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Hoardings and Signs.— The new by laws of the Geraldton Municipality for the control of hoardings, advertise1 ments, signboards, illuminated signs, etc;, which were adopted by the Coun cil on July 24th, were published in the ''Government- Gazette' on Friday last.

Advanced ILA.A.F. Training.— The first- course- of advanced training for R.A.A.F. pilots to be undertaken at No. 2 Service Flying Training School at Wagga has commenced, forty pupils passing from the intermediate- to the advanced grade. A further fifty pupils will enter the school almost immed iately to begin intermediate training.. Air-force officials are pleased with the rapid development of the Wagga estab lishment. Training operations began there only on August 1st, since when as many as 2009 flights a month have heen made, including 150 night flights. In some instances instructors are fly ing 90 hours a week in an endeavour to keep pace with the work.

Malayan Chinese Help Britain.— Chinese in Perak, one of the Feder ated Malay States, have recently raised over £3000 to help Britain in the war. 'One thing we in Malaya must all realise,' said a speaker at a Chinese public meeting, 'is that we must be profoundly thankful for our pood fortune in this country. After a year of war, we are not short of food, drink or clothing, and the roofs pver our heads are neither bombed nor shelled, nor are our children fnachine-gunned at play.' Chinese were urged to be orderly and discip lined and to refuse to listen to sub versive propagandists and to work bard to produce what the ' Empire needed. African View of Italians. — Baraza (British EJast Africa) writing of the consequences of- Italy's entry into the war says: — 'We have one great advantage over the Italians- In Abys sinia the Italians must always keep a lot of soldiers or tlie Abyssiniaus will rise and recover their country. Here in Kenya all the tribes are loyal to the Empire. Bazara knows that there are a few silly people who say that this is not their war, but it is the affair of the Europeans. Let them remember that the Italians have told their Somali soldiers that there are many cattle and women in Kenya. Our soldiers are fighting to defend the women and cat tle, not of some but of all. We are not children to hide behind that shield. Each one of us mnst do all he can to defeat the enemy and to help our soldiers.'

Charge of Vagrancy. — Arthur John Harvey, alias Small, made his appear ance before the stipendiary magistrate (Mr. K. J. Dougall) in the Geraldton Police Court yesterday to answer a charge that, having insufficient lawful means of support, he was deemed to be an idle and disorderly person. Harvey pleaded guilty and Detective-Sergeant Kendall, who prosecuted, said that the defendant had spent several months in Geraldton and had done practically no work. He had been arrested during August and convicted ou a charge of stealing wool. He was then warned that unless he mended his ways he would be charged with vagrancy. He had since been found in the company of convicted persons and undesirables and loafing around hotels and betting shops. On Saturday nijrht he Iiehaved in a dis orderly manner, when he was evicted from a cafe. He was a bad influence on other young men in the town. Ask ed if he had anything to say in his defence. Harvey replied, that it was his intention to leave Geraldton for Leonora, where he had a married bro ther. He would seek work at Leonora. He was sentenced to one month's imprisonment.

Matinee Attraction. — In 'Arizona j Wildcat,' screening ;it the matinee on Saturday. Jaue Withers is co-starred with iK'pulur Leo Carrillo, and it is the tyiK* of picture where Jane is at her very best trying to bring law and order to the Wild West. Supporting subjects j include Australian Itevie.w, 'Porkey the j Gob' (cartoon). Music Master, 'Singa- j pore and Jahore.*' (iraveltalk). 'The j Movies March On' (March of Time), { and 'The Mysterious Pilot. ' j Geraldton Beach Caiups. — In provid- ! injr facilities and pioneering a new ven- j ture in Geraldtou for the accoiumoda- j tiou of visitors to the town, Geraldtou Beach Camps Limited are deserving of all the credit and success that has attended the undertaking. The secre tary of the company (Mr. W. P. Edwards) stated yesterday that nearly two hundred families had been accom modated in the bungalows at the West Knd Beach since they were opened, ami ] the definite bookings for the forthcom ing holidays indicate that these facile ties are becoming more widely known and appreciated by holiday-makers. Reservations have already been effect ed by residents of the Murchison and Wiluna goldfields, the metropolitan urea and the south-western regions of the State. Last year four new cot tages were erected by the company and yesterday the directors accepted the tender of Messrs. T. P. & A. E. Crothers for the partial lining of the houses.

Letters for Soldiers Abroad.— The Minister for the Army (Senator ilo Bride) stated the other day that the proper address for members of the A.I.F. abroad, or on passage, was still — 'Regimental No ? , Rank . . . ., Name . . . ., and Unit, A.I.F. Abroad,' which would find meml-ers of the A.I.F. wherever they were. The Minister added that to ensure the despatch of letters from the Commonwealth to any other destinations outside Australia the condition laid down must be strictly observed. The special regulations gov erning the despatch of letters to enemy an-1 enemy occupied countries through the authorised intermediary, Thos. Cook & Son, the message service through the Australian Red Cross Society, and let ters from enemv aliens and naturalised

British subjects of enemy origin resid ing in Australia must lie complied with, otherwise the letters will not go for ward. Senator McBride advises writ ers who are in doubt as to the require ments to seek information from their local post-office before posting in order to avoid disappointment and delay. Muslims' View of Dictators. — 'Mus- lims iti Malaya' should help to destroy the vile and wicked ambitions of Hitter and Mussolini,' declared Mr. 55. M. Alkaff, a leading Singapore. Arab, addressing a meeting of prominent members of the Muslim community at Singapore. It was decided to send telegrams to Egypt and other Muslim countries offering every sympathy and encouragement and calling upon them to resist Mussolini the 'Arch Enemy of Islam' and his partner in crime, Hitler, and to . support the British ?Empire. 'You all know how brutally jjnd; inhumanly our Muslim brethren in Africa and elsewhere have been treated by .Mussolini and. his people, and how the British have come for ward to champion the cause of those

so trampled down by such brutalities and ill-treatment,' said Mr. Alkaff. 'Muslims,', he said, 'are democratic. So are the British. British policies ire identical with those of Islam. Therefore Muslims should join issue with Britain to help to oust the devas jtating and dangerous policies of Naz ism and Fascism from the face of the earth.' Attractive Picture Entertainment.— Bv arrangement with the management of the Radio Theatre, the Shell Com pany of Australia Limited will present a free picture entertainment of a highly interesting and instructive nature on Thursday night next. The programme was recently screened in other parts of the district and also at various centres in the North Midlands and along the Wongan Railway, and from all sources there have come excel lent reports. One of the pictures is entitled 'Cavalcade of Empire,' which provides a graphic pictorial review of the complete history of the war to date. This film was produced by the

'Shell' and British Gaumont Films, and in a powerful and vivid manner the story presents the outstanding fea tures and events of the great struggle in which the British Empire is at pre sent engaged in a 'fight for freedom and liberty. Another picture is 'Through the Centre,' which depicts a trip from Perth to Darwin and down through Central Australia, this film being of a most informative character convey ing much information relating to the interior of Australia. 'Tanker to Tanker' is also included in the pro gramme and aptly describes the Clyde Refinery Works in Sydney, the remain ing pictures Iwing a comedy entitled 'Early Days' and also a topical film in 'Wings Over the Atlantic.' The entertainment will be found to be highly educational and interesting^ and the enterprise of the Shell Company in making the programme available entirely free of charge will doubtless be greatly appreciated. The Company have, however, invited the committee of the Geraldton Combined Patriotic Fund to make a collection during the entertainment for patriotic purposes, and it is understood that this gesture has been very graciously accepted.