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The ".¡jusOíli.., Tliursduy ..vening.

Although commercial iill-ira ure somewhat quiet ao far us large or speculative ir.uu.c tiona are m ijue-tion, the fcctm_ Kuma ground that, owins partly to the great nae in Jrei_hts from 3-iinluud and partly to the large consumption which is now going on, the mar kel» willI shortly rnllyund that lhe remainder of the year will be marked by incrcused activity and by firm if not rising price». The poat ponement of the reviaion of the turill, to an- other 1-rliainentary session will also tend to improve the tone of the markets, protracted discussions of propoaed alterations of duties being adverse to the existence of a eeltled

state of affairs

'lhe judgment of tho Supreme Court ot New South Wale» m tho appeal case /.¡/on. v. Hoffnung, to which we referred on Tuesday mumm., .as published in niano in the Sj/dneu Morning Herald of loth m.t, cover m_ eight columns. The report is rendered valuable to merchants, owing to Mr. Justice Winde) er in lus judgment going full) into the luw on the right ot stopp ige in traniitu.

From tho A'eU) Zealand Trade Renew of 8th inst. we leam that for tho yi'ar ended -Oth June last the exports from the colony amounted to £7,213, 113, us against £G,U .2 15(> for the previous jeir, tlie lúcrense bein,; __i;.,2.V- Imports amounted to £_,___,___, nguiiist£G,__l,70i,n decrease of £10,141 being shown, llxporta exceeded imports br £-02,8,2. It should be noted thut, relatively to population, Kew Zealand ia -tie lurgcst ex- porter of the Auatraliiaiun group of colonies, und that her revisingprosncrit) is occasioned by productiveness, and is therefore likely to prov e stable. The dev elopment of the export trade in meats and dairy produce ia onl> just commencing, longland offering an ni moat

boundless held.

The grnin markets baie been unusually dull, the demand for feed grains especially being at a standstill pending cllect being given to the wish of the -ovcrnment to recall their budget proposais, \\ heat has not been in demand, the millers being satisfied at present, and quotations are rather nominal at Is. -d. to Is. Gd. '1 he latter price is, however, easily obtum. able for serviceable purcels of prime Wim- mera. 'Hie Corbet Castle has cleared for the United Kingdom te day with about 19,000 bags. There are six other vessels to follow, tho departure of moat of which wouli be accelerated it the Hallway Commissioners could lind the trucks required lor bringing the wheat down from the country, Tho extremely feeblo railway re- sources act in tho restraint of trade. It is not easy to quote Urn. values for feed grains. New Zealand oats aro quoted tentatively at Us. 8d. to 3s Ud ; Capo barley is almost quiescent at .» ; for maize _s Ud. is named. A parcel of .00 bags peas has been sold at 39. delivered, liran is quoted lower at lid. to ll_d., with transactions at the ionuer


At and Immediately after the auction of sugar held this moronic SOO packages slightly ilumng-d Mauritius sugar were disposed of at £'2_ to £2210> , the prices, taking quality into consideration, being very full. Upwards of 2,000 mats Java yellows wto also disposed of at £21. l'rlvatcly, 100 boxes tablet sugar ha« been placed at £35 10a. From the New Zealand Trade Review of Sth September, wo leam that tlie Janet Nicol had arrived with 78. tons Queensland sugar for Nel- son, Lyttelton, Dunedin, and Wellington. Owing to the (treat advance in the price of coal, the ">i0uial Sugar Keflning Company

have to day announced an advance of 10s. per ton, to take effect at once. Their prices are

now £23 10s. tor brewers' crystals and No 1 extra, £2S for No 1A and No. 1, £22 for No. 2, and £20 for No. 3 The wholesale houses have responded by making asimilar advance. Business 'in tea has been fairly active We note aaleB of 000 boxes common congous,

100 half chests saryunes at 9Jd., and 2.0 half chests p.nyongs at lOd to lO.ci. There is a little more doing in chemicals, but the Btoc-8 of several leading lines being large pneesare rntherweak Snlesofcreamoftartar have been made at Is. 3Jd , and of tartane acid at Is SjVl. Chemicals serviceable for the summer Benson will soon be coming into request. In fish we note a moderate demand for miirter sardines, with buvers of good French brands at 3s 7M., and Bellers at 3s. Od. Sales of fresh herrings have been made at and up to Ga. Gd , according to brand. New ling ot prime quality has been sold at up to 4Jil. Old ling is fetching up to '¿id. according to qu.hty. American cod is firmer, the consumption increasing. Dried fruits have been in trade request

Currants are a shade firmer, good fruit not being procurable nt less than 1¿ J Of Bul- tanna 150 boxes have been sold, mid ol dates 1,000 boxes have been quitted up to _}d. A line of .0 cases Keller's marmalade has been sold at 7s. A demand for hops has led to 00 bales Shoobridge'* (Tasmania) being placed at a substantial advance on laterales. The metal market has been inactive, but the hardware houses are doing a lurg« dis- tributing business at the advanced prices. A London cable message of the nth mat states that the market in galvanised iron is active, and that prices are advancing. Kero. I sene oil is lairly steady, but m view of some ' of the Newcastle collieries resuming work

ttiere is less disposition to l.i> in stock. At the tobacco auction held this morning a catalogue of 51 packages -tejer Dros ' tobac coes was submitted. Aromatic» brought lid., and blacks Sil. to 8} 1. In liquors wo noto salea of 100 cases 1._ stout for export, 10 quarters Andressen's port at £JG, and 25 quarters brandy.

In our special advertising columns will be found tlie fir.t annual report and balance sheet as at the 31st Julj last of the North Suburban Permanent Building society. Not- withstanding the youth of the society, u slight profit has been made, justifying the appropriation to shareholders of interest at the rate of 8 per cent The liabilities consist of shareholders' capital £.1,8.2, deposits £G SU, and other items, the total liein. £12,150. This ia represented by present value of loans (£11,070) and other assets. '1 ho report states time thu permanent share, of the society are still bein_ taken up. The annual meeting was held to da).

The Agency Lind and 1 munee Company of Australia -.united (late liiileigh, Anken, and Co ) report having sold, m conj motion with Messrs Synnot and Muck, on behalf of the trustees of the late C and J. Degraves, the Mount Koroit estate, situated near Coleraine, in the Western district, and con- taining an area of about 7,270 acres, together with Blieep, cattle, and horses thereon, nt a antisfnctory price, the purchaser being Mr. J. Kirby.

The following auctioneers' report has been received :

Messrs Hammil! and Forrester roport havln. »old titi» du), liy pulillo uuotion, an account Muti.r». .lurk* Jacobs and Sons, o_ Maobalu, 6_l|>_ckag Mauritius »ucar, .tlirhtly dimaged, up to ¿.2.110_ nor ton d p , anil _.l lu» for .rimers' costal» : also, on account of Mr It M Wcnlei, ex DuUtuli-, li,-JO mau y ellow Ju\ a crj »tal», at " Jl per ton, d.p.

The revenue collected ut the port of Melbourne this day amounted to £8,028 11s. Id; wharfage, £651 13s. 5:1; connu, gent, £13G 17s. Id. ; pilotage, £73-7s 3d.