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The monthly meeting of the 'Green- ough Road Board was held on the 6th inst., there being present Messrs. 1L Rumble (chairman), V. Criddle, P. Moloney, EL Rcadhead, J. Prendergast, A. Vince, R. Duncan, Ms Desmond and the, secretary5 ifMi^W, ilorris).

Correspondence Prom Western Australian Employ ers' Federation, advising increase iu the ljasic wage, and in a brief discus sion on this matter it was agreed to adjust the salary of the secretary and also the wages of the grader und trac tor drivers. From Irwin Road Board, relative to a proposal by the Department of Pub lic Works for the amalgamation of the Irwin and Greenough Road Boards. As this matter had been previously dis cussed by the Board it was decided to forward a copy of the letter written to the .Department of Public Works to the Irwin Road Board. From Northampton Road Board, seeking support for a proposal for the establishment of a northern agricul tural college. It was agreed to give all possible support to the proposal, mem bers expressing the opinion that the provision of such* a college would be a distinct advantage to the whole of the northern areas.1 From W.A. State Tyre Committee, asking for the names and types of all motor vehicles owned and licensed in the district. The secretary was instructed to supply the required information. . Finance The monthly statement for July was submitted by the secretary and form ally accepted, this disclosing receipts totalling £356/17/5 against an expendi ture of £49r»/17/S, the position of the ward and other accounts being shown us follows: — Central W.u-d (credit), £184/17/8; North Ward (debit), £--»2/]0/-; South Ward (credit), £259/1/1; East Ward (debit), £122/1/1; Health Account (credjt), £100/9/1; Vermin Account (credit), £10S/15/5. The balance at the end of the previous month was shown as £273/1-/-, representing a credit balance of £13-3/13/11 J't the bank and £49/7/ at the treasury, and also £14/0/9 in the hands of the secretary.

Accounts totalling £491/17/- were also presented to the meeting and passed for -payment. Petition A petition signed by a number of ratepayers was presented to the Board complaining of the bad condition of the river crossing -'»' 'he ( Northern Highway during the winter months, it being stated that there was extreme difliculty with all trailic prortvding to and from Ceraldton in negotiating this crossing in the Board's district. On the motion of Messrs. Readliead' and Duncan it- was decided to com

municate witfi the Main Roads Depart ment stressing the bad condition of this crossing and stating that for a period of fcen to twelve weeks during the win ter months it was necessary to close this section of the Great Northern Highway to traffic; further, to ask if it would not be possible to effect some improvement to this crossing. River Mouth Kesort Applications were received from Messrs. H. Valentine and W. Hare for permission to erect dwellings at the mouth of the Greenough River, and these were granted subject to the usual conditions. ' On the motion of Messrs. Desmond and Duncan it was also resolved to notify all occupants of dwellings at the mouth of the river that rentals in arrears must be paid forthwith, other wise notice would be served for the dismantling of any buildings so con cerned. Walkaway Bridge The unsafe condition of the Walka way Bridge vras the subject of a diST cussion at the meeting, and on the motion of Messrs. Duncan and Vince it was decided to erect signs at each end of the bridge notifying that the maximum weight of loads crossing the bridge must be limited to five tons* such weight to include the vehicle in use. General Business ' A date was fixed for an inspection of roads in the district subject to the arrangements heing suitable for the district railway engineer. On the motion of Messrs. Desmond and Readhead the clearing of Fraser and Padbury Roads was left in the hands of Mr. Duncan. It was decided to communicate with the Premier's Department in connec tion with the appointment of the chair man of the Board as a justice of the l»eace, and to also submit the name of Mr. A. L. Vince for a similar appoint ment. The action of Mr. Duncan iu having made arrangements for the eradication of noxious weeds in the South Ward was endorsed on the motion of Messrs. Vince and Criddle. At the instance of Messrs. Desmond and Moloney it was decided to direct the attention of the Geraldton Road Board' to the presence of Carnation Weed at Cream's Gully. In the event of a. lighting plant being installed at Walkaway it was agreed to request that provision be made for eight hall lights and two street lights, the latter to be in use until 10 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays and also on any other uight when there was an enter tainment in the Walkaway Hall. The secretary was instructed to write to the Midland Railway Company in regard to the possibility of the cattle pits on the property of Mr. T. Uollings wortli being replaced. On the motion of Messrs. Vince and Desmond it was resolved to communic ate with the Minister for Lands direct ing attention to the Hood waters in the eastern portion of the district and ask ing if it would be possible to offect some improvement and so relieve the settlers in that area.