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£100,000 SPENT.

Australia's Year in Films.


SYDNEY, Wednesday.-1027 will ge down as a rod letter year in i lie his- tory of Australian lilia production, as a brave effort bas been made to put the local industry-on a firm footing. Dur- ing tho year moro' than £100,000 has been spent on Hims. In twelve months' production, expenditure equalled that of the preceding decade.

Ono film alone cost £50,000, and it is expected that the Australian rentals for this picture ; will .bring in the cost. There is sonni speculation as tu what amount foreign inarkots will return, but it is thought by experienced men that at least another £40,000 will be forthcoming -from that source.

Two other pictures cost £30,000 and £15,000 respectively, but they have not yot been released. Tho former is in the last stages bf editing.

AH tho film industry in Australia is yet "a baby," it is easy to compile a list of productions, including cost and the earnings of some. Compari- son proves interesting.

"Foi- the Term of His Natural Lifo"

cost £50,000; . "The Adorable Out- cast" approximately £30,000; "Tho .Romance of Itunnibede, " £15,000;

"Tho Moth of Moonbi" £4400: "Greenhide" £3800; ".Towelled Nights" £8010; "Sentimental Bloke" £2000; "Nurse Cavell" £1400; and

"Environment" £4000.

Earnings are credited as follows: "Peter Vernon's Silence," £1111, of which thc producing company received £724; "The Dinkum Bloke," £0148, of which tho producers received £3990; "Nnrso Cavell," about £25,000; ami "Jewelled Nights" nearly £6000.

"The Kelly Gang" and "Thc Man They Couldn't Hang" made big prolits on the outlay 'of "ennita). Tho first cost £450 and made £20,000, and the latter was produced for £1100 and earn-

ed a similar amount.