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Women's Recommendations


BJUSUA.N li, Wednesday.-uivin¡r ca ltonee betöre the Royal Commission on Rut-ins to-day, -Mrs. li. A. .Mallalieu. State secretary of the National Council, o'" Women, said her council had appointed i sub-committee lu consider tho question* into which thc commission had neon un pointed to inquire. The recommendations adopted by her council were: -

That horse-racing, because of its im mediate evils, should be curtailed: that thc iitttohcr of iture^istered lace meetings should bc limited: that tho law relating to cruelty to animals should be enforced more strictly on racecourses; that betting shops in connection with races should be prohibited, ami that no room should bc set apart on any racecourse where women could obtain intoxicating liquor.

Thc council, she said, had no objection to racing as a sport, but its 'attendant evils were enormous - for instance, the amount of betting associated with il, fre quent cruelty to horses, such as .doping and using- sharp spurs, and dishonest practices.

The chairman (Mr. Justice Henchman): Why do yon say gambling is an evil:

"Mrs. Miillulieu: Look at the f aces ot passengers in trains returning from thc races. They do not indicate that they had a pleasant time.

Do yon think mothers anil fathers who go to . rucos go home grumpy, and thu children sufferÏ - Yes, our view is that the husband should not bet with money necessary to tho welfare ol thu home


Payment for Course

lu expressing the opinion that tho Brisbane Amateur Turf Club would never bo able to pay the £450.00» owing to Messrs. John Wren and Xathan for the purchase nf tho Albion Park course. Mr. J. D. O'M.mi. solicitor, said that thc vendors had agreed to forego interest up to the. end of 1020. ?

In cross-examination; Mr. O'Marn said , that thc whole of thc profits of the Queensland Turf Club went back into im

pioveuicnls or wages.