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All intendintz exhibitors at tbe Gtmeemere Show on tbe Queen's Biithd*; will am by oar advertising colacuns tfamt all exhibits will be carried free from all stations to Gfsoemere, and if accompanied by a certificate from the Secretary of the Central Queensland Fannen* tad Graziers' Society statiag th&t tbey have not been sold tboy will alto be returned free. This actioo on the part of the department is conKneadablR, and we have no doubt that the privilege will be largely availed of. It ahonld have the effect of making the thow aoo ces&FoL

Cos-stable Pabet and the black trackers returned from Stanvell oo Thursday from their search for Mrs. Frederickaoo, who ww found a Uttle after eaadown on Wednesday. It ap» pears that she left borne on Monday oigbt en account of some family disturbance, and camped in s creek all that night, and the two followiog days, two miles from home, without any food whataoereror&hatou her bead. Sha w-as also o liable to obtain any water, and it was while io search of it sbe waa discovered. She came to a w&terhole about a quarter of a- mile from home, and was tbere seen by Mr. Fredencksoa,. whom she accompanied home. Sbe is naturally much the worse for her ex posure to the cold niiibt air and from being without food Ior two daya. A large number of tbe principal thon* keeper* here have decided to open tbecr ehopa on Saturday week, Qaeen'e Birthday, and celebrate the natal day of Her Majesty* by keeping Monday as a public holiday. The majority of those reqneste.. to join in tb* movement readily acquieSwd, and the others therefore, io all probability, will follow rait. This decision will neceasitate the holding of the Gracemere Show oo Monday instead of Satur day, and also the postponement of tbe aports ootil tha former date. It is to be hoped that the Railway Department will alterSn rnoning*of excursion trains to Monday. Oar Brisbane telegrams state that a OoxH't Ex traordinary was issued yesterday, notifying the receipt of a telegram from the Secretary of Stite for the Colonies stating that Her Majesty desires the commeooraticm of her birth-lay should be deferred for oot leas than a month, and she has appointed Coronation Day (28th Jane) for tbe ce 1 e 1. ration in tbe United Kingdom. Tbe Governor has aocoTdingly sazetted tbe latter date as a bank holiday instead of the 24th May. and postponed hta levee and the official dinner.

JWmadfi to the polioe Cone '*«?? **» «nr tl of Constable* ^K- from Brisbane. They *jmB V **» « ?«? K«neiagh. «nd it d_^Htffl^^V*iU form a valuable acquisition ^^^Reema to be no sign of an abatement ^^m^^qndemic of typboid fever now raging in~Uaryboroagh, if we may judfje from a paragraph in the Wide Bay New- of Tuesday last. It ia as follows :— 'There are at present forty-two patients in the Hospital, about thirty-eix of them suffering from typhoid fever, ox fresh cases of typhoid having been taken in during the last two days.' The eittaage of the Supreme Court in Mary borough were concluded in one day. They were opened on Monday last before His Honor Mr. Justice Harding. Ponsaroon, a native of New Ireland, was arraigned for having murdered another native of that island at Bandaberp aboot a year ago. A native of the Solomon Islands named Tom was brought forward as an interpreter, but as his replies as to the meaning of feloniously, wilfully, malice aforethought, murder, &c, were unsatisfactory His Honor decided that he was incom petent to act in that capacity. The prisoner was remanded, on the application of the Attorney-General, until the next BtttiogB of the Sapreme Conrt in order that a better interpreter might be procured. Henry Ernest Weaver was found guilty of having obtained goods to the value of £6 15a. from W. Boyle by means of a valueless cheque oo the 19th April, and sentenced to nine months' im prisonment in Brisbane Gaol. In the cases of B. Latimer, manslaughter, and John Fftzgibbons. larceny, no bills were filed. Is the Government Gazette of the 3rd instant tB the following proclamation anent the ad justment of accounts between the Gogaogo Divisional Board and the North Bock ham p Loo Municipal Council :—' Now, therefore. His Excellency doth order, and it is hereby ordered, that the assets and liabilities of the said division of Gogango shall be apportioned in the manner following, that is to say— 1. The said sum of £394 ils. Gd. due and owing as aforesaid shall be the property of and recoverable by and paid to the Council of the Borough of North Eockbaoiptoo, and the Board of the Division of Gogango are required to afford the Council of the said Boroueh all reasonable assistance in recovering and enforc ing payment of such rates. 2. The said Borough ie to pay to the said Board the snm of £I4S9 7s. 10.1 3. Ezoept «a aforesaid, all the assets which were of theeaid Board before the incorporation of the said Borough shall remain and be the property of the said Board, and the liabilities incurred by the said Board before the said incorporation shall be paid byit.' ♦ Mr. J. WAKtnELD, Grand Master of the order of Oddfellows in Queensland, was pre sented with an address on Thursday evening last by Bra. T. Koch, N.G. of the Loyal Victoria Lodge, on behalf of the elective officers of that lodge. They congratulated him upon his election to the highest office io the -order, aod stated they felt honoured more particularly as be was a member of their lodpe. They trusted that his term of office would be productive of good to the interests of Oddfellow «hip, and from their koowledce of him they bad no doubt it would be. The address was beautifully illuminated by Mr. H. Schmidt, and reflects great credit on that gentleman. Mr. Wakefield, in responding, said he felt the honour conferred upon him very much, and ?thanked the officers of the Loyal Victoria Lodge for the presentation they bad made him. His conduct as Grand Master of Queensland might disappoint them, and it 'vrottld have been better to have waited to see that he filled the office properly. At aoyrate he would do all be could to promote the ioterests of OddfeUowahip, and strive to increase its power for good. A general meeting of the Zingari Cricket ?Oib was held at Mr. Harry Johnson's Bel more Arms Hotel, on Saturday eveoiug last ; Mr. E. S. Lncas, the President of the Club, occupying -the chair. Theae was a large at tendance of members ; and after some formal business had been disposed of, the Chairman rose and said he had much pleasure, on behalf of the Club, in presenting Mr. J. IV. Batter, captain of the Club, with a small token of the appreciation of bis fellow members. Mr. Ratter bad been captain of the Zingari Club for two or three seasons, and during that time he had generally succeeded in pulhog bis team through with flying colours. He hoped Mr Batter would accept the testimonial be was about to present as a token of the good feeling entertained towards him by the members, and would continoetodoallbecoaldfor the interests of the dob Mr. Lucas then handed to Mr. Bnttff a handsome secretary. Mr. Butter said it was customary for recipients of testi monials to express surprise on each occasions, bat he caald assure them no surprise oauld be more com plete than his was . He had not the slightest knowledge whatever of the ^affair, and was the cnore gratified with the surprise their hand some present bad been to him. He could assure thein he would always do his utmost to advance the interest* of the Clab, which at present stood on an equal footing with the senior Club of the town. A match would shortly be played between these Clubs which for ths time being would decide the premier ship. He intended always to stick to the Zingari Club, though he had thoogbt of retiring at the end of the season from active participation in their games, as be considered he should give place to younger members. (No. no.) Mr. Butter concluded a very feeling apeecb by offering bia sincere thanks for the honour done him. and for the band 0 some present. The captain resumed his seat amidst load applause, and refreshments having been introduced bin health was drank with much beartinets. The secretary, a very elegant one, was purchased at Messrs. Saber BrcV, and on the top bore a sbield ehaped silver plate on which bad been

beaotifully \e*s^j£u^jw&tolr, & following «prd.;— r.PwaeiHad to Captain J. W. Butter by the-membea.of tbeSnjtmri Cricket Club— 1884.' Mr. Local also pre sented the prize bat (gives by Mesara. Saber Bros, for the highest aggregate scorer of the cricketing teams which left Bockhampton at Easter), to Mr. F. K. Brown, -and expressed the opinion that the recipient had reason to be proud of bis achievement. Mr. D. C Macpberson responded in tbe absence of Mr. Brown, and the proceedings terminated. It may be of interest to oar readers to know that the Fitzroy Bridge was placed under the cootrol of the Bockbamptoo Municipal Council bv a proclamation issued on the 27th July, 1SS1, and poblished in the Government Gazette of the 30th of that month. The Corporation bave consequently been saddled with the main tenance of it for nearly three years, dnring which time it has entailed on them a large ex pen Hi tare. I he cost in one half-year was nearly £200. which was caused by tbe structure having to be painted. The cost of lighting tbe bridge ib about £G0 per annum, and there is also to be included the sweeping of it daily, and other expenses. It is only to be expected, therefore, that our councillors hear with satis faction of their relief from the responsibility A little excitement was cansed on the Fitzroy Bridge on Saturday afternoon by an accMent taking place between the first and second piers. A gentleman was driving from Sooth to North Bockhampton, when tbe pole became detached by some of the ironwork breakiop. Tbe horses took fright, and set off at a gallop over the Bridge, dragging the driver over the splashboard after them. He fortunately escaped without injury, bat the pair continued their flight until they came into collision with a tree near the North Bock hampton Lockup, when they were secured. Very little damage was done either to the horees, buggy, or harness. Had there been a crowd of people oo the Bridge at the tame we sboold probably have a more serious mishap to chronicle. Ik a recent issue we published a copy of tbe circular issued by the Colonial Secretary to assistant immigration agents in the colony with respect to information being given re garding the state of tbe labour market, Jfcc, at the different ports. We would now direct the attention of our readers to an advertise ment elsewhere, in which it is notified that applications will be received by the Immigra tion Agent at Brisbane and throughout the colooy by the assistant agents, or where there are , no eueh officers, by the Clerk of Petty Sessions, from persons desirous of obtaining labour. The applications should contain particulars relating to the oumber and class of labourers required, the nature of the work to be done, and the rate of wages proposed to be paid. The object of this system is to regulate tbe laboui market, and to enable employers to procure the class of labonr they require. Tbe Immt oration Agents and Clerks of Petty Session* have beeo instructed to institute inquiries into the labour requirements of their districts, and weekly to furnish reports to ttift Immigra tion Agent in Brisbane. At tbe Conncil meetincoo Thursday week i return was laid upon the table showing tbe probable receipts and expenditure for tbe yeir. The sum required for expenditure is £25 481 15s. lid.— which has been appo,. tiooed as followB : — Contracts in progress, December 31. 1633. £1673 8s. 3d. ; bank over draft, £12 457 13«. 6d.; repayment of loan account, £1566 14s. 24.; salaries— official, £1500: audit fees, £S4; general charges, £2000 ; general maintenance and works by day men's staff, estimated at £1 00 per -week. £5200 ; lighting account, £700; assessment, £300 The good available for expenditure is estimated at £5051 2s. 3d. less than the money reqnired to be expended, the receipts being set down as only £23.430 13s. Sd. This amount is made np of — earners' licenses, £300 j miscellaneous receipts, £150 ; rents— M=--ket Reserve, £304 13s.; wharfage dues. £7000; endowment oo rates for 1SS3. £3661 18s. 2d ; arrears of general rate (collectable). £3000: arrears of special loan rate (collect able), £453 4s. 6d.; arrears of wharfage dues. £210 4s. lid.; arrears of asphalt pavement account, £105 4,.; arrears of broken metal account, £1 10s-j arrears of sundry accounts, £33 13*. 1(KL; arrears of sanitary accooot, £35 17e.; arrears petty cash balance, Gs. Ud.; Commonage fees— estimate*., £300; sanitary account. £300 ; public batta, £250 ; broken metal. £300 ; bank balance— special (nan rat« accoont, £967 5s. 4d,; genera! rate, £4713 2s.; and special loan rate, £1176 5a. Gd. A concert under the auspices of the Gym nasiom Club, and in aid of the funds of that institution, was given at North Rockbarapton last Friday. The audience was large and appreciative. Tbe building erected by tbe club was literally packed, the ladies being in the ascendant. The Mayor of North Bock hampton (Mr. J. W. Face) was voted to the chair, and ia a few remarks appropriate to the occasion he explained the object of the entertainment. Toe President (Rer.T. W. 1'Ersoo) also made a short address, in tbe course of which he intimated that it was the intention of the committee of the clab to hold concerts at interval! during tbe winter months, and the one that evening wae the first of a series that would be given every month and, if possible, on a moonlight night. Oo tbe platform besides the Mayor and Presi dent were Messrs. S. Dobba, — Kean, J. Spiers, and W. H. Robison, juur. The entertainment was opened by a pianoforte solo, after which an excellent programme ol vocal and instrumental music was given, interspersed by recitations and readings. An enjoyable evening was spent, and we have no doubt that tbe other concerts will be equally successful, and that the Committee will attain the object they have in view — that ol making the Gymnasium popular and clear ofl a portion of the debt on the building.

Probate was granted in the Supreme Court last week in the will of Conrad Frei, gardener, of Rockhampton, to Margaretta   Frei— personalty £100. Another parcel of gold was brought in from the General Wolseley claim, New Zea- land Gully, on Saturday last and shareholders have every reason to suppose that they are " in it." By the last report of the surgeon-superin- tendent of the Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum we notice that a man named Peter Labbo, late of Bockhampton, 6fty-four yean of age, died there of heart disease on the 2od instant. Ths proprietors of the Cremorne Zoological Gardens have issued a programme of sports to come off on the Queen's Birthday. It contains twelve eveots, for all of which good prizes are offered. The principal contest will be tbe Cremorne Handicap of six guineas, to be ran in three heats of 100, 250, and 200 yards, and to be decided by points. The winner will re ceive £4, tbe second £1 15s.. and the third £1 Is. A new feature is introduced — a two mile champion race, to be won two years in succession. The prize is a silver cop valued at £15 15i, presented by Mr. H. W. Johnsoo. In the eveniug prizes will be given for tbe best sentimental and ben comic songs. Os Saturday evening a meeting of foot ballers was held at Johnson's Belmore Arms Hotel, Mr. F. F. Ransom in the chair. After some discussion it was resolved to continue the Berserker Glob under the old name. Mr. Ransom was elected Hon. Secretary, Mr. W. Schmidt Hon. Treasurer, and a good working Committee. Some pre liminary matters having been arranged, several gentlemen present expressed their in tention of joining the Clab, and there is every probability of the Berserkers mastering a fairly strong team when the season commences. We understand there is another dob in course of formation, but whether the members will adhere to tbe old name — Athelstane — or not, has not yet been decided. It may be hoped all necessary arrangements will be made as speedily as possible, eo that teams may take the 6eld on an early day. The concert in the OddfellowB* Hall oo Saturday evening was largely attended, as usual. Mr. G. Pardy once more occupied the chair, and succeeded in affording amusement by reciting pleasing tittle anecdotes between tbe songs and recitations. He iavited the audience, in his opening remarks, to sign the TChite Ribbon pledge, but said he would rather Bee them become members of the other orders — tbe Excelsior or Alexandra Loiges, or the Rechabites— as it would be more beneBcial to them. He intimated that a branch of tbe Church of England Tem perance Society was about to be established here, and a meeting for that purpose woald ; be held oa Monday evening. Mr. Gibbett , (Secretary) arranged a good programme, ? which was carried out to the letter. The : vocalists were— Miss Cameron, Masters Porter ? and Pike, and Messrs. Hearn, Pound, Wtl i Hams, Macdonald, Reid, Sanders, Anderson, - Simsoo. Jackson, and Beer. Master Pardy pave several excellent recitations, aod Mrs. Wdder, on tbe piano, assisted materially in The collections only totalled tbe small sum 1 of 5s. 4d. Owing to the inclemency of the weather | on Tuesday it was doubtful whether the musical entertainment advertised to be given in the Baptist Church would take place, but at eight o'clock there was a large number of ladies and gentlemen present, which was augmented considerably by tbe time the 6iogiog was started. The church was well fitted, there being over one hundred preset The cantata entitled 'The Jewish FJower Feast ' was tbe piece given. Tbe scriptural ; werewritteo by Hezekiah Batfeerwortb.aodthe . music composed by George F. Root. It is ; intended to illustrate the Jewiah Feast of Tabernsc'es or Harvest Festival and to present a view of tne teachings of the prophet Ezra. At the Feast the people dwelt for a week in little tents made of evergreens and ornamented with fruits and flowers. The occasion presented was tbe Feast of the Tabernacles that took place after the return of tbe children . of Israel from their captivity in Babylon. Tbe church was decorated with palme, aod flowers. In front of the choir, which was composed of about seventy performers, including about fifty children of tender years, all of whom ! held in their hands a bouquet, was a canopy of palms and flowers, which stretched from one | tside of tbe church to the other. Tbe looping ', of the leaves were very artistically done, and ' the blossoms were intermixed here and there tastefully. In the back-ground ex tensive decorations had beeo executed. The scene was altogether a very pretty one. the youthful vocalists being mostly clad in i white, whilst their elders were attired in : daiker garments. Mr. Davis, who acted as conductor, explained the argument, and the cantata was opeoed by the bio tin;* of the '. chorus, ' Awake, captives, awake.' It is i oot Decessary for ns to particularise any of ; the lady or gentlemen vocalists ; bat we are ? sure all who had the pleasure of listening to last night's entert&iniuent will agree with . ns when we say all did their beat to please. That they did so goes without saying, : tbe simple music of the piece being rendered - with that feeling which is so frequently missed, and which takes away much of the charm. The piece consisted of three parts, the first representing the deliverance of the child ren of Israel from Babylon ; the second the ! rejoicing over their escape from bondage ; and ?? concluding with the application. A word of : praise is doe to Miss Davis for the able manner in which she a CTffTiT pv ' '^ the singers, i The piece was gone through without - a hitch, which is very creditable considering ' that there were forty -eight numbers. It would, I we think, bear repetition, which we hope will I be done at no very distant date, as there are I many who were prevented from attending owing to the rain.

Off Thirrfay week there wen thirty-nine ever patients W tbe Hospital. Nine -* heee, howrver, were discharges as 'cofcv rsleaaent the following morning. Of tbe re oainder tiiere is only one case of pronounced yphoid fever. At tbe conclusion of tbe Hospital meeting m Friday afternoon the sob-committee sp rinted to consider the applications for the weition of matron to the Hospital. Met, and fter carefully examining the testimonials of he twelve applicants, decided to appoint Mia rlarjory Cameron. This lady has bad con iderable experience in Scotland, and is now unployed as a none at tbe Woogaroo Tii*nf*MT LsjIuul It has been a source of anxiety for some ime past as to whether the Quecn'e Birthday roold be celebrated on Saturday, 24th May, -r on tbe following Monday, and the majority Fere certainly in favonr of tbe Jatter day. rhe question has now been settled, which Baves ample time for arrangements to be aide for the keeping of the holiday in the isoal loyal manner. Our Brisbane correspos lent, telegraphing last week, says that tbe vovernmeut have decided not to alter tbe late on which tbe Queen's natal day shall be telebtate't, and it will consequently be com nemoraled on tbe 24th instant. Oue Brisbane telegraphic intelligence con ?eyB the information that a proclamation ***t ieen issued by the Governor-in-Council res noding the resolution which placed the con trol of the Fitzroy Bridge and tbe northern approaches to that fctroctare in the hands of the Rockhampton Municipal Council. This a [-oly what has been anticipated for some time past owing to the establishment of tbe Nortb Rockhampton Municipal CounciL The main tenance of tbe Bridge has been rather a heavy* item, aod at no very distant date a large ex penditure will have to be incurred in redeck ing or sheathing it. The Bridge will now, «e presume, be placed nnder tbe control of tbe Kortb Bockhampton and City Councils, sad they will have to bear the expense of ita maintenance. It has been a subject of converaattm during tbe past few days that a portion of the Mount Morgan claim bad been jumped, aad the rumour was so oft-repeated, and by those who were thought to be well-informed on mining matters, that it was readily believed by many. On inquiry Tuesday afternoon -£ the Gold Warden's clerk (Mr. J. Delaney) be informed us tint there is no truth whatever in the assertion, and that it is not possible ? for anyone to take possession of any of tbe ground, as the lessees of it have complied wilfe tbe regulations, aod have the necessary num ber of men at work. What gave currency to it was that an application has been lodged by A. 6. R. Osboroe for a piece of ground 1200 feet by 400 feet, situated at Mount Morgan, as a quarts claim. This, however; we are informed, is east of that now being worked by Messrs. D'Arcy, Pattison, Fergu son, and others. An application was also made on Friday last by Messrs. Bolton, Lowry. Tuson, and Gordon far an area of 1200 feet by 400 feet as a quartz reef on the Dee River. It bas been brought under oar notice lately that great delay takes place in the delivery of letters from the Post OtGce, and that in natcre occur. Frequently letters are sent to tbe wrong address, and^gain are not delivered at all though the persons who should receive them have repeatedly applied Tor them. Tbe officials in the Post Office are blamed ' for all the vexatious mistakes that occur; whereas by a little ioqairy it cooM easily be ascertained that they are oot to be held altogether responsible. The work of tbe office bas been iocreasioc criDsider&bly for the past fetf yeara, bat the staff of assiataots, tF added to at all, is not enffideot to' cope with the pressure of boeines*. Iliey have to toil very hard, and are then only able t) fnifil their duties eery imperfectly, and oot at all to their own satisfaction or tbat of the public. We have alluded to this matter oo so many occasions that it appears to be useless, bnt we tion of tbe authorities to tbe state of afiaiix might be looked after, and endeavours made to afford the officials more room to work in, which is partly, if not chiefly, the cause of eo many blunders. The number of maOs re ceived and dispatched is much larger than it was a few years since, and yet the ertra space provided has been but little, and not at all adequate to the requirements. The monthly sitting of the Licensing Board was h±ld on Tuesday at noon. P.«sent : — Messrs. B. Oribb (Chairman), J. Thomson, K. Sharpies, and F. Kilner. JJ.P. Applications for renewals adjourned from the last catting of the Court were granted to— H. C. Bream, Terminus Hotel ; T. Crmley, Crown Hotel ; Margaret Cowhey, Oxford Arms ; H. W. Johnson. Belmore Arms ; E. J. Kettle, Alms, Hotel : J. Ross, Kentish Arms ; Anne Swift, Belle YueHotel;T. Lauderdale, Y'ictoria Hotel. The application of C. Nash, Onion Hotel, was refused. Renewals of country licenses adjourned from last Court were granted to J. Barrett, Drovers' Anns, Port Cartis Road, and S. A. Webber, Commercial Hotel, Black water. A renewal was granted to Charlea Mulveoa, Base ud Shamrock Hotel, North Ruckbampton ; F. Sommers. Bosh Inn, Lake'* Creek ; W. Hinsen. Travellers' Home, Yaamba ; and Dan Hawk. Half Way Hotel, Cawarrai. The following new applications were granted :— Annie Duffy, Globe Hotel ; Annie Duffy, Bising tiun Hotel— license to be transferred from the Globe Hotel; James Presland, Caledonian Hotel ; and James Prea tand. renewal of license for Welcome Home HoteL Transfers were granted (com Michael Carroll to James PresUad, Caledonian Hotel, and Hall aod Maher (executors of will of J. Dnfiy) to Annie Daffy, Globe Hotel Licenses were gnu ted for the Queen's Hotel, West wood, sad also renewal (or same to Ann Law ; and

«oran hotel. Dee ttiver. to Margaret Moller. A nwnl aactuxreer's Gcaaae ni granted to K. L. Dibdin ; billiard EeeniBS to Manrice Harria aba James Laity ; ? csrrier'oTicenso to Michael Madden, Blackwater; and a slaughtering Scene to William Garde, Zuxie. Pbhdjt indications lead us to expect a continuance of wet weather, which is much seeded. light rain commenced to Call at an early honr Tuesday morning, and continued mt intervala during the day. In the evening it tux down heavier from about eight o'clock until the time of writing, bat Dot in suffi cient quantity to be of much benefit in replenishing the supply of water. Liigbt rains have also fallen at Blackali. Cler saont, and Tatnbo. the register being 0*03 in., 0-25 in., and COS in. respectively. It wu cloudy at other stations in the district, but no intiniation has been received of a break in the weather except at those places mentioned. It will be eeen by oar telegraphic intelligence that in New South Wales the drought has broken up, and reports continue to be received in Sydney of a general rain. In Victoria also an extraordioary quantity of rain has fallen in all parts of the colony, and the creeks and xrvers are swollen ; and in Adelaide and otber portions of Sooth Australia heavy rain fell all day. It seems there is a general rainfall throughout the colonies, and we can only bone that the central districts of Queensland will not be nnvisited. l. Tjhe patronage bestowed oo the proprietors V «f the Cremorue Zoological Gardens, Messrs. T^OiIt. and Pratt, as a reward of their enter prise, tiaa indoeed them to incur still more expense and pot forth greater efforts to secure the support of the public, and at the tame time make their gardens a favourite resort oo Sundays and holidays. Visiting Cremorne on Snndsv we were surprised to see a good col lection of flowets at the lower end of tie garden, which is the more creditable arhen the severe drought we have fx fjericooed is taken mto coosid'eratuMl Tbey have a fine display of dahlias — single and double — in fall bloom, of choice colours. They have recently seenred the services of Mr. E. Brown, a gentleman who tiaa had much experience in floricnlture in Bngland, and under his management tbey intend to cnltir&te flowers of every descrip tion. Already tbey have about five hundred phafa in the nursery, and a Imrge somber in tbe two forcing frames that have been, eon atroeted. In a short time tbe public will be able to porcbase almost any plant they wish — from tbe commonest to some of tbe choicest. To enable them to «any on the culture successfully tbey have exacted a pomp, through which the water is forced from Moore's Creek into a high level tank, and thence by means of pipes it is distributed all over the garden. It is intended, however, to erect a windmill to pomp the water, probably io a rery short time. With these improvements, and by increasing their collection of birds, l^ptxlesL animals, &ct Messrs^ f Sf**hn aod Pratt win no doubt achieve the popularity they deserve. A pubuc meeting was held in tbe Primi tive Methodist Church last Monday to cele brate the twenty-first anniversary of tbe Sunday School connected with that denomina tion. Tbe chair was occupied by Mr. S. W. Hartley, and there were also on tbe platform aeveral prominent members of the church. Tbe report of the Sunday School shows that there are now 18 teachers on the roll— 12 females and 6 males — but the average attend ance to the morning was only 9 and in the afternoon 13. The number of scholars is 165 — boys 74, and girls 91 ; the average attendance being SO in tbe morning and 92 in the afternoon. Tbe financial statement showed the income for theyear was£6 12s. I Id., bnt with the collections on Sunday Ust, amounting to £5 19s. 9d., and a donation of Sa.. the receipts were increased to £12 17s. 84 Tbe expenditure was £6 12s. 6d_, leavings balance of £6 5s. 2d. Excellent addresses were given by the Chairman, the Rev. J. Shepherd, Eev. C. Wesley, Bev. W. Powell, and Bev. B: Hartley, the hut-named gentleman announcing that the result of the anniversarv was the augumentation of the funds by £20 13a. lOd. Between the addresses, solos, duets, recitations, Sx., were well rendered by the scholars. Mrs. 8. W. Hartley presided at the harmonium. Six prizes were offered some time since by Mr. W. Allen for the pupils who were the most snecesfal in bringing scholars to tbe school, and tbey have been awarded in order of merit to Isaac Cant, Arthur Cant, Both Webb. Harriet umu, and Sarah Simms. Votes of thanks were accorded to tbe choir, Mrs. Hartley, the teachers, and tbe Chairman, and tbe proceedrogs were brought to a close at an earfy hoor. Thi usual monthly sitting of the Land Court was held on Monday before Mr. Commis sioner Young. The following applications were granted :— No. 2252. a O'Dcmnell. 160 acres, homestead, Barmoyea ; No. 2253, W. B. Marc, 160 acres, homestead, Barmoyea ; Ho. 2254, A. M'Mortrie, 132 acres, home stead. Nicholson; No. 2255. T. Bell. 160 acres, homestead, Barmoyea ; No. 2236, T. W. Fsarce, 160 acres, homestead, Glenmore ; No. 2257, E. Kellv, 1350 acres, conditional, TonTla ; No. 2258, T. W. Dodgson, 640 acres, conditional, Barmoyea ; No. 2259. M. Barlow, 74 acres, homestead, Cawaml ; No. 2260, C. Bamicoat, 55 acres, homestead, Cawarral ; No. 2261, W. G. Caporo, 1439 acres, conditional, Marlboroogb ; No. 2262, W. S. Jessop, senior, 995 acres, conditional. Marlborough ; No. 2263. S. L. Jeseop. 2537 acres, conditional. Marlboroogb ; No 2264. W. & Jessop, junior, 2336 acres, conditional. Marlborou^h ; No. 2265, J. P. Jessop, 2270 acres, conditional Marihorongh; No. 2266. J. Conachan, 200 acre*, conditional, Stanwell ; No. 2268, W. A. Diggens, 1240 acres, conditional, Barmoyea. Certificates of fulfilment were granted to D. Bamm, No. 1693, Ultimo; B. Hosrigan, Noe. 705 and 764, Flews; X Creed, No. 686, I-angmnrn ; T. Gnat,

No. 1865, Limestone; J. Goligbtly, No. 1690, Morchisprj:E. Batcher, No. 622, Cawarral ; G. Nsish, No, T730, Cawarral : Ah Tin, No. 1847. Rosewood. No. 1826, J. Mackean, was adjourned for a month, and Not 1032, 1033. and 1355 , referred to the Minister for Lands. The area of land selected on Monday was very large, and much in excess of any record for some time back, but it is doe to the taking up of the country recently resumed from Princhester Bon. and only thrown open to selection on the 1st instant The Customs collections at this port from the 1st to the 10th instant inclusive amount to £4005 10s. 3d. Tbb CovrUr in its issue of Saturday pub lishes the following return of operations of the Government Savings Bank for last month : — New accounts opened ? loss Accounts dowed ? ?. 871 Increuein number of accounts ? 131 Number o( deposits ? 5!0h Number of withdrawals ? 3676 Total sum deposited ? £SMB8 U 2 Total sun withdrawn ? 83,73! 9 S Amount to the credit of 29.333 de positors on tne SOti April, 18S4 .1,122,370 10 7 Amount to tbe credit of 29,191 de positors on tne 31st Atsreh. 1834 ..1,139^77 19 8 Decrease tor U-eiDDnU--.i April .. 10.107 9 1 Thb Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is now in a flourishing condition in Brisbane and it is pleasing to note that from time to time persons are brought up for their jrfhnm^n and brotal treatment of dumb ?nitimia, and io every instance in which an offence is proved the ponishroent meted out is severe. Last week a man named M 'Kay was brought before the Coort and charged with cruelly beating a horse, and though ha attempted to justify his conduct he was sent to gaol for fourteen days without the optioo of a fine. Tbe question that presents itself to ns «m consideration of this subject ia that there is room for the establishment of soca a society in Bockhampton. We have previously alluded to the subject, bo: there seems to be oo one willing to take tbe initiative. The members of tbe Volunteer Fire Brigade held tbeir monthly practice Monday evening, in Fitrroy and Quay Streets. The weather was fine and there was a large attendance of members. Tbe hose and engine companies were out, with two reek and the small engine, and It is satisfactory to state that everything was in working order. After tbe practice, a committee meeting was held at tbe Brigade rooms. Superintendent Wskefield occupied tbe chair. The Secretary, Mr. Spencer, read the minutes of tbe previous meeting, which were dnly confirmed. — The Chairman stated be bad received a letter from Superintendent Hintoo, of tbe Brisbane Brigade, stating that a member of that body was about to reside is Bockhampton, and that be would wisb to become a mi-1TttMT of this Brigade, if any opportunity offered. The letter was received. — A vacancy* having occurred' three local men were nominated, and on a ballot taking place Mr. Power was declared duly elected. Tbe «lecb*oo of eaperaiunarie?, as proposed At tbe previous meeting, was then proceeded with, Messrs. Bickle, Brant, H. Woodhoose, J. Lewis, and T. Jones were nominated, and there being oo opposition were elected unam. mously.— Mr. Miller bad beard it stated that all members over forty years of age would have to retire, and he wished to know if a resolution to that effect had been passed at tbe last meeting. ? Tbe Chairman in reply said that when tbe Brigade numbered fifty etrong tbey found that they bad too much of the larrikin element in it, but now it appeared that they had many old men among them. It was, however, the first he bad heard of tbe matter, although be presided at tbe last meeting, and for his part he did not wish to part with any of the present members, either young or old. A vote of ^*r*'^' was accorded to one of tbe members, who had bad bound in a neat cover the copies of the Literary Nevx, which was presented by Mrs. Wilkinson. Some other members promised to follow the example, by baring other papers bound, aod presenting them to tbe Brigade library. The meeting then adjourned. A BCEXTlico of tbe Fitzroy Pastoral, Agri cultural, and Horticultural Society was held at tbe offices of Messrs. Brown sod Bisien Wednesday afternoon. There were present — Messrs. J. Thomson (Chairman), Macpherson, Murray, B. Archer, Beid, Joseph Brown, Cooper, Leigh, and Bisien (Secretary). The minutes of the previous meeting having been read and confirmed, and some small accounts passed, the election of judges for the ensuing show took place, as follows :— Blood stock. Inspector Stuart, Messrs. Feberdy, Wilson. Nash, and Dowling ; draughts, Messrs. Geo. Fox, Triffitt, Baines, Dallon, Martin, Portos ; cattle. Messrs. H. Badgery and J. H. Teo ; fat cattle aod pigs. Messrs. 3. Smith, Jackson, Hyland, and Martin; fat sheep, same judges as fat cattle; wool, Messrs. Scbofield and Frazer; dogs and poultry. Messrs. May, Nash, H. Mills, Owens, and Bucknell; sugar, farm produce, and textile plants, Messrs. Edgar, O'Shanesy, Cairns, and Leigh; dairy produce, Messrs. Hall, Kelly, and Leigh; implement, agricultural machinery, and sundries, Messra, John Murray, Lamond, Melboisb, and armstrong ; fruits, flowers, sad vegetables, Messrs. Edgar, O'Shanesy, Jones, Hobler, and Lucas. The following stewards were appointed :— Classes 1, 2. and 3, Messrs. John Murray and Cooper ; 4 and 5, Meant. Pattiaou, Macphenon, Cooper, and Role; 6 and 7, Messrs. A. Beid and & Archer; 8 to II, Messrs. Lucas. Henry Jones, aod Edgar ; 12, Messrs. J. Brown and Junes Thomson ; 13 to IS. Messrs. A. Reid, F. H. Hobler, H. Jones and B. Archer. It was decided that tbe judging shall com mence at eight o'clock, and that judges be notified to be there at aeven. Mr. Archer offered to give £10 to the Society for a ploughing match, in two prizes of £7 aod £3, or as tbe dub might wish. The matter was postponed until next meeting. The mmi*b» fl^n adionxneda

Mb. T. Bojatkcbwohtb, who has estab lished imp-building yard, at North Bock hampton, has. we are pleaaed to notice, decided to build a afip or gridiron. It will be 90 ft long, and S6ft. wile and will be pro ceeded wrth at once. When erected he will be able with more expedition to complete repairs to pants or any of the small steamers now plying op and down tbe river. Tat number of deaths that have taken plane here during the past fortnight bear evidence to the fact that the health of the town is improving. The deaths in tbe town bave been fourteen, and in tbe Westwood district six. The causes of death are in most cases fever or dysentery, at in Bockhampton one person died from typhoid fever, two from remittent fever, and four trom. dysentery ; and in Westwood one from typhoid, one from dysentery, and one from diarrban. We regret to hear that tbe crew chosen to represent tbe Bockbampton Bowing Clob at tbe forthcoming Maryborough regatta will not be able to carry oot tbeir engagement in consequence of tbe sudden illness of Mr. fteorge Potts, junior, the strobe of tbe crew. It is a pity after all the trouble the crew have pat themselves to in tbe matter of training, that they should be disappointed at the eleventh hour, bnt it is now too late to fill Mr. Potts' sear. The rich patch struck at the General Wobeley claim at New Zealand Golly seems to bave bad tbe effect of causing miners and others to apply for leases both At New Zealand Gully and C»warraL Messrs. Davis, Williams, and Elliott have applied for a lease of an area of 800 ft. by 400 ft. at New Zealand Gully, and Messrs. Davis, Williams. Anderson, Elliott, and Tucker for 1200 ft. by 400 ft. en the same field. An application hss also been made for a lease of what is known as the Annie claim at Cawarral, which has been previously worked. The following proclamations appear in the Government QaseUe of Saturday last : — Captain Charles Hamilton Des Vouex. Bengal .staff Corps, to be infantry staff officer and in structor of musketry in the Queensland Voluoteer Force for three months from the 1st May; C. L. Eastlake and G. M. Mackie to be Government agents on the supernumtry staff to accompany vesseU licensed to carry Pacific Islanders; Patrick Breslin to be poundkeeper at Gladstone. The Govemor in-Conocu baa accepted the resignation ten dered by Tbomas Hammer of his appoiotroeot as a magistrate of the territory ; and also that tendered by Walter F. Cheeke of his position as » Government Agent. T. H. Slater has been appointed a member of tbe Blaokall State School Committee rice W. B. Irwiu, deceased. About 760 acres of land in tbe parish of Wena wilt be open to selection at the Clennont land office on tbe 17th May. The lands hereonder described have been temporarily reserved for the purpose named with respect to each : — Beserve for police paddock, parish of Clermout, about 234 acres ; reserve for police purposes, town of Bock bampton, lacre. .4 MEETTKO was held in the Hibernian Hall on Wednesday for tbe purpose of establishing a branch of the Australian Natives' Association Society. There were over thirty persons pre sent, and Mr. Hodglri&son occupied the chair. Mr. Woodland explained the objects of tbe Society, which were the moral, social, and intellectual improvement of its members. The speaker said that it was also intended to raise a fond by means of entrance fees, sub scriptions, and fines in order to defray tbe burials of deceased members, insurance on the lives of members and tbeir wives, pay ments in time of sickness and medical fees, aod the general expenses of tbe Branch.— The Chairman said that as it was tbe first time be bad appeared in a public capacity he thanked them for the hononr, and he might state at the ootoet that the movement had bis warm sympathy. He might Bay that whether tbe Australian Colonies federated or not they would be ruled by the natives of Australia during the present generation. He had seen, known, and read of excellent examples of Australians who had heen a benefi: to society, and had, besides, influenced the results of the elections, and be himself thought that they deed not go out of Aus tralia to import a ruler, and he believed that it would soon prove a fact, as that was ooe of the objects of the Association. He said he was not a native, bnt had been trained in the colonies. As, however, the Association rules which be held in his hand limited the member ship to native-born Australians he could not promise to become a member. Mr. Woodland and himself differed on that point, as he (the speaker) thought that all children wbo came over here under seven years of age were entitled to enter the Society, and be would make it bis duty to ascertain the real quali fication for membership. The first condition to be complied with before a branch could be formed was that twenty members should be obtained, who would irign their names pledging themselves to become members, and paying Ss. each, being balf the qualification fee, as a guarantee. He regretted tbe small atten dance, bat considered it was because the matter had not been ventilated enough. He pointed out that it was not only an Association for mutual improvement bnt a benefit society also. In case any one doubted the credentials of Mr. Woodland, the Chairman proceeded to read a letter signed by the President, Mr. C. Wflson. and tbe Secretary, Mr. E. Wain wrigbt, of the Ballarat branch, which authorised Mr. Woodland to take what steps he thought necessary for the formation of a local branch — Mr. Woodland then read an extract from a letter be bad received, which requested him to be careful to get tbe support of a sufficient somber of members before be formed a branch, because if lodges of the Society only existed for a short time they did more harm than good.— Fourteen persons pre sent paid the necessary fee and signed their names, and after a vote of tbanks to the Chairman tbe meeting adjourned «&k die.

The 6fty-third montMB&tf - Bockbampton Terminable ^^tj-j—jo. _ vestment Society was held ?C*'*' offices of the Secretary ^^Hk^ ' ? . Tbe amount received as interese*^Kb; „ tions wan £191 19a. 3d. TmiiHk . , . ' were sold at ten per cent. l^^^Kr - The general meeting of snarehor^|^y ' the Central Queensland Co-operative BaES£ Company, held in tbe Drill Sbed on Wednes day, was attended by over fifty persons, the majority of whom were shareholders. Tbe euair was occupied by Mr. Pinkerton, who annonnced in the course of tbe proceedings that 522 shares bad been paid op. and tbe holders of 200 more had promised to do bo. Tbe business consisted of the consideration of rules, which were read and adopted ; and tbe- election of directors and auditors. The Ipswich Advocate of May S says : — ?' On Saturday morning last a young man. oamed George Shepherd, in tbe employ of Mr. Robert M'Grory, had a very narrow escape of being dangerously, if not fatally in jured ; be, however, received a very severe sbock to his system, tbe ribs on tbe left side being displaced. It appears tbat he had been exercising the racehorse Dromaier, in the vicinity of Sadlier's Crossing, when the bone stumb ed, through potting his leg in a miry nrt caused by the recent rains, and came heavily to the grooud, falling on his rider. Shepherd was picked up in an insensible state, but shortly afterwards regained con sciousness, and was conveyed home, wbere be was attended by Dr. Lightoller. On inquiry this morning we learn that tbe sufferer was still in a low condition, bnt it is to be hoped tbat nothing serioos will ensoe. In f^lftng tbe horse received a nasty scar.' Thx following proclamation authorising tbe Metropolitan Tramway and Investment Com pany to construct, maintain, and work tbe projected tramway from Wootloongabba to- Teakfast Creek, New Farm, and the Exhibi tion, appeared in Saturday's QovenmeKt Gazette: — 'His Excellency the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, baa been pleased to approve of tfae plans and specification for tbe metropolitan tramway, subject to certain alterations which have been agreed to by tbe Metropolitan Tramway and Invedtemnt Company, Limited, and has authorised tbe construction of the «aiae by tbe said company, in terms of the Tramways Act 1882.' Tbe company will now be able to Up oo with tbe undertaking with confidence, tbe proclamation having all the force of a special Act of Parliament. The Courier of Saturday says :—' A lonely death in tbe bush has been reported to the police by Mr. James Fullerton of Betreat station. One of the boundary riders of that station, while travelling from Jundah to Retreat on the Lower Thompson road, Wei ford run, came across tbe dead body of a man lying face downwards, 150 yards from the road. A constable was sent out and reported that the man had apparently been dead about two mouths, and had probably died from thirst, though there was plenty of water near him, but some distance off tbe road. Tbe only means of identification was a horse receipt found in the pocket, drawa in favonr of Henry C. Smith. Deceased appeared to have been 40 to 45 years of age, and was 5 ft. 7 in. in height. The constable procured assistance and buried tbe body on tbe spot' Those wbo remember the golden days of the Palmer will persue tbe following with interest : — *'On!y two crusbiagt took place on the Palmer goldfield during March, and tbey only amounted to 127 tone and yielded 203$ ozb.; 0txll tbe Warden 'a report is not without interest as the following extract will show : — * As bearing upon the treasure occasionally aueartbed from the Palmer, even in its present decayed alluvial existence, a Chinese storekeeper assured me that he had wedgbed upwards of 800 oa of gold obtained by one Chinaman in a few days at the close of 1S83 (last year), tbe locality indicated being tbat fertile source of wealth lyinff in tne river bed between German Bar and Revolver Point. I see nothing improbable in tbe story, as every thing occurring since I took charge of thm fi«ld three years ago convinces mo that but a small proportion of Palmer gold was got by Europeans, and that but a tithe of tbat obtained by Chinamen pays escort does or falls under public notice. The experience of any focal banker given unreservedly would I think corroborate my statement.' Thv inadequacy of tbe accommodation pro vided and the unsafe condition of the present lockup is a question that has been nnder con sideration for some months, and tenders baw now been called for tbe erection of a new build ing They will be received np to four o'clock on Friday, 23rd instant. Tbe plans and specifi cations may now be Been at tbe Court House. The new structure will be of brick, tbe ont aide walls to be H in. io tbickoasa, tad the inside 9 in. In the front will be the lockup keeper's quarters, occupying an area of 50 ft. by loft Io the centre will be tbe sitting-room 15 ft, square, aod on either side a bedroom, the one lift by 15ft. and tbe other 15 ft. by IS ft. At tbe front and at both sides will be a verandah 7 ft. wide, and at tbe rear, on one of the side verandaba. a store room 6 ft. 6 in. by 10 ft. 4 in. At tbe back of this suite of rooms will be a passage 4 ft. wide, at the spot nearest tbe store room being the kitchen 15 ft equare. Along the ontside of this will also extend a' passage 4 ft. wide, by which two of the cells can be reached. The passage running „ at the rear of the lockup-keepe?i quarters C opens on tbe side verandah, and on tbe rifiht mil be the effice-a room 10ft. 9 in. by 10ft, which is only separated from the cells by another passage 4 ft. wide, entrance to wnicb «-i!l be barred by an iron gate. On one aide of this opening will be lour cells 8ft. by 10 ft., and on tbe other only two, but of the same dimensions. Tbe rooms have, we pre sume, keen arranged ao as provide the neces sary accommodation and also for tbe aafetv of prisoners. ^^