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To the Editor of the Maitland Mercury.

.Mr-lb" ra mareil ent of e.etni svniry lios pit ils ia Inn li red bv di Iii ulhcs md vexitious which anse Iront a cune tippireiitlv quite ie movtible, it we nnv so s( t .! ot an evil so purelv nt0itivo, nainel , time ia no provision toi the aetu ii md ueeessaiy expeuuituies time is neithei a stipnlited 1101 a probdile somce of sit j plv pos-essing or pre* nding au adequ icv with these oiei ions I propose, theieioi , th it that c1 is-» of oui popul ition to»*

whose bei tit these est ibhshmeuts ire m i ii tuned eontnbute, while in health, tow uds tim a îpport of institutions which are to leeeive and

relieve them in sicl ness

lhe «mount to 1)^ ] ud annuillv, calculated it 10s to-eve.y Lbnei ind domestic seivmt not belonging to beni lit bicietiis, wou'd e\cied £15,000, willi gifts, tn s, in 1 hospital fees, ami the whole being doubled bv the publie tu i-uiy, would pioduce funds equal to the assist mee r - quned bv peisons no«, in i condition to ] roeure othei «lae Hie sei vices of pi u tit to te a

IheaO ol-Ai v itio is, a, g"csted bv cïpononcp, " eespeeii'h upended lol persons wlo have not

eoi aideie 1 the e\teit to whiel u'l i ! isscs ot the

co nmunitv ne niteicsted lu the siqpjit and eihciencv ot these matiiutio i*, «is lure recom ra u Rd-interests e\'cn ling beyond the s inpa tliies ot a common n iture to the emiy day bj n ess ot life Of the pnucipk« imbiaccd bv th s meaauio the nio^t conspicuous is tint \ Inch dneets a rit nil cieitme to prépaie, while posaesaed oi the mc ma, foi the peisouil tnfirmit es oí a0e and eaatnltv Trust in Pioud nee dum" is not onlv compatible with that precept, but the anne Piovidence teichcs; eni]hatical!v the twofold lesson in the extremes

oí beilth and diacaao, w mt and mer-abundante.

live bundled families were abiiidoned at one time to the char.ties ot the inhabit nts ot Sydney, because so rainy husbands and h.eheis chose to become gold-diggeis. Ibis rellanen upon the benevolence oi the settled and upper oi deis of the commumtv, honevei (i edi table to these, goes to iilsiiy abilities bestowed for the fulfilment ot the great duties ot soc al life , mel my neighboui has no more ngl t to increase my buithensm tina v..iy thin to put bia ha id in my pocket. A law to authorise the íetention by tie employer oí 2s. Gd per quat ter iront the w igea of aeiiants and liboreia would not only secure a refuge ioi the afl',icted, but with it, the reflection that he owed these advantages paitly

at le ist to lnmselt. 'lins wholesome and ele- vating reflection bespeaks aiother piticiple, advocated by the measure proposed, and iiceea aary to the improvement and the h ipptneas of

the humbler but not tbeiefore the leas useli 1

members of society.

-I remain, sir, voun» faith



Newcastle, April, 1852.

PoiiTicAL EFFECTS or Tir IREEUOLD LIND SOCILTILS - At a meeting of the 1 reehold Union, ou Mondai, it w is stated that there ne actuilly at ti is moment in 1 noland and Wales 100 free- hold 1 md sucieties , Southampton being the seat

oí the most southern and Carlisle ei the moat noiti ein among them Two ni liions have been sulscnbed by the m mbeis of these soneties foi the purchase of fieeholda , £400,000 haaaetuilly been pud up, 150 estates purcb istd, ai d 12,000

allotments made The influence of ti ea«. free-

hold land societies is not simply of future nu, oi ta ice T hey are at this moment a real power m some counties, and will forthwith bo made so m others, lhey lave ilreadv increased the num- il ra of more thin one constituency, and alter»d ita composition, to an e\«ent that has in tit ely deianged the cikuht ona of jobbeis in electiona, and will baffle the utmost endeavours of such peats to reapin their corrupt weba.-Atlas, 29t'i


As OLD OFHCER-Lieutenant Du Sautov, birrack-maater at iaanton, kept Ins 93 h birth- day at Taunton, last week. He is the oldest (ommiaaioned ofhcer in the Bntiah army, his omiiiissioii bein" dated îsov. 14th, 1775 * Tor the 1 ist 40 vears he baa been a barr ick-master. He ia still ablo to do his duty, mid writes lus letteis.-Leeds 'lerciry, Dec. 13.

THE PUT in IRADE-lor many vears past the loreign pictures imported into the United Kingdom hive averaged above ten thousand anmullv A few are original woikaoi modern artiats, but the v ist proportion aie copies of old mastera, manufictttied tor the 1 nglisli connois- seur. How raanv aro sold as originals would be a curious additioual iact, if it could bo ascer- tained. The Art Journal gives the following list of ti e number imported during the past \ear -Hanseatic towns, 1,100 , Holland, 1,518, Belgium, 2,2S6, France, 2,933, It ilv-Duchy of Tuscany, 1,045, other parts of Italy, 362 , Portugal, 147 , Spain, 197 , Malta, 2ol , all other countries, 1,340 total, 11,217. Pre- suming that two*thiids are retained m England, this ought to be ru h abov e all countries ot the world m "piotonal tteasnreo "-Atlas, Nov. 29.

WISMSCS OF RACERS -teddington has won £7165 during the pat season, Nancy, £6471 and the Goodwood Cup, Heinuidez, £o436, Ins, £4,800 and Aphrodite, £2075-Neus of the World, Dec. 7.