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National Game.


MELBOURNE. Monday.-.Matters con eemhiir the constitution ot' tile Australian '.Football Council were niven lengthy con sideration when thc delegates resinned their triennial conference to-dav. Mr. A. A. Moffatt (Western Australia; pre


Tho draft constitution drawn up by Mr. O'Hallovnn. K.C.. which has been npriroved in principle by all thc State leagues, was discussed anil amended.

One of the main features of thc draft constitution' was a provision lo niter th name of the council to thc Australian I Football Council.

' Mr. IV. Leitch (Tasmania) urged that

the name be further altered so as to show more dclinitcly that the council represented thc true .Australian code of football. In all State- but Victoria, he said, the Australian code was contused with other codes nu the national gamp. Ile siijicestcd mimili;; the council the .Aus tralian National Football Council, as it controlled .thc national gallie.

Thc wiiiisostion was adopted.

In consequence ot' this change, it wus considered necessary thal the various Stale leapues which were members of the council should also incoiporatc the words "Australian National" iu their


lt was decided to ash the leagues to alter their titles aecordinitly.

This menus ,tbat in future thc Vic torian Football League will bc designated

thc Victorian Australian National Foot- | bnll League, the Tasmanian Loaiiiie the

Tasmanian Australian National Football |

Leanne, and sn on.

Ml-. I). F. Douglas (Canberra) urned j the need for the council tn take active steps to strengthen the code in thc Fed eral territory. Rusby and soccer codes, he said, were bciiiR introduced into Can

bena, hut surely the Australian national capital wits a place where the Australian national game should be played. He asked that Canberra should bc given representation on the council.

.Mr. K. ll. Tassie (South Australia) said it was not advisable to nive Canberra lull representation until the game was completely established there, but in order to help Canberra enthusiasts, represen tation could bc niven on condition that the detonates hud no voting power.

Other delegates expressed sympathy with the.request, and expressed the view that the council would he failing in its duty if il did not help in the establish ment of tho game at Canberra.

Mr. Tassie moved Hint the Canberra Australian' Xational Football League be admitted tn the council ns an hmiorar.v member' without voting power, pending thc establishment of the game at Can

berra, i

Thc motion was curried uii.iniinoiisly.

llcn,iiesls were received from the Chris

lian 'Brothers' Primary Schools .Associa tion and tile Catholic Young Alen'* So ciety for permission to play final matches on the council's ground as curtain-raisers

to the carnival matches.

1'he requests were granted, conditional on the state of the ground prior to the lug matches, ll, thc ground is at all wet, the players will 'not he able io stni'o cur


A request fruin the Victorian League for a donation towards the enterlainuient ol' Hie visiting teams was received, hut

no action was taken.

I lt was pointed ont that il was thc

practice for the home side to act as host, and if the donation were made, it would have au undesirable effect on the home State's position.

The conference will resume to-aioiiow

at lil a.m.

Word was received by the council to dar that Hie -Yew South Wales team had beeĀ» changed by the substitution of F. I'arse.v (South Sydney) for ll. V. Lon don, un the full-back linc.