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A. Bastian, Three Springs, four bales at 127d., one at 117d. ; It. H. Brady, Mullewa, ten bales at 113d.; F. W. Burges Irwin Park, Irwin, twelve bales at 140d., six at 12Sd., five at 124*d., two at 120id., four at 120d.: C. Burton, Eradu, five bales at 129Jd. ; It. E. and M. Burton, Morawa, four bales at 122d.; H. H. and E. J. L. Chappel, Winchester, four bales at llSid.; H. J. Cole, Ji'lawarra, Minge new, four bales at 120d. : S. V. and R. A. P. EaiTins, Tarduu, four bales at 144d., three at 133d., four at 137£d., six at 129d., six at 126d., two at 123d.r three at 117Jd. ; A. Far-ell, Perenjori, one bale at 119d. ; G. W. Farrell, Per enjori, two bales at 116d. : M. A. C. and A. H. Farrell, Perenjori, one bale at 122d.: F. R. Freeman, Mendels, one bale at lliUd. ; Hinton Farm Co., Ger aldton, seven bales at llGid. ; M. E. and J. A. Magee, Northampton, four bales at 123Jd. : Maley & Brown, Three Springs, fourteen bales at 118d. ; Mel ara Pty. Ltd., Mingenew, two bales at 142d., one at 133*d., four at 129*d., one at l20id., three at 119Jd., one at 113d.; Pearce & Beaton, Mullewa, seven bales at 143£fi., one at l20id.; Mrs. Jessie A. Perry, Geraldton, four bales at 123|d., five at 113Jd. ; F. H. Routledge, North ampton, nine bales at 133id., five at I28id., one at llGd.: E. V. Sewell, Ger aldton, eighteen bales at 139id., eleven at 32O^d., twelve at 120d.; W. D. and S. S. Smith, Arrino, four bales at 12-Ud.; H. J. Spaven, Greenough, six bales at 122d., four at 121d. ; Wepowie Pastoral Co., Geraldton, twenty -one bales at U6d.; Wooi-enatty Pastoral Co. Pty. Ltd., Arrina, twenty-seven bales at 127d., five at 126d.. six at 119d., ten at HSid., one at llOd., eight at 115d. ; Wborree Pastoral Co. l-td., Geraldton, seven bales at 120d., tliir teen at 11S|-1. ; Boolardy Station, Yal goo, six bales at 100(1., four at 1653-I., ten at Ia9|d., seventeen at iSTd., thir teen at 1534d., tvvo at 13Sd. : Darlot Bros. Pty. Ltd., Byro Station, Mullewa, four bales at 171d., four at loT-d., te^i at 362d., four at 136^d., seventeen at lolid., seven at 144d., three at 1431d., eight at 142d., one at I36d., nine at 134d., t\venty at I32id., one at 132d., seven at 130d., one at 129Jd., one at 126d., nineteen at 124d., four at 122d., one at llSJd.; Mrs. iL E. Morrissey, Noongall Station, Yalgoo, eighteen bales at 170d., eight at 164d., seven at loSJd., four at 155-1., five at 14Sd., five at 143*d., five at 140d., one at 13Sd.. five at I29d., seventeen at 122d., four at 121d., one at 115d.; B. H. Sharpe & Co., Wooleen Station, Mullewa, six bales at 160jid. seven at U50d., twelve at 1434d.: S. W. Wilton, Wilcarra, Canna, five bales at 134d., one at 133Jd.. two at 121d.. one at 115d.: D. E. Wilton, Canna, two bales at 131 *d. : Edah Pastoral Co. Pty., Ltd. Edah Station, one bale at 14Sid., one at 144id., one at 142Jd., three at 134d.. seven at 12Sd., three at 12ld., one at 116rt. ; McKenna Bros., Carlminda Station, via Yalgoo, four bales at 165d., four at 162d., twelve at 155id., fifteen at 141d., four at 138d., three at 12«d., fourteen at 122d. ; Nevill Bros., Yalbra Station, Melville, via Yalgoo, one bale at 130d.: H. H. Turner & Sons, Mt. Wittenoom Station, via Yal goo, five bales at 167Jd., eighteen at 166d., three at 155id., nineteen at 1~)M., eleven at 152£d., twenty-two at 148 Jd. eight at 133fd., seven at 134|d., seven at 130^., t\vo at 127d., two af 1224d., five at 122d., five at ll-?i-l., six at 115d. ; C. H. Wittenoom & Co, Mural garra Station, via Yalgoo, eight bales at 170d., four at 161d., ten at 160d., fight at 155id.. four at 130d., four at 140d., one at 13Sd. four at 13Gd., five at I24id., two at 115d.