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OUR LADIES' ;COLUMIN. (?Y sussnasDE.) SlIMMERt CLOTHINYO. WHILE we are having almost tropical heat, it seCms an appropriate subject to write about the disadvantages of the present fashions-especially in men's clothes. In . climate like this we ought to have a style of dress distinctly our own--women as well as men, for it is not men who err alone in this respect, though a man never thinks he is suitably dressed for a hot summer's day unless lie is wearing a close fitting black coat and "stove-pipe" hat ; yet does not also almost every other woman wear a bonnet-splendid protection to the head, that it is !-and a tight-fitting lined jacket bodice, besides having heavy foot. gear, black hosiery, tight-fitting kid gloves, How much more comfortable would a man look in one of the cream silk or lannel suits which are now reserved for athletes, and a wvoman in a loose robe, something like that which a few don in the morning-the hygienic tea or breakfast gown. If women could but understand the value of . a loose jacket, known in Paris as a " smoking jacket," they would wear nothing but one of these in the house in hot weather; whlilefor out-door wear what could be more becoming than a- modified kind of "tea gown," with short train instead of a demi one. It is a mistake to think these are not effective-looking. When trouble is taken to choose the different colors with taste, a tea gow n can be made as distingue looking as one of those seen at any " At home," where the hostess is blessed with all that fickle fortune has to bestow. One example is a cinnaimoin brown silk, with apricot pink cords -to trim it; another of grey lustre, with navy cords. If a few women i ould only get up and publicly wear th:s becoming costume, the wearing of the same Would soon become a mania, and when once the' fashion became firmly established it' would lie likely to .last-at an ra till- --,, thing more cool, c?n r healthy were introduced. The woman who hopes to go about as much as usual, and yet wishes to look well, during the sumlmer months must carefully observe a few rules. Care- must be taken not to over-rate physical strength, for weariness affects the "complexion in un pleasant ways, causing wrinkles. If these wrinkles do not proceed from the loss of teeth, time and patience will soon do away with them. Did you ever try water as a pick-me-up after a hot day's outing, when you know you are tired-looking, hot and frowsy, and you know that when someone comes home to dinner, for whose praise you care, he v ill find you looking your homliest. Pour some ice cold water over your wrists, bath them in it until yoi begin to feel cool, but then stop, or you lmay get a chill by lowering the temperature of the body too much; wring out a cloth in the water, and lie down for five or ten minutes with the cloth spread over your burning face, and you will be surprised to see how the tired lines will fade out, and how brightly the tired eyes will shine. The diet should be carefully regulatedl in summer, care being taken not to take too many heating things. Large trimmed hats should be worn on hot sunny days; veils on hot windly days. For the bites of mosquitoes, etc., a little diluted arnica should be kept in the house, as a little of this will often prevent inflamma tion. Let those who wish to look well during these hot summer days follow these " hints for hot weather." AN APPEAL TO OUR BLONDES. Professor Montegazza, of Bologna, has come to the conclusion that in the course of a few centuries blondes will have entirely disappeared. Their disappearance is at present most noticeable in great cities, and is attributed by the Professor to an exces sive indulgence in meat diet. 0, maidens fair, with the golden hair, And the eyes of cerulean blue, By your peach-like blush beware ! beware i Of the course which you now pursue. Pray, do to the sage Professor's tale Ere it's all too iate give hearing, For your lovely type, in its beauty ripe, Is steadily disappearing. Oh, curb ! Oh, curb ! your carnivorous 'taste,- (Thoughi it's almost past belief That a joy-like blonde, with a waspish waist, Should excessively eat of beef) And, crnshing a Iteshly appetite, That better would suit barbarians, Oh ! hear this plea for posterity, And become strict vegetarians. --Trufd.