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F. Albretch, Mullewa, four bales at .ISid. ; G. Brady, Mullewa, six bales at 56d. : Berringarra Pastoral Co., via Cue, one bale at 70d., two at 67d., one at 6 id., sixeen at 56Jd., two at 55£d.; C. Burton, Eradu, one bale at 54d. ; A. Carey, White Peak, eight bales -it ?JOid., six at 57d. ; Estate of late J. V. Connolly, Walkaway, five bales at '.S^d.; Darlot Bros. Pty. Ltd., Byro Station, Mullewa, five bales at 791d., eleven at 79d., fifteen at 74cL, seven at 723d., three at 69}d., five at 69d., five at 6S2d., seven at 67£d., eleven at 66d., live at -J3d., five at 60^d., thirty-two ut -JOd., one at 5SJd. ; E. K. Drage, Nor thampton, six bales at 65d., one nt .TP.d., three at 55 Jd., five at 55d.; R. E. & H. D. Drage, Northampton, one bale at 54d. ; Eakins and McCagh, Mendel Estate, Mullewa, four bales at 56Jd., six at nod. ; S. V. Eakins, Tardun, two bales at 50 id., five at 56d., five at 554d., two at 54d. ; Edah Pastoral Co. Pty. Ltd., Edah, four bales at S7Jd., six at SGd., twelve at S3d., three at 77|d., nine at 76d., four at 75id.. eleven -it 75^d., three at 74£d., thirteen at 69d., six at 65|d., one at 62£d.f twenty-one at C24d., one at 58*d-, three at 55£d.; C. H. Etherton, White Peak, four bales at GOJd. ; L. W. Griersou, Carnamah

two bales at 54 Jd. ; Estate late M. Hackett, Nanson, six bales at 54§d. ; F. D. Keeffe, Mullewa, five bales at 52§d.; J. Keeffe, Buttarraby, Mullewa, two bales at 54£d., one at 52d. ; N. S. ; B. Keeling, Morawa, four bales at 61d., ' one at 52d. ; F. Lucas, Carnamah, one ; bale at 5Sd., two at 54£d.; Landor Squatting Co. Pty. Ltd., via Meeka tbarra twelve, bales at 70d.; Marillan Pastoral Co. Pty. Ltd., Meekatharra, twelve bales at 74*d., four at 69|d., fourteen at 69Jd., nine at 68id., seven at 623d., eleven at 59£d., eighteen at 5S£d-, eight at 57d. ; Meeline Pas toral Co., Mt. Magnet, thirty bales at 78d., fourteen at 75Jd., four at 74d., twenty-one at 73id., eleven at 67d., five at 66Jd., four at 66d., six at 65£d., four at 646!.; thirty-seven at 60d_, ten at 59Jd., one at 59£d., four at 57d., one at 55d.; Minninooka Pty. Ltd., Walk away, twelve bales at 69d., sixteen at 60 JcL, four at 55|d. ; Moorarie Pty. Ltd. Meekatharra, six bales at 61id-» three at 60d.; L. D. Mitchell & Sons, Yalla long Station, via Mullewa, eleven bales at 73d., eight at 72£d., eleven at 69d., six at 63Jd., twenty at 56d., Naraling Farms Ltd., Naraling, ten bales at 57Jd., four at 52d. ; Nookawarra Pas toral Co. Pty. Ltd., Cue, four bales at 75Jd., six at 73|d., four at 67d., two at 66Jd., five at 63id., five at 62d., one at 60&, two at 59fd., four at 58Jd., four at 58d., one at 57d., one at 56Id.; R. W. Parker, Warrie Station, Meelra tharra, five bales at G6$d., six at 57id-, one at 56i; T. Pericich. Tardun, four bales at 59£d., three at 54d.; J. M. Frendergast, Wongoondy Estate, Mul lewa, six bales at 60d. ; P. M. Small, Challymenda, Pindar, two bales at 62d., two at 60jd., four at 59J-L ; H. B. Smith, Earra, Arrino, four bales at o7d. ; S. B. Stokes, Three Springs, four bales at 62|d.; Mrs. A. Sutherland & Sons, Ajana, seven bales at 61d. ; TI. H. Turner, Mt. Wittenoom Station, vi:i Yalgoo, five bales at 84£d., six at 79id., twelve at 76£d., twelve at 75d., five at 724d., thirteen at 69Jd., twelve at 69d., one at 64£&, five at 61fd., ten at 61d., mrteen at 60d., three at 56£d-; E. J. W. Vaughan, Geraldton, five bales at 60dL ; Wagga Wagga Station. Pty. Ltd., Yalgoo, five bales at 70|d.t five at 70£d., twenty-one at 65i-I., one at 62£d., twenty-two at 61|d., four at 58i3., twenty-seven at 57id., one at 55Jd. ; M. Williams, Waddle Forrest, via Coorow, four bales at 60|-L ; P. E. H. William son, four bales at 52£d. ; Yarrabubba Lienster Downs Pastoral Co., Meeka tharra, six bales at 59d., one at 57£., four at 56Jd.