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jaulte)) Nein».

(From our own Correspondent.)

Sydney, Friday Evening

I was not aware until after the a l|oiiinment of Count ii on Wednesday evening that the Rose "a, n it to be dt sp itched to the Hunt'i for- tunately a gentleman proceeding by the Buße to Jlmeton ¡Jay, to call en route at Newcastle for coal, kindly took chaige of my conimi ni c,tion, undei taking to po->t it on tu uval at newcastle I hope you received it m duo course, though fiom the exceedingly inconve- nient du» on which the steamen lun, I expect that letteis ate not at present of much mteiest to vour readers

Fhe Clarence, I am son y to hear, was fast upon tin 11 its in v >ui river until six 1 ist j) m , which sut ifictonlv accounts (umsideung sh

hal to mike stoppage at fsewciille) for her BUH arrival heie until three this a m

lue reen pt of gold to divamntits to 318 ozs.MZ, from Tamworth lb8 oz-., Bathurst 46 ozs, S ttal i 73 ozs , and Ooliu 11 o¿s

Joint Webb, who has beni m custody some diyion snap« ion of hiving been concerned m the robbery of gold dust ft oin the ship Ndtjn, hine m Hobson's Bay, m \pril last, was to-day discharged Ironi custody, the evidente not bung itifictfiit to wa lant his dot ntioii He is mulei committt! for a felonv, bit at larne on bail, having stiuitd Iii bon K neu by a money de rait in tin it hauls His pasii e h is been taken an I pud fir in a Lotiuon-1 ound ship only y\»!tmn tui hands.

Saturday Evening

The following edi dille was accepted this morn n_ -'Nullan \llen, of lork-Mreet, Svd ne\, c ii^cut ei Anioi nt of Inimitiés, £89 18s 7 I mlof deficiency £74 18s 7d Ml George Hi ig official a a'gnee

fast ni., ht a worn in named Jones, residing in Pitt street, \rts found dead in her house, under ciruimsian es which lexie no room to doubt but that she had committed suicide, by strangling herself with a shawl Her husband was tried for felony at the last l¿uai tei Sessions, and rec»i>eel sentence of five y eats' hard laboui on Cockatoo Island

Hie A'u/isinian, barque, 399 tons, Gordon, arrived thi& morning, from San Irancisco the 9th Mvy, with upwuids of a bundled passengers

The Onsta, tor Sydney, and the Legerdemain, for Newcastle, each with a large numb r ot passengers, sailed pnoi to the date of the Abyssinian, to be followed by the Constant and Don Juin By this ai rival English papéis to the 13th March have come to lund, but I believe contain nothing of importance The ''ni francisco pipers îeport a serious diminu- tion in the yield of then oiggmgs, and express «ii opinion that this fact, co-operating with the favorable reports of the Australian diggings which they h ive found in the English pipers they consider, it would seem, the colonial jour- nals utterly unworthy of ctedit-will cause an ertensive movement of their heteiogeneous population towards these shores

I am sorry to sty that a letter has been le ceived in town to-dav from the ftontier town oj Gundigai, conveying the painful intelligence that the Murrumbidgee has overflowed its b inks, hud the township cutiiely underwater «ud that fiom hixty to seventy lives have been lost -



(From the Second Edition of Saturday's Empire )    

The terrible particulars contained in the fol- lowing letter, received this morning from our agent at Yass, may be relied upon. We publish the painful intelligence without one word of comment, though we have reason to fear that       this is only the first page of the dismal story of destruction wlueh his to be told. Our cor- respondent adds that the waters of the Murrum- bidgee had risen forty feet We may add, that another report from Gundagai estimates the low of life at siventy-four persons -

"Tuesday evening, i past IO o'clock.

"The Gundagai mailman has just arrived, tanging the sad intelligence that Gundagai is destroyed, and sixty-three of the inhabitants drowned-n\\ swept away by the flood on the na'ht of Wednesday last Some «onerous fel lo»b saved, by moans of a boat, several families,

«nong which are the families of Messsrs furii

Wl, Davies, Hill, Riley, and some others, but

'H the rest are lost It is stated that Mr

Spencer is saved, but his family are gone Suty-three aie known to be inissin» , and it is feared that Wagga Wagga has suffered the

same tate, as also many settlers on the banks of

Hie river The heart sickens at the thought of the desolation caused by this dreadful visitation "