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Rev. Henry Howard. -------0----- HIS FIRST MARRIED COUPLE. An interesting letter, which gave the Rev. Henry Howard much plea sure, was received by him last week It came from Mr. C. T. White, of Grantville, and read thus : Dear Mr. Howard.- "Seeing your name in Saturday's paper as being on a visit to Gipps land, I thought I would drop you a few lines reminding you of the first couple you married. It was at a small place called Fern Hill, and you rode from Warragul to perform it, on the 14th July, 1881. My wife and I are still living here, enjoying fairly good health. We have a family of eight-5 girls and 3 boys. All are alive and married, and all doing fair ly well. Most of them are on the land, and four of them are in the district. One boy, the youngest, ser ved his country throughout the war, and although three times wounded, came back to us, and is now on the farm. We are happy, and although rather lonely at times after such a houseful, we thought it would be nice for you to hear your first marriage was a success. We are very pleased to see you have been such a success in your ministry, and have risen to such a high position, and trust you will still have many years to enjoy it. My wife and I trust you will enjoy your holiday, and go back to your labours a new man. We should be very pleased to have a few lines from you, and we would treasure it greatly."