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The Midland railway at several points over a long stretch experienced the full force of the storm aud tho deluges of rain, and several serious washaways arc reported. These have resulted in the train service being suspended, aud breakdown gangs arc now busily en gaged in repairing the damage to en able a resumption of the service at the

earliest possible moment. On the sec tion between Arrino and Three Springs and between the 182 mile peg and the ISO mile peg four washaways occurred. One was twelve chains long, the flood ing being three feet deep, whilst arf thcr was eight chains long, the water reaching a depth of three feet. The others were of a less serious character. Another bad wash out occurred at the culvert about two and a half miles north of Arrino, the line being washed out for about ten feet. Other wash aways were reported from the Win chester section, one being about sixteen feet long, whilst the flood waters ex tended for a mile and a half on either side of the line. All the obtainable meii in Carnainah are being engaged for

the purpose of repairing the line. The Mingenew railway gang, rein forced by a number of unemployed, were despatched on Monday morning with a ballast train to the first wash away at the 197-milc on the Yanda nooka- Arrino! section, and it was expect ed the damaged portion would be made good to-day. The Three Springs gang was also re inforced with outside hands, and pro ceeded to washaways on that section of the line,- but it was impossible to do very much pending the arrival of the ballast train. The gang, however, made better progress than was anticipated,, as by using sand bags they were able to prise tho line up in readiness for the ballast. A ballast train was also despatched from Midland Junction yes terday morning, but that was not ex pected to get further than Moora last night owing to the flooding of the line in various plaees. This morning it was reported it had reached Watheroo. The rain was particularly heavy in Carnamah, as may be imagined when up to Monday morning the registration totalled 438 points. At Coorow, too, there was over four inches of rain, and on Sunday there were fears as to the safety of tho reservoir, which is situ ated 'in the centre of the town. To guard against any possibility of danger, it was deemed advisable that the people living on the one side of the town should leave their houses for the time being, and seek accommodation on the ether side of the town. There was a good deal of anxiety on Monday with regard to the railway bridge at Strawberry, and a close watch was kept on it. This morning it was reported that the water had gone down somewhat, thus relieving the anxiety. Telephoning late this afternoon our Mingenew representative stated that the repair work is progressing very satisfactorily, and the Walkaway Arrino section is now open, whilst the Arrino-Thrce Springs section is expect ed to be completed to-night, and other minor washaways will also be remed ied. Thero will then only remain bad breaks at Marehagcc and Winchester. The ballast train from Midland Junc tion lias reached Marchagee, -whilst the gang engaged on the Arrino-Threc Springs section is expected to reach Winchester to-morrow. TJ1' 1;ne is now clear from Three Springs to Carnamah. If the weather continues favourable the ordinary service will be resumed on Thursday. A special mail is leaving Mingcncw by car this evening with mail for Ger aldton and Perth, the latter going .over the Wongjin line to-morrow.