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POPULAR OFFICIAL: - Tho re appointment of Kev. Gn W. Av Duthie to tho position of se.crqt.ary 0f t])0 j,.,, trobe Football Club at tho club's an nual meeting on Thursday night was grooted with pleasure by'players and supporters. Last season Mr. Duthie carried out his duties creditably, and several speakers eulogised , his good work. In addition to his service ns soeretary, ho was also a prominent playing member of the team.

WAR MEMORIAL. - Tho erection of a war memorial for tho municipality will be discussed in tho courthouse on Thursday, March 21. when representa tives of local organisations and conn, try residents" aro asked to attend. Sug gestions ns to tho form tho memorial Bhould take should be submitted in writing to the council clerk before the meeting.

LIGHT TO BE OFF. - Hesidonts of Torquay road are reminded that thc electricity supply will bo cut off from 1.30 till 5 to-morrow afternoon.

BAPTIST CHURCH. - Members of the Baptist Women's Auxiliary held their first meeting for this year on Thursday, Mrs. Iv. P. Finger presiding. The speaker was Mrs. Collins, Stare secretary of the B.W.A., and tho solo ist Mrs. Lawrence (Devonport). Also prosent was Mrs. Walkley, Bon., a foun dation member of the Latrobe group. Following a devotional session Mrs. Collins outlined vnrious avenues of ser

vice open to auxiliary members. _ A vote of thanks, extended to tho visitors by Mrs. Finger, was carried -with ac clamation. Teachers of Baptist Sun day Schools in tho Latrobe, Sassafras, Sp'royton and Devonport areas, and others interested in S.S. work, mot in conference in . tho Latrobe Baptist Church on Wednesday evening. The conference was convened on the occa sion of a visit by tho Victorian- and Tasmanian Youth Director (Hov. E. D. Gill, B.A., B.D.), who demonstrated modern methods of S.S. teaching and equipment. Appreciation to tho speak er was expressed by Pastor K, Fjnger (Latrobe), Kev. J. D. Williams and Mr. A. H. Marshall (Devonport) and Mr. A. Spurr (Sassafras). Mrs. Dun can (Devonport) thanked the women who provided supper.

AT THE TALKIES TO-NIGHT. - .Tames Cagney, Grace' Georgo and Mar jorie Main in "Johnny Como Lately." Also Tommy Trinder and Frances Day in "Fiddlers Three," nows, etc.*