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The Cairns correspondent of the Towns-, ville Hnllctin,'' telegrapiiing on the 4th ih ritaM, sav«: — ^Kctts was received oa &in- ,Uy of ihe death oi Mr. E. A. Ddisser, r-hofe naked bodr was found on Saturday on tflie tank of Uiitcber '« Creek, near GoUa borougli. Upper Muigrave. An esamina tiaa showed ii-Jit the deceaeed, -s-fao iras sevmty-one years o( age. dropped dead of failure' of the heart's action, just as lie was About to bathe. Mr. Odh^t for same

years post &u been actively mleiwtw! in the Walter Hodgson gold mine, on the Up per Hidgrare, apon iriiieh mine a. large sum of money has been expended. He «ras for merly a lieutenant in HJLs 7Sli IDglr landers, and was captain and adjutant of lie First \'o]uni£er Force in Ssuri Austra lia, where iie completed many nnpartant Government surveys, laler on tie made both the preliminary and permanent surrey tor ih£ Townsv-nie-Charters Totters ra1 tvsr, and vests a/tervrards Kstriet Sngineer «f Cic Centra) Division. The deceased ex pected a «uddcn *n-lin-r and left *U hig df fsirs in thorough order. His body W.K Ulriod near the mine, on a site be bad pre viously selected.91 Mr. UeSsser, says tie ' Bulietin,' W.-.5 an intrepid explorer, and 4his exploration of t^ie Cieat An^tralian Bight is recorded in Anstralias iiistory. His name is men tioned in Lord BoSierte's 'Forty Years in India,' in connection -with an act i£ sreat gallantry at Aden. A fanatic Arab, srmed with a huge kriss, attacked an un armed member n! Lord Boberls's staff, vdien laeiitenact Ddisser rnsbed in-- between them, v-arded off die Wow mli bis arm, and seized the Arab, ^bosn lie disarmed. Lieutenant Delisser received a wound dm ia? 'Jais eitacnter irhieb Hid open his ana Irod Vile elbow to srear llie -wrist- Witii a mod-sty chara«erL4ic of the deceased, L« rx--er voluntarily referred to this incident in iiis adventuiwis career, and viiea the i-uhject was brought up be always alluded to the matter as **a ]!tt!e difference of c-iuuon wiiich. I 1iad vvitli an Arso at Aden.' Sir. Delisser at one time took np, on behalf of a Sourii Aixffralian syndicate in which lie was n^aviiv interested- some ijir.di nejr Port Easin^b-c Xortiem Tei ritory. The vcatnrr, ii!fir!i had for its ob ject tte fciCTtion of a i s;Ue station, was ! n'Jt a 5ucc£s'. H« was rejected and ad [ mired Ibroizpaout liia dw.-r2?t foriiisplnek ' and endurance, and aafon^ He aborigine! fnjin tile Upper Bussdl down the Mulgravt fo the Lower Russell fiivcr he was always lcfpirrd to as 'Uie old man,' a term of uiiiirb he was verr proud. Tlie V.ev. -T. L. King. Sl_i^ of Ciermont, say? the *- Brisbane Courier' of Saturday Ja~t. lirvs atctptcd A unaninmus calf ix- the vaeant thargfr= at BuSimfai and Wynmim l'resbvterian churchfc:, the late' pas tor, the Bev. J. M-Qucea, harinj been called in fhe eariv part rf tte year to the Mnroopna Presbyterian Church. Tic toria. The acceptance of the vacancy Lit Mr. Ktng iias given Timversal ^atisfacliuu to tlic mcmUers and adherents of both diurrfifs. for, in addition to bein^ a pulpit orator of nn-re than average tt/bilrfv he pofsesses a reputation as an energetic worker. Tbe induction service is 6xed for Thursday, tlie 27tli instant, at Bulimba ChurcJi. The altered running of the s-s. Barcoo be tween filnditcnt and Townsville will give |au aiidllioiiaJ mail weekly between Bris I bane and Bockbampton. The train to oon I nect with the Barcoa at dadstone will lrare llnsbanc at nine o'clock every Tues day night, readj Gladstone at noon the fol luninfr day. and start on the return journey the Kime afternoon at twenty-five rainutA to four o'clock. A train to meet this will be despatched from Archer Park on Tues day night or Wednesday morning according as the tides in The Narrows mav suit and will return here either oh Wednesday night I or Tnursdar morning. So there will be man trains leaving Biisliane eveiy Jlonday, -; Tui^day, VTiiJnesdfly. and Fnday evening ; reaching Gladstone ever}- Tuesday WcillKs -lay, Thursday, aud Saturday at rioon ; loav inp then- the *a me afternoons at twenty-five minutes to four oMoek, and aniving in lii-JKljaiie every Wednesday, Friday, Satur , -1liv, and irunday nioiuing. As regards j Uiirklnmplon, -b-ains vfili W sent from liere ? In meet Ihcse jmimcvin^ from and to Ilria : Kane ever}- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, aw! Friday nijrtit or, as tlie tides suit, evory 1 uesday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Satur : day rooming ; returning on Tuesday, Wed 4 nesday. Thursdav, «nd Saturday rii^lit or Wednesday, Thuisday, Friday, and Sunday morning. ? .... ? . ?-, ?, ; '.'.:'. ^yv;