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News and Notes. Two youthful residents of Bruns wick, Nicholas MoKenna, 13 years old of Glenyon road, and William Zuzu lich aged 10 of Edward street were the means, by their smartness-and plucky conduct, of preventing a man from committing suicide at Elwood on Sun day afternoon. The two boys were down at that place on their bicycles, when they noticed a man struggling in the water at the end; of the pier at Point Ormond. Quickly rushing along. the pier they.detached from it a life buoy and rope which they' threw to the struggling man. He failed how ever to reach it and the boys then got a rope and with considerable difficulty managed to get a portion of it round the man's arms. They then hauled him to the pier, when he at once at tempted to break away again declar elp iarrivimgthe rescued man was taken to the quarters of a Warrant Officer of the Defence Forces who lived near, where after a change of clothes he was handed over to the police and remanded to the Melhourne gaol for treatment. It was not that the boys risked their lives by plunging into the sea, but they displayed such prompt ness and resource in taking immediite measures for the. rescue of a man apearently drowning that they furnish a bright example to other youths. The' Brunswick Town Hall was taxed to its utmost to hold. the large auidience which' turned up.last Friday Night, at Neil Gow's 13thii Winter Concert. The drawing card was the great moving picture "?Robb'ery Under Arms" taken from* the Australian bushranging story by Rolf Bolder wood, and 'it kept-the audience in a state of excitement and expectancy as every scene came on. - Some of the scenery in this picture is beautifully produced. Fisko and Bartola two fine artists, just'offRickards, showed some clever juggling and acrobatic feats, Walter Howgate again greatly p.essed with his rich baritone voice. To night Moore and Morris, Arther Glinn, and Elma Anderson will appear and the Gold Medal for the best player in the Essendon match will be decided. A new Progress Association was formed on Tuesday evening. A meet ing which taxed to the utmost the ac commodation of the Boundary Hotel, at Fawkner, was held at which the Fawk ner and North Coburg Progressive Association was inaugurated. The ob jects of the Association were defined as the improvement 'and progress of North Coburg and included the follow ing, the reopening of the railway line to Campbellfield and S merton. the erection of-a Mechanics'-kitute and. PPublic Hall, ;'and the establishment of a Post Office with a proper postal de livery. Cr. George Grundy was un amiously elected president, and the following were the other office bearers elected- Vice-president, Mr. Poer; secretary, Mr. Fairweather; treasurer, Mr Mann'; committee, Messrs Work. mani, A. Johnson, J. Johnson, Mutton, Ross, Reddish, junior, Smith, Prowse, and Lawton. Muddy paths and yards can be'cured by an application of Furnace Slag. Ii is also good for foundations and excellent for making Re-inforced Con crete Buildings, obtainable at 6d. per dray load from The Pender :Horse Shoe Works, 769 Sydney road, Bruns wick. An elderly and disorderly male goat named Hiawatha whose offensive be havioir andlextensive aroma have long proved' a nuisance to residents of the North Ward of Brunswick met with an' untimely fate on Wednesday morn ing. Meeting unexpectedly with the City Inspector, the latter formed him self into a hollow square' and sur rounded Hiawatha and two disreput able female companions. The party were run in, and the females released on finding sureties of eleven shillings to be-of good behaviour for the next seven days, but the male culprit had no such mercy .extended to him. Several prior convictions being proved against him he was awarded a de terminate sentence and the execntive council deciding that the law must take its course he was duly guillo tined. His last statement was con fined to, one prolonged and pro testing ba-a-a. Death was instantan eous and the mortuary arrangments were satisfactorily carried out by Mr. Redman. Thus- died'':Hiawatha, one of the most aggressive of hsi'kind. -:IAI.I. itýf . j.r iYoll'-"?a a'"-alie united rifle club's ball in the Public Hall, Coburg, on Wednesday night, of the prizes won by the Coburg Rifle Club. The prize for the champion shot was won by Captain W. B. Aldred. In the " A"- section the prizes for aggressive scores were as follows :-0. Habesberger 1, E. O'Driscoll 2, W. Bridgeland 3, B. Booth 4. In the "B" Section D Morrow 1, W. Gib bones 3, N. Gibbons 3, E' Kear 4. The Ladies Bracelet was won by Mrs McAskell. The special prize offered by Captain Aldred fell to J. Perry. Amongst the prize donors were the Mayor and several councillors. -The Coburg Municipal Boys' Naval Brigade were inspected on Thursday week by Lieutenant Burford of the Commonwealth Naval Forces in the Public Hall. Owing to some mistake in the notification there was only a muster of 32 boys so that in the matter of a capitation grant the brigade will suffer. Lieut. Burford appeared with what he saw but his Sofficial report has not' yet been re eei ved.. 'L/7.'4'":-,;'" -t:1".' ' ... ? : 5:.i .,.2 ··.,'; ? .? ',?

It was too near August to expect two councillors who retire not to take a little- advantage of. the. 'opportunity afforded them of replying to the toast of " The,Council " at the smoke night to Sergeant Percival. Consequently, Crs. Methven and Allard may well be pardoned for just exceeding by a little the five minutes' lim t placed on speeches for the occasion. In reply ihg to the toast of "The Visitors," Sergeants O'Loughlin and Purcell both acquitted themselves creditably, and created a favourable impression up on those had who not met them befere. "The Press" found three respondents,. one of whom wont perilously near the time limit, but then he was. not a rapid speaker. Miss Millie Johnston's Fancy Dress Juvenile Ball will take place at the Brunswick Town Hall on Thursday, July 15th. .Ticket Is. each. Mr. music. - A charity concert, was given last night in the Brunswick Town Hall, in aid of the family of Mr. John Faul kiner, who is lying. ill in the Mel bourne Hospital. The programme included a first part. entitled, " Red, White, and Blue," and there was a good and varied selection of vocal and musical items. Bios.ope views of the Lang-Burns contest and the Burns Johnson fight as it should have been were excellent, and the entertainment concluded with a ldighable.farce by G.. Riley':. and co iepany, entitled "'-Actors Wanted.":'? . ' The Brunswick ?l?ark Recreation Reserve is proving spaying concern, judging from ,returas to' hand. 'Last Saturday, at the m ch 'Brunswick v. Essendon upvwards £60 was taken at the gates, and o this the council nets £24. It is use ~s, therefore,'for Cr. Methven and o?ers to allude to the "money throw away. on-a. re: serve.' Return s a lias those of last. Saturday would juitify the creation of the reserve.ahd etsure its becoming quite a valuable as t; Quick returns are good business. " No more lamps ' ; The edict has gone forth from theBrunswick Coun: cilr after an animabd discussion .on Monday night. . Fleming -had moved for the erect] n of a lamp in'a certain street, and. the motion wiias strenuously opposedby Or. Hickford, who foretold an e©n of gloom and darkness if a reckiss indulgence in lamps was permittedto continue. Cr.' Methven misinterprced this forecast into a threat on the art of Or. Hick ford to put out exis ng lamps, and he would not be persieded to the con trary, even though ie rose .from the dead. Afterwards Jofell foul of. Cr. Allard. in being., "?sqaiiidered" o 6on recreation- re serve. "The moue .yas not squan dered. It was spent, interjected the Mayor. '!There we? 12,000 people there last.Saturday.' Eventually it was found that the' oney on the estimates for lamps lad all been ex pended, and consequetly the Mayor ruled the motion out df order. Hence forth it will be useles4 for ratepayers tobesceeh the. counrl to "Lighten our darkness." Did or did not a ntractor tell a ratepayer' of an. incuiring- turn of mind to go 'to --,iot the Council or to Parliament? |This -question vexed the souls of c ncillors at the BrunswickA'ouncil meting..on Mon day night. If he dM, well, it was certainly most impropr, and the rate-: payer has his legal reledy.' He can resolutely refuse :to g5. The matter arose out of the disposition of spalle from sewerage works and..the: al legedly rude contracto seems to-have been asked to: deposi spalls in. one place when he had" Jjnus deposited them in another.' Heated lan guage is to be deprecated on all occasions, even at -council nieetirigs, where, of course, it is never heard, and it is easy to imagine 'the virtuous indignation of councillors it the lapse into indiscretion of the possibly irate contractor. It is to be trusted that, if guilty of the rough answer which increaseth wrath, he will reform and amend his manner of speech. The Brunswick Rifle Club is secur ing from the Government the use: of nine rifes. These will be lent to new members until they get rifles of their own. Encouragement is thus given to those who would'learn to shoot without laying out' money on a rifle before they know what to do with it. A new member will, now receivea ....a.o--Z uro r c art-rdgeeree and' the loan of a rifle, which should start him well on his shooting. The club shoots at Port Melbourne on the first and third Saturdays. The Brunswick Rile Club will pre sent its prizes at a social evening at the Oddfellowe' Hall on Tuesday night, July 6th, 8 to I11. The best musical and elocutionary talent has been. engaged, and everything pre pared to ensure an enjoyable evening. The following will be the artists: Misses Lena Madsen, A.L.O.M., Annie M'Donald, Edith .Drew, Leish Freed man,' Messrs. Victor Trotmau and Edgar Stranks. Accompaniste, Miss Ada Anderson, D.M.S.V. Tickets ?s. 6d., admit gentleman and lady. Every householder desires to have superior' drawing and sitting room furniture. Why therefore keep dilapidated suites, etc., when T. Hall, art upholster and furniture polisher, 18 Union street, Brunswick, will visit your home and bring you at moderate cost. Communications attended toi. Suites recovered pianos polished, eto.- .] ?"T , • /,-.' '-' ?." " , ·.? . " .:. ? ' . . ?

The Brunswick Beya' Naval Bri gade will hold another church parade on Sunday morning, mustering at the dorner of Victoria street and Sydney road at 10.15. They will march thence to the Methodist Church in Union street, and attend the service. The success of the entertainment to Sergeant Percival, last Thursday night, was due beyond all question, as Mr. P. R. Tierney, J.P., remarked, to the energy and forethought dis played by Mr. T. E. Crisp, honorary secretary of the movement, who was rendered able assistance by Mr. Reg. Cooke. But for the hard work of these two gentlemen, it is possible that the affair might not have risen above the level of the average smoke night social, and it certainly did that. Cr. Hickford's speech in making.the prosentation was much appreciated by rnnntng fire o v1 tticisis throughout, which kept the ai?dibi?ce 'in constant laughter. Comparing the sergeant's manner of doing his' business with that of the watch according to Shakes peare, he humorously reminded his hearers of Dogberry's instruction to. the watch in the event of an offender refusing to stand when called upon. "Then let him go, and call: the watch together and thank God you are rid of.a knave." He added that it was .nainly due to the-;n manner in which Sergeant Percival hadcarried out his duties that ,a - certain section of the community were in Pentridge, Castle maine, or.elsewhere, instead of being with themu that evening. So great a success was the evening that, there was a. genuine feeling of disappoint ment:when it was over. Mr. FrIaiik Anatey, M.L..; stuck to his ruile 'at, the. Sergeant " Percival smoke-iight not .to talk' politics at a social:gathering., A most wise course, aind one all the. more difficulti to' ad here to when the proposers of the toast of "Parliament i' will persist in 'saying things "calculated to: draw 'out a politicianin reply: " This -is all the more unfair When it is known that' etiquette'- prevents the member from giving a Roland for an Oliver. Once' start the custom of introducing politics'-at social functions, and all harmony would be destroyed, and sen sitive: members of Parliament would most certainly decline invitations to. be present. -A meeting of the Coburg citizens' will be held in the Lown Hall, next Tueseay evening, to:imake arrange ments for, a return "At Home," to be tendered to the mayor, and mayoress, Cr. and Mrs. Richards. A highly, successful ball was given ion Wednesday, night intthbe Public -Hall, Coburg by the united rifle aci?? The Mayor and a number of coun cillors were present and a numbert of millitary, officers also attended in uni form with the result of considerably adding to the brilliance of the assembly. Dancing was kept up to a late hour. The music was furnished byLandell's and French's band. The Dudley plain and fancy Mid winter Ball, will be held in the Town Hall, Brunswick, on Wednescay, 7th July: A new feature during the even ing will-be the latest dances produced under limelight: Messers Sinclair and Leyshon's .orchestra has been specially engaged for the occasion, and as the committee have left no stone unturned to make the undertak oing-a brilliant success intending vi.i tore should purchase their tickets early. Double Tickets 6/- may be ob tained at' Disney's Muisio Warehouse Victoria street.. . : '.;Good" morning Mrs;. Smart, -and where are you going to this morning? I .am going. dwn.' to -Dick Bros., butchers, corner of Lygon and Weston streets, to get the meat for Sunday's dinner. iMrs. Slow-Why go there ? Mrs. Smart-Because 'their meat is always so nice and 'tender, and guarranteed to' be quite free from taint; even in the hottest weather. Mrs. Slow-I wish I had known that before. Mrs. Smart-Some people are too slow for anything. (AnvaTr. Progress of West Brunswick. What was a few years ago, owing to the'want of direct'communication with the City, a wilderness, has through enterprise displayed by local residents, been transformed into alocality which would do credit to Toorak. Austral Avenue is a thoroughfare giving di rect communication:. from. "Albion to outlet, planted with Oriental palm trees. In this Avenue, there are some fine five roomed double fronted wcstherboard villas with 4Oft frontage by 200ft deep to a made right-of-way, erected bylMr. J. Carey, builder, 47 Austral Avenue, off Albion street west, Brunswick. These properties can be purchased upon most reason able ternss.-Advert, oI Secretaries - and members of committees carrying out entertain ments in Brunewick and Coburg would do well to remember that when the printing of the prbgraemhmes, &a., is entrusted to this office, tile same will appear free in this journ~;l.