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,¡,i. an intensely thrilling story of

mls|,ips ami trials of tho carly ?al settlers, tho directorial hand ','iyraond Longford, a votoran pro

the movie world, nnd a highly

[i, cast, "The Pioneers," a '¡.Master Picturo release that is to "ho'w'a at thc Devonport theatres^ S.',rternu»n and to-night, has alf

ingredients which make for suc Vlicn Katherine Susannah I'ri (1 wrote this intensely thrilling ¡filian story-and incidentally Hodilor and Stoughton's thousand i(j pr¡zl;-she provided tho screen

excellent material for a superb onlay of pioneering a*dventuro, cated to tho immortal souls who

'ht from Nature tho magnificent Titmice which is ours to-day. As a en play, it retains all tho vivid

and intenso realism that charac cd it in book form, and won un lcd praise from leading newspapers ""built thc world. Virginia Bores

and William Thornton, who are iii thc principal roles, give won "Hy sincere portrayals of two ,g people faced with the supreme ?lillies that confronted tho carly on builders. It is a story of love

survived through tragic hardship love triumphant in the face of ?nltics and tribulations almost un iraule. Donald Cameron, a sturdy eli immigrant, and his wife, Mary,

their infant son, are seen battling nst the hardships of the Australian i. Later tho wife adopts thc hlor of an ex-convict, and tho girl, ilrc, and David Cameron grow up llicr, bound by links of love which , the trials anS hardships of the r pioneers could not forge apart. II this stage the story sweeps on ( superbly dramatic climax when' »hi, forced into an unhappy ninr f ia a moment of desperation kills husband, who had rortured . her i a sinister secret which ho hold

hei life. Driven to the verge of air hy the apparent cruelties of ? she at length linds, in David's ng hive, contentment and peace.

ie second big attraction at Devon

to-night is "Tho Great Jewel Rob .," a Master picturo starring Her

Rawliuson, who, cast in the rolo Steve Martindale, covers himself i glory and gives movie-goers a t in this fast-moving society crook «Irania. The story contains an mal number of new situations, and unexpected twists keep thc audi ? in a high pitch of excitement i start to finish. The. picturo 1s out with a road-honso. scene, and action never lulls until the final ;out. lt is not the "blood and nier" typo of melodrama, yet it rflows with excitement. There is

rything that goes to make up good ?rtahimeiit. The story revolves mil the. hero, into ' whose coat iet the master crook lins placed a containing the stolen jewels. Tho k then tries to regain posspssion lie bag, and thc scenes that follow rapid' sequence' keep the attention ted to the screen'. . Grace Darmond,

is ever popular with picture fans, s the part of a female detective,

and is well cast for tho part. She and ' Rawlinson curry tho burden of tho action and thoy do it to tho entirç satisfaction of the audience. Their work is excellent. ,

Mr. P. J. Martyn will sing "The Prisoner's Song," the latost American

song crazo.