showed again in front of the ruck, but with r.o chance of obtaining a more forward position. War Eagle waited on Cossack to the half distance, where he made a mo-t vigorous effort, and for ii mo- ment got to Cossack's shoulder, but be gave way at the stand, and was eventual!}' beaten cleverly by a length. Van Trorrip was a bad third, three or four lengths separating him from the second. Mr. Martin fourth, Halo fifth, and Limestone next. Mirmillo was about eighth ; Oxilian lay in the middle of the ruck at starting, and remained there to the finish. The race was run in a good old fashioned style, Cossack having been in advance nearly from end to end, beating the same horse that he beat at Newmarket, and by precisely the same distance. Run in 2 min. 52 sec. Total amount of the stakes, £5,450.- Sunday Times, May 23.

THE RACE FOR THE OAKS.-The Oaks Stakes of 50 sovs. each, h. ft., for three year olds fillies, 8st. 71b. each; last mile and a half. 152 subs.

Sir J. Hawley'» Miami (Templeman).. 1 Mr. Pay tie's Clementina.2 Captain Harcourt's Ellerdale.3

Started hut not placed:-Cast-steel filly, So Nice, Kite, Lady Lurewell, Gamelass filly, Sultana, Slander, Cosachia, Maria Louise, Exhortation, Vanity, Luminous, Joyful, Nan nette filly, Noiseless, Maniac, Brown Bess, Lady Lilt, Alsatia, Maid of Motherwell. At the first signal the start was effected in

most admirable order. After her stable com- panion Vanity had made a somewhat vain display in front for the first two hundred yards, Miami was on with the lead, Cosachia lying at her shoulder; Ellerdale, Sultana, Luminous, and Clementina forming the rank in advance of the ruck which streamed

on with magnificent effect over the top of Ihe hill. Rounding the turn, Ellerdale showed in front, followed by Cosachia, Miami taking the third place; Luminous, Clementina, Sul- tana, Slander, Gamelass filly, and Joyful well together in her wake ; and in this way they ran until the road was crossed, when Miami resumed the lead, with Ellerdale and Cosa- chia in close attendance, Clementina, mean- while, drawing towards the front. When half way between the road and the distance post, Clementina succeeded in her efforts to pass Cosachia and Ellerdale, and took second place. Shouts of "the favourite wins-the favourite wins !" then burst forth in thrilling concert. 'Miami, however, continued to near her colours triumphantly in advance; and,

amidst the cheers of the excited multitude, was landed hy the doubly fortunate " Sim," first by a length-Clementina beating Eller- dale by a length, and the latter about the same distance in advance of Cosachia, who was fourth, but not placed; Slander fifth, Gamelass filly sixth, and Sultana seventh. The last three of the " extensive tail" were Brown Bess, Vanity, and Maniac. Run in 2 min. 54 sec. Total amount of the stakes, £4,425. Sir Joseph Hawley declared to win with Miami.-Sunday Times, May 23.

RACE .FOR THE CHESTER CUP.-The Tradesman's Purse of 200 sovs. in specie, added to a Handicap Sweepstakes of 25 sovs. each-15 forfeit; about 2£ miles; 176 subs., 69 of whom declared, and paid 5 sovs. each. Mr. Drinkald's St. Lawrence, aged, 7st.

101b. (Ford). 1 Mr. Gully's Mendicant, 4 yrs., 8st. 2 Capt. Pettat'sNewcourt, aged, 7st. 101b.. 8

Started, but not placed :-Inheritress, Dul- cet, Annandale, Queen of Tyne, Arthur, Princess Alice, Tom Tough, Master Downes, Mickey Free, Rubin Burns, Plaudit, Marian Ramsay, Flahowlagh, Cherry, Emigrant, Farthing Candle, Camera Obscura, Erin-go Bragh, Mermaid, The Lamb, HeadHinnn, Clermont, Ratcliffe, Lord Saltoun, Regalia, and Chatterbox.-The Race.-Tin» moment the signal wa» given, away they uent in the best manner possible; never was a finerstart accomplished. For the first hundred yards Camera Obscura had a slight lead, but the work began in earnest with Chatterbox, New court lying second, Camera Obscura third, Farthing Candle fourth, Cherry fifth, Enn go-Bragh, Arthur, and Mickey Free bringing up the ruck, in the centre of which lay Mendicant and St. Lawrence-Annandale the last of the troop. On reaching the Ship- yard-turn, Erin-go-bragh rushed to the Iront and made strong running, and on going along the Dee side of Ihe course he liad a clear lead of a length, Newcourt lying next, Chat- terbox at the latter's quarters, and Farthing Candle fourth ; Arthur separating the front rank from the centre, which at this point consisted of Cherry, Dulcet, Princess Alice, Mickey Free, Mendicant, and St. Lawrence. The Lamb wa« last but three, on the outside, and was evidently out-paced, and without a chnnce of reaching her horses; Robin Burns and Flahowlagh the last two. Erin-go-Biagh coi.iinued to lead to the Bridge turn the second time round, no change of moment having occurred in the relative position» of the horses in immediate attendance upon bim, »iib the exception of Arthur's having run into the third place. Chatterbox dropping into the rear. At the Bridge turn, however, the final preparation to decide the momentous question caused changes ibat produced the most intense interest and anxiety. Newcourt was seen in front, and "Newcourt! New court!" was shouted with almost frantic exultation by a thousand tongues at once. Meanwhile, the Saint and Mendicant were seen drawing up, but the latter had to go round her horses, and consequently lo«t the advantage she might otherwise have secured. Newcourt rounded the Castle pole turn most gallantly with the lead, but in the next slrhie or two was caught by the Saint, and headed. At the distance, Mendicant came out-New court gave way-Mendicant reached the Saint's quarter», challenged him at the stand, but was defeated, after a most exciting and beautiful contest, by half a neck. A couple of lengths between the Becond and third j Farthing Candle fourth, Tom Tough fifth, Erin-go-Bragh sixth, Inheritress seventh. Annandale, Mermaid, Marian Ramsay, The Lamb, and Clermont, forming the " extreme rear." Total amount of the stakes, 2.440' sovs. Run in 4 min. 14 esc-Swiday Times, May 2.

SEWARD AND WESTHALL'S RACE.-EX- TRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE.-On Monday last the 120 yards race between George Se- ward (the American Wonder) and Charles Westhall, for 25 sovs. a side, was decided on the enclosed ground of the celebrated Mrs. Emerson's hostelry, the Old Hat, Ealing. At the first attempt to get away Seward made a slip, and went down on one knee, inflicting aslightinjury on the skin ; in a minute after- wards, however, be was again at his post, and after thirteen false starts, the men broke away at a Iremendous pace. For filly yards they were neck and neck; Seward then in- creased the pace, but Westhall was nuable lo keep up with him any longer, every bound that Seward made left his opponent farther in the rear. At one hundred yards the Ame- rican was so certain of victory that he partly turned himself round and coolly beckoned Westhall on ; the latter struggled ineffectu- ally to catch Seward, who ultimately ran in an easy winner by three yards. The distance was run in 11^ seconds-a feat hitherto un- precedented in the annals of foot racing, and which completely sinksinto insignificance all the doings of the first-rate men that ever ap- peared in public. Seward has thus, at three different distances, made such time as never before was thought of ; in his 100 yards race with the renowned Robinson, of Newton Moor, he ran in an easy winner in 9 seconds y his 200 yards contest with Westhall was per- formed in 19| seconds ; and be has since run 120 yards in 11$ seconds, as noticed above ; thereby proving himself the fastest runner on record, and well worthy the confidence that has always been reposed in him by his spirited backer* Westhall, although defeated, is not disgraced, and we should think is now quite satisfied that George Seward is too much for him.-¡Sunday Times, May 9.

Printed and published by RICHARD JOKE»,

at the " Maitland Mercury" Office, High street, West Maitland.