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SEVEN LIVING GENERATIONS. IN ONE FAMILY. The recent birth of a baby has placed a family at Yeadon, Leeds, in the remlirkable position of having representatives of five generations living at the same time. This is no doubt- a most creditable retord, but it is one that has been badly beaten more than once. A few years ago the following remarkable letter ap peared in the columns of the "Stand Sard," referring to an experience of the correspondent in Newfoundland in 1849: "I there saw in a fisher man's tilt seven generations, all fe males. The youngest was a newly born infant; its mother was twelve years of age; its grandmother twen ty-six; and so upward. The age of the great - great - great-grandmother was such as to render it quite possi ble that before she died she might see a member of an eighth genera tion." At Byfelt, Massachusetts, there was living in 1887 a family of the name of Kent with living repre sentatives of six generations; and a few years ago, at Skillington, near Grantham, there were five genera tions of a family all very much alive, beginning with Thomas Duflin, a hale veteran of ninety-six, and end ing with George Duffin, his great great-grandson, a boy of six. - An Englishman shooting small game in Germany remarked to his hbeost that there was a spice of danger in shooting in America. "Ah," said the host, "you like danger mit your sport? Den you go out shooting mit me. De last time I shoot mine brudder-ln-law in the arm!"