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QEBALDTON ft DISTTBICr BL&.TES- ntxy home. A CCOMMODATION for Ladies whilst waiting, 30/- pet week. Other feed. £3/3/0 per week Minimum £G/0/i L. GRANT,

JUST ARRIVED ? JUST ABBXVED NOUOAT^RQYAIi THE NEW CHEWING SWEET. Made by the Makers of Mintiea — ana — Obtainable at the — UP-TO-DATE CONFECTIONERS T. B. CARTER. Marine Terracr — ? Garalflton. TUXURIOUS Big Six Studebaker foi Hire, G.N.94, the best eeven-seater on the Bank. — John Grant, Proprietor, 'Phones: Bank 209, private (Railway Hotel) 26.

COMES TO ^^3[^» GERALDTON in a ^Sjw BLAZE of GOLDEN GLORY* j ? a ? ' a- SATURDAY, AUGUST 6th, 1927.' ^ on TUESDAY* and WEDNESDAY August 9 and 10 Hre is a production that is intoxica ting. Art that gushes forth in an in exhaustible stream for you to drink in, enthralled and enraptured. As far ahead of the motion pictures of to-day, as those of to-day are in advance of the pictures of ten jisars igo. BEAUTIFUL LAURA LA PLANTE BEAUTIFUL LAURA LA PLANTE She had the night in her eyes, the sun on her lips — they called her ' ' THE MIDNIGHT SUN.' Three men exer cised a powerful influence over her life. Kusmin, financial monarch of Russia; the Grand Duke Sergius, heir to the throne; and Alexis, youthful lieutenant, ?whose motives alone were worthy ot this beautiful flower on which he lav ished his love — ' . \. Never has there been, such a love story, two such lovers— Alexis though* she was like other women and threw his life into jeopardy because of it. That started the most smashing series of situations the screen has seen — BOX PLANS NOW ON VIEW AT URENS' MUSIC EMPORIUM; Reserve Early ? Reserve Early MONDAY ? ONE NIGHT ONLY Raymond Griffith in 'WET PAINT' Raymond Griffith in 'WET PAINT' A corking story for Ray. Short ol title but long on laughs. And you can bet. there's no 'DRY' humour in the full length of it. Helflne Gostello and Bryant Washburn help to make the laughs . also — EVELYN BRENT in 'QUEEN OF DIAMONDS' 'QUEEN OF DIAMONDS' How the startling likeness of a ehorus girl for a theatre star brought x gang of crooks to book. A thrilling talc of Broadway's theatre life and a gripping mystery. THURSDAY ONLY. ' - THE NIGHT PATROL ' ' with Dick Talmadge and Mary. Can: WATCH FOR THESE! SPECIALS. 'THE BELOVED ROGUE' 'BEAU GESTE' — 'BEAU GESTE' 'THE LOVE OF SUNYA' NORTHAMPTON SALE. WEDNESDAY, 10th AUGUST, 2 p.m. £)ALGETY & COMPANY LIMITED advise they will be conducting their usual monthly Sale as above and will offer account various owners :-- 2400 ? mmqp ? 3400 500 Fat WETHERS 100 Fat WETHERS 100 WETHERS. 75 Fat WETHERS 75 Fat WETHERS 15 Fat WETHERS 200 EWES and LAMBS 150 EWES and LAMBS 83 EWES and LAMBS 75 EWES and LAMBS 70 EWES and LAMBS 60 EWES and LAMBS . 28 EWES and LAMBS 350 Mixed SHEEP 100 Mixed SHEEP 70. Mixed SHEEP 100 HOGGETS 75 HOGGETS 30 HOGGETS 68 HOGGETS 80 HOGGETS PRIMARY PRODUCERS ASSOCIA TION OF W.A. | LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL ELEC TIONS. DOMINATIONS will 'be received by the undersigned up to 5 p.m. on 1st SEPTEMBER 1927, from persons elig ible and willing to contest the CEN TRAL PROVINCE Elections in the in terest of the Country Paxty. Nominations must be in the conform ity with, the Constitution of the Prim ary Producers Association of W.A. Nomination forms and full particulars may be obtained from R. H. Worthing ton Secretary, Central Provincial Council, Geraldton, E. E. MARTIN, Council President. R. H. WORTH3NGTON, Council Secretary, Geraldtoa. NORTHAMPTON MARKET WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 1927. At 2 p.m. J^LDER SMITH & CO., LIMITED having received instructions from various owners will offer for sale by auction as above. — 1,900 SHEEP 1,900 Comprising — 200 WETHERS, 'good skins forward condition. 50 WITHERS. 75 forward WETHERS. 250 Mixed SHEEP. 300 Merino HOGGETS, mixed sex. 70 Wether HOGGETS. 50 Mixed Sex HOGGETS. 100 EWE6, 80 per eeat, lambs at foot. 120 EWES, Limbs at foot. 300 Mixed SHEEP. 370 WETHERS, 2 years, well wooled. Further entries invited with the Auctioneers, Geraldton or Perth or W. L. OWEN, Agent, Northampton and Nabawah. ,

SPECIAL CATTLE SALE WALKAWAY. .FRIDAY, 12th AUGUS?, 1327. At 2 p.m. EJLPER, SMITH and CO. LTHTTi:; love received instructions fiCni H HAMEKSLEY, JU^ ESQj to offi r for sale by auction: — 410 — H3AD OP CATTLE ? 410 Comprising: — 100 BULLOCKS and STKEfiS ; 80 COWS 75 HEIFKRS 45 CALVES 70 MIXED CATTLE Account Owners — 40 SHORTHOBN HEIFERS All the above cattle are described es being good colours and in forward condition. Arrangements have been made wit'i the Railway Department to have a' good supply of trucks on hand to en sure quick despatch after the sale. Buyers on the Midland line wishing to attend the; sale may proceed by the train leaving Perth a 5.3 p.m. on Thursday, arriving at Walkaway at 7.10 on Friday morning, and returning the same' day. ' Further Particulars from the Auc tioneers, Geraldton or Perth. Surplus Sheep Sale TUESDAY, 23rd AUGUST, at 2p.m. AT 'NEWaiARRACARRA' HOME STEAD YAEDS. 3,C00.t- — SHEEP ? 3,000 J)ALGETY & COMPANY LIMITED have been favoured with instruc tions from W, McKenzie Grant, Esq., to offer the whole of his surplus sheep, in the wool, as above, including 1,500 'Ncwmarracarra' bred evres and weaners. The 'Nwmarraearra' shcey have been bred on strict lines, and arc Murray blood. The sheep to be of fered include: — 100 2-tooth EWES, 'Ncwmarracar- la' bred. 100 4-tooth EWES, 'Newmarracar- ra' bred. 100 d-tooth EWES, 'Newniarrac3r- ra' bred. 200 EWES, with lambs at foot. 750 WEANERS 280 Prime WETHERS 150 EWES, right ages, with lambs at foot. 70 EWES. 100 Mixed sex WEANERS. Also: 4 Yearling Shorthorn BULLS. 2 Yearling Clydesdale COLTS, pal. 6 Light draught HORSES 6 Useful Station PONIES. 3 Polo PONIES, (proved) On Account D. E. Grant, Esq. 1,000 Shorn WETHERS. PADDOCKESTG: Arrangements have been made with Mr. Grant to paddock any sheep purchased pending trucking. TRAIN ARRANGEMENTS— Buyers attending from Perth and Midland Line may proceed to Gcraldton by train leaving , Perth 5.3 p.m. Monday, 22nd August, returning by train leav ing Geraldton 6.30 p.m. Tuesday, 23rd August. Buyers from Mullewa, etc., may pro ceed by train leaving MuUewa at 2.35 p.m. Monday, 22nd August, returning by train leaving Gcraldton 8.'45 a.m. on Wednesday, 54th August. CARS. — For the conveyance of buy ers will leave Dalgety's Office lat 12 noon on day of sale. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. T^OTICE is hereby 'given that the partnership hitherto existing be tween ARNOLD OWEN HOLST and ALEXANDER CAMPBELL carrying on business at Yardi Creek Station in the State of Western Australia has been dissolved by mutual consent as from the 23rd day of July 1927. All Creditors of the Partnership are requested to forward particulars of their accounts to the offices of Messrs. Watson Evans & Co of Bank qf New South Wales Chambers St. George'? Tcrraoe Perth. Dated this 23rd day of July 1927. A. O. HOLST A: CAMPBELL Genuine Clearing Sale ON THE PROPERTY 'Deepdale' (Situated 6 miles from Geraldton dn the' Main Eastern Road, 1\ miles - from Narngulu. _ FRIDAY, 26th AUGUST, 1927 at 11 a.m. PLDER, SMITH Cc CO. LIMITED have received instructions from G. E. Sewell, Esq., who has sold his property to offer for sale by auction as above: — 1960 ? SHEEP ? I960 (Mostly off Shears) Comprising — 200 STUD EWES of various1 ages, Murray blood. 500 FLOCK F.WES. 1000 WETHERS, 2 and 3 years 260 MIXED SHEEP CATTLE. 1 P«digreed Red-polled Bull Several Red-polled Cows and .Heifers 2 Milkers HORSES. 10 Draught Mares and Geldings 1 Pedigreed Stallion 'Barney Koo gjyi' 1 Thoroughbred Mare 'As-Beforc' Several Hacks MACHINERY 1 12-20 Case Tractor, 1 McKay 10 disc, 1 Rugby -5-cylinder Car, nearly new; 1 Sunder Seeder 10-disc; 1 McKay 5-dise Plough; 1 McKay 3-dise Plough; 1 10-disc Shearer Plough; 1 5-furro\v Mould Board Plough; 1 4-furrow Mas sey Harris Set Plough; 1 3-furrow Uni corn Plough; 1 Single Plough and Scoop 1 16ft. S J. Harrows and several small er sets; 2 spring tooth Cultivators; 1 Howard Clod Crusher Roller; 1 Ferti lizer Spreader; 1 8-ton Waggon; 1 4-ton Lorry; 1 Buggy and double har ness; 1 light Spring Cart; Harness, Chains, etc., Whippings; 1 dry Ficklcr; 1 Grader; 1 Winnower; Massey Harris Drills and Binder; Chaff-cutter an -A Elevator; 2 Harvesters; 2 Strippers; 1 Corn-crusher; 1 Koertz Wool Press; 1 Centrifugal Puuip; Saw Bench; Wind mill Towers; 1 Anvil; tools of all sort-; roofing Iron; water piping, and a host of sundries to numerous to particular ize. Stock and Plant will be placed frci on trucks for Outside Buyers, the Ven dor taking all reasonable care but no responsibility. LIGHT LUNCHEON PROVIDED. TERMS AT SALE. Further Particulars from the Auction eers, Geraldton or Perth.

Have you seen the - ^f Ford de-luxe Single Seater ? . J Never before has a. car so smart been, offered in the light car class. It embodies features hitherto available . /??;???;, only in cars costing considerably more, and it offers in addition, the dependability and economy which has made the Ford famous. The body is of true streamline design * ; ' and is finished in the new satin-surface lacquer. Every accessory for comfort, safety and enhanced appear ance is included. Plate glass windscreen wings, speedomet- ; er, stop-light, nickelled step-plates, front bumpers, special ' : rear bumperettes, windscreen wiper, rear visioff teirror, five wire wheels with balloon tyres and smart tyre cover ..';-;? — all form part of the special equipment. ' ? ? The Ford de-iuxe Single Seater is a sporty, dashing car for two — a car of exclusive appearance and splendid performance. Price, F.O.B. Ford Works in this State, £180. : P. H. SFENGE & Co. Dealers for the Victoria and Mullewa District M.ADE IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE ''??_


NOTICE. i W. H. ANDREWS \ Jrocer ? and ? Greengrocery * s MARINE TERRACE,- i GERALDTON, Miches to Notify the Public o£ Gerald- J on and Surrounding Districts as Hav- j ing been Appointed LOCAL AGENT For the Well-Kncwn Firm of WUJ3ON & JOHNS, PEETH. J Seeds, Pot Plants, and Fruit Trees. , Fresh Stocks of Seeds Now on Hand. ( NOW IS THE TIME TO PLANT. . Country Clients Post Your Order. — We Give Prompt Attention. t Mrs. H. L MILLEA and Co. ONLY NOBSEBYMEN NORTH Of PERTH DISTRICT. NURSERY situated corner of Marino Terrace and Evans street. TOWN AD DRESS, c/o N. and W. Uren, Cabinet Makers. 'PHONES: Town 106, Nur sery 308. Fresh Cut Flowers £ Pot Plants Al- ? ways on Hand. Artificial Manures and Insecticides for All Purposes. Splendid Assortment of ROSE BUSH ES Now Available. Save Freight by Buyijag at Perth Prices, and be Sure of Getting the Best in Plants, Seeds, Seedlings, Bulbs, etc. Local Agents for E. Symonds, Perta. NOTE. — Mr. R. Joseph Is No Longer Our Agent. SPEED= We Are As Close To You As Your 'Phone. Everything In Stock That a Chemist Should Keep. WRITE or 'PHONE L. VECCB2A, CHEMIST. 'Phone 10. (^Late MacGregor's Pharmacy), FOR YOUR MEDICINES, ETC. PRIMARY PRODUCERS BANK. \ MEETING of those persons holding '*' Si-rips in the Victoria District ^vili lie hold on EFriday August 19th tit 2.30 pVni. in the dining room at the Victoria Hotel. ? ? Important Business ? A . MEADOWCKOFT, Convener. GERALDTON LAUNDRY CLEANEBS AND DYERS. MARINE TERKACE (EAST END) We Collect and Deliver Daily, Wuits Cleaned and Pressed from 7/0. Special Quotes for Family Washing Country Work Promptly Attended to and dispatched. WOOD & BEAD, Proprietors — TeL 275.

MISCELLANEOUS. {{Advertisements under this head, if -re-paid, are charged 1/6 for the first nsertion if not exceeding IS words; tver IS words, Id. per word; each sub sequent insertion, 9d., or Jd. per worj; f booked, 6d. extra. r ^LWAYS in the Lead I— Specia ' Quotes for Wholesale Orders.— 1~ Davenport, The Baker. A TIP to Business Men, Townsmen, ? countrymen, not forgetting tin. ,vomen folk, first become members ol ;nc V.D.A.S. then put in a little en -rgy and help make this show the suc :esa it should be. OANJO-Mandolines, £2/W, £2/17/»i £3/3/; Reliance Banjolines, £4, £3 £6; Windsor Banjolines, £6/10/ to £US. it E. Snell's. T\E LUXE Dodge Car, G.N.16 (seven seater), available day or night. Also New Chevrolet G.N. 132. Bing 'Phone 169 or 209 (Car Bank.)— D. D-, Boulay, Oswald HUL T)ULCETTO Gramophones, tattle nu» del, £3/15/; Portables, £5 ami £0/10/; Jedson Portables, £3/15/ and £4/7/6; Records fron, 3/6 each, at iS Snell 's. T)ONT be thin skinned if some one Ikis blundered in the past, put your own sboulder 'to the wheel and make the old chariot roll along as she's nevei rolled before, join the V.D.A.S. and the above will be accomplished. [^OR Sale. — Cornsacks, once nseu: good condition, suitable for oate Prompt delivery and subject to sale* Apply Victoria District Co-operative Plour Milling Co. Ltd. CX)E Sale, Naval Oranges at 6/- case; ordinary Oranges, 5/- case; and Lemons at 5/- case. — M. Mullins, Gin Gin. T^OR Sale, on the Greenough Boa-i, good farming proposition about !,500 acres having frontage to Grcon ough Road about £2,250 will buy tho lot— Apply N. Bartlett, Box 38, Gerald ton. T^OH Sale, S50 acres Nanson. real bar itaiu at £o per acre freehold — Apply X. Bartlett Box T,S, Geraldton. POP Sale. .~-,-)rtO acres at Ogilvie, Pri.-o £500 with £250 cash, balance arrang --d— Apply N. Bartlett, Box 38, Ger aldton. 17'OR Sale, good modern home, verv central, there's nothing to touch this for Mjlidity and position, Price e-'«1 — Apply N. Bartlett, Box 38, Gcr aldton. ]7OR Sale, the best farm in the dis Ukt. about 1,200 acres, beautifu homestead and all conveniences, th- land i- unbeatable, price and terms ar- ripl.t — Apply N. Bartlett, Box ?.B, Ger aldton. jT'OR Sale, (5-rooiaed House, Mail; street, recently renovated, E.L. sleepiug-out verandah, about 1 aer. laud, £425; reasonable deposit, balane rent. Also 2 splendid building block in Baylpy-strcet, 2 minutes from Rail way Station. Apply J. J. Jtnne: Chapman Road.

pOK Sale, Two houses, Garden Koa«L very handy position, £850 the two —Apply N. Bartlett, Box 38, Gerald ton. '- ?''-.? JpOR Sale, very excellent building block, . Francis Street, about 66fr. frontage. £85 — Apply N. Bartlett, Box 38, Gcraldton. ' - _pOR Sale.— This is extra special— ' 6-roomed House, 2 Blocks, beauti ful view, and the price is only £450; terms can be arranged. — Apply JS', ~~ — , Bartlett, Box 38, Geraldton. FOOTBALLS.— Boy's BasiL 2/6, 3r Ai 3/6, V; Boy's Leather, 4/6, 5/S, 6/6, 7/6, 8/6, 10/6. Bladders, 1/6, I/* 2/, 2/3, and 2/6, at E. Snell's. CTOR Sale, five tons of good second hand galvanised Iron, Oft, Sft, 9ft. and 10ft; also Sidge Capping. — JL Joseph, Furniture Arcade, Gcraldton. rvA.LVANISED Iron, good 'sceond- hand, 6ft, Sft, 9ft and 10ft sheet-?, or sale; also Ridge Capping. — It. 'ostph, Furnitura Arcade, Geraldton. GENTLEMEN'S Wristlet Watdna ~* from 35/; Gold from £8/8/, £»/»/, 10/10/; a good timekeeper Pocket .atch, 8/6.— Snell's Goldsmith's HalL TOBIt^R'S Mouth Organs, from 60. to 12/6. flohner's CotuxxGnaa rom 17/6 to 37/6. Hohner'a A6cor cons from 20/ to £7/10/, at E. Snell's TOST or Stolen — Can anyone give in formation concerning disappearance f B. &W. Fox Terrier Dog, last ssecn '.6th July. Reward. Detainer prose-* mtcd — Apply Council Chambers. « ~__ ^__^_____— __~_— — F OST — ^Will Motor Cyclist who found Tube Wednesday night return 'Wl iVebb, reward. J' OST, between Hospital and hnrB. Child's Mittens, fur gauntlets, con^ nccted with silk cord. Reword this office. £jj' AVELS, 8/ per cast, freight paid. C. Hudson, Gingin. J^ABAWAH Chuich «f Engian«L Annual Dance, September 3rd Xovel ies free, games for non-dancers. Don't niss a good time. Refreshments ob tainable. — S. E. Gould, Secretary. REDUCTION'— For one week only 'Ws arc offering a special discount of 10 per eent. on Goodyear Tubes. Local Dealers, Bell and Co. GINGER' Sewing Machine, for sale, in good working order, work 100m model, suitable for general work, Pries £5 — Apply Drapery Manager, Frank Green and Co. gNELL'S GoldsniTth's jiaU for Staia less Table B^nives, 17/6 half-dow»; for Stainless Dessert Knivc?, 15/ fcalf dozen; for Stainless Table Spoons, U.-'S half-dozen; fof; ^Stainless Table Forks, 11/6 half-dozen; for Stainless Dessert Spoons. $/6 half -dozes; for Stainless Dessert Forks, 9/6 half-dozen; fen Stainless Tea Spoons, 5/6 half-dozen; by the finest English makers. W7AEEHODSE to Let, centrally sit uated, immediate possession, . soil able for sample rooms, or garage. — Apply Frank* Green and Co., Genii ton. V17ANTED 1.000 loyalists to become members of the Agricultural Soc iety. Thig Show should ultimately eclipse the' RoyaL ryANTED, 6/t. Reaper and Binder in good order. State price and par ticulars — H. and W. Box, Nbrthamptott VCTHEAT Certificates.— We are Cuh Bayers of Farmers* WanekoH** Certificates and will quote prnces «? application. — Victoria District -3o-oper»- Hve Flour Milling Co, Ltd. s RANTED Smart A&aatant^ one [- I with knowledge ot/:^minery prr ', feno«l. — Apply by letter, rSfos. A. tL Gale, Quality House. -r-:;/ -.'J /*