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Perry and Hughes Beaten

in Doubles.

PARIS, Monday.

Australia, suffered two bad reverses this morning in tho Women's Singles Championship, when Miss Hartigan and Mrs. Molesworth both lost in straight


Miss Hartigan began strongly, and, by forceful driving, took tho load at 2.0. Miss Stammers then took control ol' every department of tho game, and won thc next ten games. Fighting pluckily, Miss Hartigan won thc next Hirco games, but lost tho next from .10-15. Miss Stammers took tho lead

at 5-4, and Miss Hartigan again had

Hie score 40-15 in her favor in tho

next game, but her opponent, taking all the risks, and driving sovoroly, won tho game and tho ii ext for the


An Even Match.

Mrs. Molesworth played an even match against her opponent, and overy point was closely contested in tho first set. Mrs. Molesworth lost tho second set through attempting too many drop shots and finding the net. Her oppon- ent anticipated tho others, and won the majority.

Shock in Doubles.

Crawford and Miss Scriven, tho hold- ers of tho titlo, lind a great shock in tlic Mixed Double Championship, when Menzel and Miss Thomas led i-3 in the final set. Mainly through the Eng- lishwoman's splendid net play and brilliant intercepting by Crawford in tho concluding stages, they saved tho position.

Quist and Miss Byan aro strong fav- orites for this event, owing to their perfect combination at tho not.

Perry and Hughes Outplayed.

Ono of tho biggest surprises iu tho other matches was that Monzel and Hecht completely outplayed Perry and Hughes, the holders of tho doubles title, in three sots. Monzel was bril- liant all through and smashed and drove like a champion. Hecht improved ns tho match progressed, and thus enabled tho Czechoslovakians further to estab- lish their superiority on tho day.

This result, following Menzel 's fino form in tho singles, makes the chances of tho Australians against tho Czecho- slovakians very doubtful should tboy meet in thc Davis Cup competition.

An Easy Victory.

Knowing that they could win when they desired, Crawford and M'Grath ucvor woried themselves when playing tho Austrians, Artens and Matcxa. Tho Austrians oxtonded tho second sot to six all, mainly through tho fino serving of Matexa, who frequently aced tho Australians. After that, Crawford and M' Grath, forcing matters, ran out easy

winners in tho third set.

Turnbull and Mrs. Molesworth played badly in tho Mixed Doubles, and, al- though they ran tho second sot to ad- vantage gamea, their play never justi- fied victory.

Boussus and Stefaui both entered tho last, eight for tho singlos.

To-day's results included:


Third round: Quist and Mis; Ryan d. Tloczynski and Mme. JedzroiĆ³wska, fi-3, G-3.


Second round: Fraulein Noel anl Mme

Jedzrciowska d. Miss Nuthall and Miss Serivou, C-3, li-i.


Third round: Menzel and Hecht d. Perry and Hughes, 6-i, G-4, 6-2.