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FOOTBHLL CENTRAL GI'iPSLAND LEAGUE - rWAijLRAGUL DEFEAT MORWELL As was generaily expected the match Letw."en Iworwecll anlt Warragul, on Saturday last, when the two unbcetaea teams met on the local ground, provau Lne best and.most interesting game for the season. .Althoughl. Warragul -won. by .,five po~its it was ahyDody's' game tight up to the last tick' of the ,watch as the "Tigers" were attacking" hard during the final stages and only needed a goal to win. Tne las_ shot of, the day (by Harry Bond) had the bad lucl to hit the inside or post, otherwise the game would have ended iii a draw. Warragul had in their strongezf team for the season Which included Horrie Farmer, -whb. has been playing for North Melbourne, until recently, and th-itr~ captain and coach (Warren, of Carlton team). The "Tigers"' had in a good combina tion, but suffered a severe loss during the second term when their captain and coach (Tom Biiwden) sprained his ankle, and had to leave the field. The Rev. Beyer also injured his knee. The loss of two such brilliant players was undoubtedly very largely responsible for the "Tigers" not being able to get the goal they wanted to put them on top. The "Warragals" travelled by special train and had with them a large fol lowing of enthusiastic supporters, and as the "Tigers" also had a lot of sup porters looking on, the attendance was the largest for the season. As soon as the leather was set in motion Warragul made a dash forward and two singles were registered in succession. The "Tigers". c:un ter-attacked. and fine dash by "Bluey" Watts, ended in Jack Quigley marking within distance, and scoring the first "sixer" of the day. Warragul came again and Gapes added another single for them. The leather quickly travel led to opposite, end and Bob..Bawden bringing down a fine mark among a pack, within easy distance, had a, shot, but missed the centre opening. Orton also had a shot, another single being added. Warragul followed with a few bright and lucky minutes during which Tinker and R. Duncan each goaled, and singles were added. During this period Alf Crilly and Vic Sechtig ware conspicuous for their fine defence work. At the first change the visitors had a lead of nine points, the scores being WARRAGUL 2-5 MORWELL 1-2 The "Tigers" started off with a dash in the second term and were soon at tacking. Orton got an easy chance to goal but only managed a single. War ragul then counter attacked and al though Alf Crilly repeatedly saved, they added three singles before the pressure was relieved and the "Tigers" renewed their attack and Rev. Beyer snapped their second goal, and when he added another it put the "Tigers" in the lead. Warragul ral I lied but their forward dash was stopped by Bluey Watts, who was playing a dashing game, and sending the leather into the forward lines Orton raised the two flags, with a nice kick. At this stage the exhibition was of a high standard, Warragul were beating the "Tigers" in "leading out," and by smart pasing, they transferred play to oppo site end, where Gapes and Tinker each added a sixer that put them in front again. The' "Tigers," once more attac ked and Edgoose had a shot that rai sed one flag. Rev. Beyer was, how ever, more successful with a shot that raised the two flags and put them in front. About this stage Tom Bawden, who was playing a bonzer game. had the bad luck to sprain his ankle which had a very disturbing effect upon the whole team. Just before the end of the term a sudden dash by the viii toms ended in Tinker snapping a sixer that gave Warragul a lead of or.e point, the tally at the half time ad journment being- WARRAGUL 5-7 MORWELL 5-6 The third termn was a strfenuous one. The play was very even but Warra gul were more accurate in their shoot ing for goal. scoring 4-3 to the "Tigers"' 2-7. and it was this that eventually won them the match. Warragul were first to attack and scored a couple of singles before the "Tigers"' got into thelt sptlrw. Andy Varty had a shot Iorj them from a sh?r'

way out but only- managed a single. ~Koochew, however, found the desired openi:g a few minutes later. War ragul tien held sway for a time and within a few minutes R. Duncan and Tinker each added two goals -which was the turning -point in the game. After this the '"'igers" counter attacked and Bawden, Edgoose, Vary, Watts and others had shots within distance but only singles were added until just be fore the end of the term when Koo chew found the covetfd opening, which left Warragul with a lead of 9 points, the scores being WARRAGUL 9-10 MORWELL 7-13 Although feeling the loss of their captain the 'Tigers" played on with determination, and for a time it looked. as though they were going to pull thet game out of the fire. They were in on the bounce and it was not long before . Koochew had the two flags flying, which reduced Warragul's lead to only three points. Their hopes, howEver, were somewhat shattered when War ren and Farmer each snappeda rather lucky goal for the visitors at a critical stage. The "Tigers," however, battled on hard and for the rest of the term bomblarded their opponent's uprights. Warragul's back men defended bril liantly and saved their side time after time, frequently right in goal. Bob Bawden, Rev. Beyer, Anderson, Ed goose Harry Bond and 'thers all had shots but only Edgoose goaled, whilst a shot by Harry Bond hit the post. It was a great relief to Warragul when the final gong sounded, with them hav ing their nose in front, the scores be-.-, ing WARRAGUL 11-11 (77 points) MORWELL 9-18 (72 points) The "stars" on the winning.side were Yemrn. Duncan, Warren, Tinker, Far mer, Howard, Gapes and Price, whilst the "Tigers" were best served by Bond Bros. Watts, Crilly, Bawdan, Koochew, Sechtig, Quigley, Rowley, Edgoose, Orton and O'Reilly, but the, rest of the team rendered valuable help. "Bluey" Watts (Morwell) and War ren (Warragul) shared the umpire's vote for best and fairest.